Top 100 SEO Agencies in the UK: Best SEO Companies for SEO consultancy services

Top 100 SEO Agencies in UKThere are many SEO agencies in the UK and some of the local SEO companies were founded by SEO consultants who started as freelancers.

If you read about Fernando Raymond and his story on the London economics, you can see how he started ClickDo as a one-man freelance SEO consultant and grew it to the top SEO agency in London.

He has got into SEO after reading an article about rising industries in the United Kingdom.

He says he wanted to see the booming markets and search engine optimization was highly in demand by local; business owners.

So, he has decided to learn it all about SEO and help local business owners. He ranks #1 on Google for “seo consultant London” and you can check it online now.

In this guide we will share with you the top 100 SEO professionals you can hire for SEO consultancy.

Many of them as highly rated SEO agencies and some of the companies are large scale firms and some are less than 10 staff or ran by few SEO consultants.

We will explain to you from who to, whom to hire and why you should hire an agency or a consultant by end of this.

Ideally you can shop around for all 100 if you have some time. Call each agency or email and request for SEO audit/quote. At least do it from top 10 companies that ranks on the first page of Google for the keywords like “seo agencies london”, “seo consultants london” or “seo companies London

The SEO provider must be able to rank higher on Google before they can help you with ranking your business websites higher on Google. 

Who is an SEO Consultant?   

What can make a virtually unknown website get a top ranking on Google? Or in simpler terms, what makes one site get ranked at the top and another at the bottom?

seo agencies in uk

Well, it all has to do with SEO. SEO means search engine optimization.

Google, Yahoo and Bing are the major search engines that billions of people across the world rely on. Google doesn’t know you; Google doesn’t know your business. Instead, Google relies on a special algorithm to rank and decide what site deserves a top spot.

The work of an SEO consultant is to optimize, tweak, and polish your site to make it as compatible with the algorithm as possible.

It is not enough to have a business website; there are millions of those on the internet.

The crucial thing is to make your site standout from the rest. SEO consultants offer guidance and expert advice to business owners looking to get higher ranking and more traffic to their website.

Most business owners lack the IT skills to tell how a good website should look like.

They thus spend huge amounts of money on web design, only to be left with a redundant site that doesn’t get ranked on the first page of Google, or even maintain a top spot for long.

How can SEO specialists help your business? 

seo consultant fernando raymond

#1 SEO Consultant in London, UK (Search on Google to see him at the top)

Do you ever think that spending money on SEO services is wastage? Then you need to read this entire guide. SEO specialists add a lot of value to your business website.

  • To begin with, having a highly ranked website means more traffic. The more the traffic, the higher your chances of finding prospective buyers and customers. For instance, take the dental industry in the UK as an example. A person experiencing severe tooth ache or in need of dental services in London is likely to conduct a quick search online.
  • He/she’s more likely to click on the first 2 or 3 results, as they seek for the dental clinic located nearest to them, offering the best services and rates, etc. Woe unto you if your dental clinic doesn’t have an online presence or is at the 2nd, 3rd page of Google.
  • Only an SEO specialist can help your business site attain that top spot on the major search engines. Another thing you should know about SEO specialists is that they help in improving your brand awareness.
  • Small business that are looking for local and international brand awareness can count on SEO skills and tricks to attain that. When customers and visitors to your site see your website ranked at the top, they respect your brand and develop more trust.
  • Your brand is perceived as more trustworthy and authoritative when it appears at the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines.
  • Another benefit of hiring an SEO specialist is that they help make your website more user friendly. We live in an age where more people access the internet using mobile phones and other handheld devices. Mobile friendly websites are more likely to give visitors a more enjoyable experience.
  • A mobile friendly website means that the visitor stays longer at the site, bounce rate is reduced while the conversion rates go up. SEO specialists employ a myriad of tricks and skills to help make your site as user friendly as possible.
  • Being ranked at the top helps bring in new customers. Research has shown that businesses that have optimized their sites for SEO tend to grow twice as fast as those that haven’t. This is because an optimized site will bring in serious customers who’re looking for information, answers, and solutions. These are visitors who’re actively looking for your services or products.
  • Lastly, optimizing your site for SEO gives you an advantage over competitors. There are numerous businesses in the same industry as yours, offering the same services or product, sometimes at even half the price you are charging. But what matters is who’s sitting at the top of the search engines. Remember, having a good service or product matters little if you aren’t appearing on the first page of Google. SEO specialists help optimize your site for local searches.

If you haven’t had an SEO specialist optimize your site for search engines, then you shouldn’t wonder why your competitors are outdoing you. 

Why hiring an SEO Expert is important?

Only an SEO expert has the expertise and skills to optimize your website. This is because some of the tactics used are technical while others need pure experience. Mind you, SEO tactics keep evolving and you must adapt in order to stay abreast with everything. For instance, keyword density was the Holy Grail that worked magic some years back. Google raised the bar afterwards after some SEO specialists started stuffing keywords in excess, with little informative content.

Other tactics that have emerged over time include backlinking, use of blogs, mobile friendly websites, and so on.

An SEO specialist will;

  • Bringing professionalism and expert advice to your business website
  • Help you get a top spot on major search engines
  • Help in tweaking your site to make it more user friendly
  • Help you rope in new customers
  • Help in optimizing your site for local searches.
  • Help in building and sustaining brand visibility, loyalty
  • When all the above objectives are achieved, your profits will go up.

seo agency uk

Top 100 UK SEO Agencies

Now, let’s get to the main issue of the day. What did we consider/look out for when picking the top 100 SEO agencies or consultants in the country?

To begin with, it’s worth clarifying that much as the digital marketing industry in the UK is thriving, there are few solid statistics and figures. Thus, we looked at the SEO agencies and tops consultant’s online presence, experience, specialty, and client base.

Online presence; does the SEO agency/consultant have a highly visible online presence, do they post frequent content on their online pages? Are they available on the first page of Google and other search engines? Some SEO consultants last updated their sites and blogs 2 years ago. But the leading SEO consultants all update their sites, blog sites, and social media platforms at least once a week. This was the first thing we looked at.

Experience; how long has the consultant been operating? A consultant who started off five years ago is clearly more knowledgeable on SEO than one who came in two years ago.  Like we mentioned, SEO tactics have been evolving over the years; we therefore deemed consultants who have been there for longer to be more advantaged.

Specialty: some SEO consultants in the UK have limited their services to specific niches. Others have found their way into multiples niches. Every businessman desire to see their business grow. A good SEO consultant ought to be able to traverse all niches, from real estate to dentistry, finance, health, and so on.

Client base; some of the most common businesses in the UK revolve around food, fashion, and entertainment. Restaurants, dental clinics, waste removal companies, clothing and design stores, entertainment joints; a good SEO consultant should have experience working with all these businesses. As such, you’re rest assured that any advice you’re getting is derived from experience.

ClickDo seo agency


Top on the list is ClickDo Ltd. ClickDo Founded by Fernando Raymond is among the top SEO agencies in the UK. Found the SEO agency over 6 years ago and the client list boasts of clients from almost every industry in the country. The SEO consultancy services are especially ideal for small businesses and large-scale enterprises. Their phone number is 02071751344.

seo works seo agency

SEO Works

SEO Works is located in Sheffield, this award-winning SEO consultant provides digital marketing services. SEO Works has worked with over 100 businesses in niches like ecommerce, finance, healthcare and medical, etc. They target small and midmarket SMEs in the UK. You Can reach them on phone via +44 0800 292 2410.

Pearl Lemon


Pearl Lemon was founded in London, but has a global team with over 25 years of collective experience within their team. Pearl Lemon will work with almost any niche and has had clients that are within the fine jewelry industry, e-gambling, CBD, private aviation, fashion, and more. This award-winning SEO agency creates bespoke plans for each of their clients. You can talk to one of their experts HERE OR you can you call 02071833436

novi digital Seo Agency

Their services include CRO, SEO PPC, SEO auditing services, and much more. has branches in Manchester, Lancaster, Edinburgh, and London. The founder and CEO of this SEO agency is Aaron Crewe, you can speak to the customer care on 01524 566 736.

Noble Studios seo agency

Noble Studios

With over 50 employees and with over 16 years experience, the Noble Studios is a leading digital marketing agency in the UK. They specialize in designing websites, SEO training and SEO services, digital marketing strategies, PPC and so much more. Their phone numbers aren’t available at the moment but you can contact them by filling an online form.

Bulldog Digital Media seo agency

Bulldog Digital Media

Bulldog Digital Media is an award-winning digital marketing agency in the UK. They frequently feature in reputable publications like The Huffington Post, Adweek, and much more. This is a result-oriented agency, their slogan is; “Whether you’re the top dog or an underdog, Bulldog takes your business – and your results.” Their phone number is 020 3151 4750 for London, 01702 315377 for Essex, and 0161 401 1358 for Manchester.

absolute Digital seo agency

Absolute Digital Media

Absolute Digital media has grown from a small digital agency into one of the most reputable SEO consultants in the country. It’s a friendly, customer-oriented SEO agency that has genuine interest in your campaign. They’re reachable on phone via 0800 088 6000.

Custard Online Marketing seo agency

Custard Online Marketing Ltd

This digital marketing agency prides itself of offering “Intelligent Search Marketing.” Their services include PPP, SEO, campaigns, and honest digital marketing. In an industry where unethical behavior is common, Custard has made Integrity, Excellence and Value as their core guiding principles. Here’s their phone number; +44 (0) 161 883 2438.

Red Hot Penny seo agency

Red Hot Penny

Red Hot Penny is headed by a reputable entrepreneur, Darren Bull, who has been in the industry for over two decades. This is the agency for you if you’re looking for an agency that attaches great value to clients and their marketing needs. Their phone number is; +44 (0)118 324 9000.

Be found online Seo agency

Be found online (BFO)

They have some of the best specialists when it comes to paid searches, promising startups of a 410% increase in organic traffic. BFO’s client list includes notable brands like Nissan, Motorola Solutions, Jackson Hewitt, to mention a few. Their phone number is +44 (0)20 7183 0288.

Caliber seo agency


Caliber is a London based data focused digital marketing agency; they describe themselves as ‘The smart organic marketing agency.” If you’re looking for marketing researches, Analytics and reporting, then Caliber will suit you perfectly. Talk to them on +44 131 5544 2333.

Selesti seo agency


Selesti is one of the Google Premier Partner agencies and is also the official digital partner of Norwich city football club. It offers a number of services in digital marketing including ecommerce, website development. SEO, PPC and mobile app development. For more information, reach them on +44 16 0376 0767

Boost my profit seo agency

Boost my profit

Founded in 2016, Boost my profit is a marketing company based in Rugby, England. It is run by a duo offering conversion optimization; email marketing, SEO, PPC and marketing strategies among other services. You can call them up +44 844 588 6113

Solve web media seo agency

Solve web media

Solve web media was started in 1999 with focus on SEO, digital marketing and website design and development. Its headquarters are in St. Columb in the U.K. They have a team of 7 people overseeing all SEO and web design tasks. You can contact Solve web media on +44 (0) 1841 705 507

Epiphany seo agency


This agency won UK Agency Awards Search Agency of the Year and is customer centric. Their focus is on understanding online consumer habits alongside content marketing, coding, understanding consumers platforms of choice. Reach Epiphany Agency on +448000199727

cultured digital seo agency

Cultured Digital

This is a Sunderland based SEO company with a global remote team capable of helping clients grow their online presence. They offer customized SEO campaign strategies and ensure that they follow SEO best practices. They also offer content creation, SEO, PPC among other services. You can reach the Cultured Digital office at +448009552404

Move Digital seo agency

Move Digital

Move Digital is an up and coming digital marketing company that has gained expertise garnered over the years to give clients value by using the latest digital marketing techniques. You can reach them on +443300580508

Found Digital Ltd seo agency

Found Digital Ltd

This London based digital agency is driven by forward thinking, pushing boundaries and helping clients achieve impactful results. Their focus is on next generation data analytics and aim to engage, educate and convert consumers and match them to their ideal brands. Found Digital can be reached on +442076536709

Greenlight Digital seo agency

Greenlight Digital

This multi-award-winning agency focuses on digital marketing and commerce. They design, build and implement strategies across paid search, SEO, content marketing, digital PR, website design and ecommerce systems integration. They have worked with brands and companies in over 30 countries. Greenlight Digital telephone number +442072537000

Digital Search Group seo agency

Digital Search Group Ltd

Digital Search Group Limited is a UK based company specializing in effective SEO, innovative web design, paid search and strategic internet marketing. Office number +442076085091

Results Through Digital seo agency

Results Through Digital

Established in 1999, this 13-person digital agency is based in Warrington, England. As their name suggests, they are results oriented and they have won a number of awards over the years due to their achievements. Results Through Digital office telephone number +441244747334

Tao Digital Marketing seo agency

Tao Digital Marketing

Founded in 2017, Tao Digital Marketing has grown over the years in terms of client size. Their speciality is SEO, email marketing, content marketing, PPC, conversion optimization and digital strategy services. They are based on Bolton, England. Their office number is +441204282733

Digital Promotion seo agency

Digital Promotion Agency

Based in Burbank, California, they have expanded their operations to London and Melbourne. With an employee team of nearly 250 people, they are specialists in web design, SEO, social media marketing and more. They work closely with businesses in advertising and marketing. You can reach Digital Promotion Agency on +1 323-744-7221

Blue cube Digital seo agency

The Blue Cube Digital 

Bbased in Birmingham, UK, this digital company has a team of 12 employees focusing on performance marketing and inbound marketing for UK manufacturers. They also offer digital strategy, content marketing and SEO. Their focus is in meeting their clients’ needs and helping them achieve their business objectives through best digital practices. You can reach Blue Cube Digital on +441908560494

coal seo agency


Their specialty includes SEO strategy, web development, email marketing and lead generation. They have a team of 20 and help businesses run branding campaigns, create digital marketing plans, manage social media profiles among other services. Coal office number +44(0)2038087250

odyssey seo agency

Odyssey New Media

Digital marketing company with its headquarters in Birmingham, U.K. They focus on a wide range of services including web designing, social media marketing, SEO, PPC and more. Odyssey New Media has a team of under 50 employees. Office number +441214395450

Traffic source seo Agency

Traffic source UK Ltd

This Polegate based digital marketing company was founded in 2007 and now has a team of about 10 specializing in content marketing, SEO, PPC and email marketing. They have years of experience and their client base has grown steadily over the years. Traffic Source UK Ltd can be reached on +448456431567

Red cow media seo agency

Red Cow Media Ltd

Based in Manchester in the UK, Red cow media has 16 employees under their wing and provide digital marketing services for small and mid-market businesses across the UK and Europe. Their office telephone is +441617110888

market jar seo agency

Market Jar

They have a team of 3 employees, and they hone email marketing strategies for small businesses in the retail, consumer products and e-commerce industries. Market Jar telephone number is +442030052868

Cartoozo seo agency


It is an internet marketing with offices in Thetford, UK. They have a team of 13 with expertise in web design, SEO, PPC and social media marketing. You can reach Cartoozo offices at +44 20 7060 6772

IConquer seo agency

IConquer Ltd

This is one of the earlier startups founded in 2004. IConquer focuses on providing SEO, web design, PPC and reputation management for its clientele. They are located in Blackburn in the United Kingdom. Their office number is +441254267361

Just Internet Solutions seo agency

Just Internet Solutions

Just Internet Solutions is a web design and online marketing company with its headquarters in Wigan in the UK with a team of about 10 employees. Their clients go to them for SEO, PPC, and web design and conversion optimization. Their office number is +441942498385

ClickingMad Ltd seo agency

ClickingMad Ltd.

This is a digital agency that offers a wide range of services including web design, e-commerce development and SEO. They are based in Bridgnorth, England and consists of a team of 4 employees. Clicking Mad was founded in 2000. Reach them on +441746769612

i4 Consulting Seo Agency

i4 Consulting

This is an IT company that offers web and app development services alongside other services such as web design, SEO and graphic design. It was founded in Jaipur in India in 2010 and they have a London office offering all the same services to clients in the UK. i4Consulting London office number is +443308087979

Golden boy media Seo Agency

Goldenboy Media

Based in London, this small sized company of 2 specializes in web design and development, SEO and branding. They have been in operation since 2010 and you can reach Goldenboy Media on +442033972028

Artdriver seo agency


Founded in Washington D.C in 2007, ArtDriver started off as a WordPress Development and SEO company. They opened an office in the UK and have expanded their services to offer SEO, web design, PPC and more. Office number 2026576030

IndigoExtra Seo Agency

IndigoExtra Ltd

This SEO marketing has less that 10 employees and specializes in web design, content marketing and social media marketing. They are based in Derbyshire, UK and was founded in 2006. Indigo Extra Office number +44 (0) 208 1234 618

Neadoo Digital Ltd seo agency

Neadoo Digital Ltd

Neadoo Digital has grown over the years and has a team of 14 employees, based in London, England. Founded in 2012, they offer services such as PPC, web development, conversion optimization and content marketing services with the aim of increasing lead generation and subsequently sales. Office number 02034894790

Soap Media seo agency

Soap Media

Based in Preston, UK, Soap Media is focused on providing SEO and PPC services to their wide range of clients from small to mid-market businesses. It was founded in 2005 and has over 25 employees. Soap Media office number 03333 447778

Wukmedia Seo Agency


This digital agency has a team of 10 employees and is based in Lancaster, UK. Wukmedia have offered web design and SEO services to their clients since 2006. Office number 01524 544 744

Smarketa seo agency


With their HQ in London, Smarketa is a SEO consultancy that offers social media marketing, SEO and PPC services. They have a team of 8 and also work with eCommerce companies. Their office number is +44 20 3871 3044

Digivate seo agency


This digital marketing and SEO agency based in London is known for providing SEO agency and digital marketing services since 1988. They also offer content marketing, SEO, PPC and social media marketing to their clients. Call Digivate offices on +442036910412

Discoverable seo agency


Founded in 2017, this growing agency is based in Ashford, Kent. They have a team of about 10 employees and their key focus is search engine optimization (SEO) and PPC. They also offer support in site redesign and rebranding. Discoverable contact number 07557 104752

Ready Steady Go SEO Agency

Ready Steady Go SEO

Ready Steady Go SEO is all about providing efficient SEO services to their clients. Based in Birmingham, this solo freelancer offers services in content marketing, SEO, email marketing and much more. You can contact them on +(44) 0121 459 5212

Blue cube Digital seo agency

The Blue Cube Digital

Based in Birmingham, this team of 12 specializes in performance marketing and inbound marketing alongside SEO services, content marketing and digital strategies. Founded in 2004, they have clients from various sectors. Contact Blue Cube Digital on 01908 560 494

Blue Array Seo Agency

Blue Array SEO

Blue Array SEO is an agency that was founded in 2015 with headquarters in Reading, UK. With a team of 19 people, their sole focus is on providing SEO services. Reach them on 08000119123

Opace Web design Seo Agency

Opace Web design

Tthis upcoming SEO consultancy Company was founded in 2008 and specializes in e-commerce development, web design, SEO, digital strategy and PPC. Reach Opace Web Design on 01212225757

fractl seo agency


Fractl was founded in 2012 and has offices in Leeds, UK and in the United States. They have over 100 employees and aim to help their clients achieve their UX/UI design, web design, SEO and media marketing goals. Contact them on +44113280979

Chetaru seo agency


This digital agency based in the UK and India has come a long way from 2010 to offering top rate web design services and SEO services to their clientele. They also offer SEO, copywriting, PPC, email marketing, android and IOS app development, e-commerce design and customized systems. Reach Chetaru on +44 (0) 1325 734 845 Seo agency

SEO.CO.UK is a renowned SEO agency based in UK. They aim to driving profitable traffic to their client’s websites as well as offering other services such as PPC, web development, social media and display advertising, reputation management, penalty recovery. Contact number 020 3808 7777

Hobo Web Seo Agency

Hobo Web

It is based near Glasgow, Scotland, Hobo Web offers professional SEO consultancy services to businesses of all sizes in the UK, US and around the world. They have their own tools to carry out technical and search audits and use the best SEO tools to perform these tasks. Telephone number 08006890293

Digital Beans Seo Agency

Digital Beans

Based in Kent, this digital marketing agency focuses on providing SEO, PPC, Web design, Facebook Ads to clients. They have clients both locally and abroad and their standout is in their B2B and e-commerce sectors. Call Digital Bean on +44(0)1227 656353

Fly high media Seo Agency

Fly high media

Founded in 2015 by Matt Pyke, Fly Media started as a website and graphic design company. They grew and branched out to offer services in SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads and they now have 4 offices in Cheshire, Manchester, London and Portsmouth. Contact them on 0151 528 9502

Dub SEO Agency


DubSEO came about when a group of professionals come together to form a dynamic company. They have worked with companies, individuals and charities to enhance their digital presence. Reach DubSEO on +44 208 259 2120

Qburst Seo Agency


Qburst offers services such as SEO, social media management, paid advertising, web, social and mobile analytics, competitive intelligence and content marketing. Telephone number +44-114-360-3250

Ossisto Seo Agency


Ossisto is based in the UK, USA and India they offer social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing to their clients. They also offer digitial marketing, graphic design, business support assistance, IT and website design, content writing to small and mid-market businesses. Call them on 1-732- 993-7365

Go Mungo SEO agency


They are keen on organic search and high quality content to encourage conversions. They also provide search engine optimization and digital marketing. This London based agency works with both small and big companies. Contact GoMungoSEO on 020 7226 5822

SEO Valley Seo Agency

SEO Valley

SEO Valley has honed their expertise in SEO over the years. They have worked with over 5000 websites globally to help them achieve higher visibility on search engines. Call them on 02081330720

Distilled Seo Agency


Distilled provides creative content, digital PR, SEO and technical consulting to help businesses make the most of their online presence. They also offer training, courses and conferences on digital marketing. Call on +442071830767

Webvizion Global Seo Agency

Webvizion Global

Based in UK, Canada, Australia, USA they offer Web design, SEO, Website maintenance and Branding services to their clients. Webvizion Global offers full service digital services and also offer CMS, online reputation management, content marketing and social media marketing. Contact them on +442080046800

E3Creatives Seo Agency


This award-winning digital agency has worked with clients across the globe in redesigning their websites, developing mobile apps and offering digital marketing strategies. E3Creatives also offer Google Analytics, Social media, CRM, Conversion Optimisation, Content Strategy, SEO and Google Adwords. Office number 01612282630

123 Ranking seo Agency

123 Ranking

123ranking started out in SEO and moved to Blog creation and management, small business web design and SEO, online reputation management, SEO mobile optimised websites. Call 123 Ranking on 03333326396

Superb Digital Seo Agency

Superb Digital

Founded in 2014, their aim was to deliver quality and customized digital marketing strategies and SEO for businesses in the UK. Superb Digital also offers SEO, PPC, link building, web design, content marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, reputation management. Contact them on 0117 251 0060

Envigo Seo agency


This digital marketing agency caters to clients from all across the globe; from UK, France, Netherlands to UAE, Hong Kong and Australia. They vary from start ups to fortune 500 companies and Envigo’s vision is to provide online marketing and web analytics services for businesses to thrive. Call their office on 074 6638 7906

TFA Seo Agency


This multi award winning creative agency based in Milton Keynes has over 20 years’ experience. They offer SEO, web app design and development, web analytics, web design and development, brand identity and marketing strategies to businesses and individuals. Reach TFA on +441908263650

SEO perspective Seo Agency

SEO Perspective

SEO Perspective has over 20 years’ experience and offers high return on investment. They offer online marketing strategies through SEO, PPC, onsite analysis and digital marketing. You can reach SEO Perspective on +442031994421

rank No 1 Seo Agency

Rank No. 1

Rank No.1 prides itself in having a professional team with extensive experience in digital marketing. Rank No. 1 service portfolio includes Ad campaigns, Digital marketing, content development, web design, link building and SEO services in the UK and around the world. They have offices in UK and Norway. Reach them on 02032876444

Lounge Lizard Seo Agency

Lounge Lizard

They have been in operation for 21 years and also offer SEO, SEM services, social media marketing, PPC, geo fencing, email marketing and more across the digital marketing space. Reach Lounge Lizard office on 631-203-6193

Bird Marketing Seo Agency

Bird Marketing Ltd

Based in the heard of London and Essex, Bird Marking Ltd have been in operation for over 7 years. Some of the services they offer include Web Design, Pay per click and Search Engine Optimization. Call them on 0208 338 1206

cyber duck Seo Agency

Cyber duck

Established in 2005. Cyber duck is an award-winning establishment offering user-centred design, data and technology. They are driven by lean project management principles and offer web design and development and SEO. Reach them on +44.20.8953.0070

Redweb seo agency


Focuses on digital strategy and development. Redweb is located in London and Bournemout and offers web design and web development including mobile solutions, Content Management Systems and SEO to support these web solutions. Call +44 20 3475 7677

Appetite Creative Solutions Seo Agency

Appetite Creative Solutions

With offices in London, Madrid and Dubai, it’s no wonder that Appetite Creative Solutions has multiple awards under their belt. They offer innovative creative solutions across all devices, building web pages and digital advertising formats. It was founded in 2014. You can call them on 447814394310

EDirect Seo Agency


E-Direct aims to provider users with a customer drive, design led approach to deliver exceptional results. They are based in Bournemouth’s tech hub and provide SEO, branding, PPC and web design services since 2001. You can call them 01202 798777

Chameleon Web Services Seo Agency

Chameleon Web Services

For clients looking for a company that has a proven track record, Chameleon Web Services boosts reliability and a reputation of hard work and over achievement. They offer digital marketing, web development, SEO, PPC among other services. Call them on 0121 663 0456

Beyond Seo Agency


Beyond aims to use design and tehcnoology to create experiences that transforms our outlook. They use research and design methods to simplify each client’s complexities to provide solutions that offer growth through innovation, digital, strategies, multi-channels and more.. Beyond telephone number +44 (0)20 7908 6555

Zazzle Media Seo Agency

Zazzle Media

Zazzle Media was founded on 2009 and has grown from humble beginnings to a business with 3 UK offices. They are part of IPG; the world’s 4th largest advertising and marketing group. They offer SEO, content marketing, digital PR, web design and development and other aspects of digital marketing. Contact them on +44 (0) 20 7164 6813

90 Digital Seo Agency

90 Digital

90 Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Leeds, UK. They acquired a new office in London and since 2012, their 13-person team has worked with client in the business, legal and healthcare industries offering specializing in SEO, content marketing, conversion optimization and more. Call them on +44 0203 745 1094

The Online Studio Seo Agency

The Online Studio

The Online Studio is one of the Official Pinterest Marketing Partners and they are driven by their desire to meet their client’s expectations. They have been operation over the past decade and have created content for over 750 brands. You can reach them on +442036421250

wordBank Seo Agency

Word Bank

Word Bank has offices in the UK, China and Denver and aims to reach, inspire and drive action from customers trough their localized marketing campaigns. They specialize in Web design and optimization, SEO and digital marketing and can be reached on +44 (0)20 7432 7300

VJG Interactive Seo Agency

VJG Interactive

This is an internet marketing company that aims to offer new age solutions to be able to attract customers, convert leads and be able to accelerate business growth. VJG Interactive offers SEO services, PPC management, link building, social media management, reputation management and website audits. Their office number is +441613940138

canterbury website Design Seo Agency

Canterbury Website Design

Eestablished in 2018 by Chantal Elgie-Peters,  Canterbury is a product of over 22 years’ experience in the internet industry. She has been directly involved in over 1000 website development projects for small business and is also an SEO specialist. Contact her on 01227 286 900

Teapot creative Seo Agency

Teapot Creative

When it comes to SEO, small businesses are faced with their own unique set of challenges. This is where Teapot Creative comes in. They help small businesses in Website auditing, web development, local search optimization, key work research and targeting, on-site optimization, competitor analysis, copy writing and PPC. Their contact number is 01460 281865

Riv Media Seo Agency

Riv Media

Riv Media is a Norfolk based digital services company that offers SEO, web design services, word press services, magneto services, printing and design among others. You can reach them on 01553 341 334

UK SEO company

UK SEO company

UK SEO company is based in Norfolk and has clients from North America, UK and across the globe. They aim to offer safe and sustainable top 10 rankings and offer SEO services, content marketing and more and have over 12 years of experience under their belt. Reach them on 01392927698

Savvy SEO Agency

Savvy SEO

Their main clients are small businesses and they are passionate about helping small business owners grow using local SEO strategies. Savvy SEO offer SEO, Pay per click, Social media and content marketing. Call them on 07566 230636

Local Seo Hero Seo Agency

Local SEO Hero

Local SEO Hero is a solo entrepreneur who seeks to help you rank consistently for key words that matter across various search engines. He believes in offering hands on internet marketing services that boost their client’s website and digital marketing channels productivity. They offer SEO services and online advertising. Call on 020 8064 0978

First Rank Digital Seo Agency

First Rank Digital Marketing

They offer seamless growth through digital marketing. First Rank Marketing established SEO services in London and they have grown to include web design, PPC and social media marketing to clients across UK. You can reach them on 02038783210

Position No 1 Seo agency

Position1 SEO

With over 10 years’ experience, Position 1 SEO has honed their experience in helping their clients achieve higher rankings. They provide professional and affordable SEO services to small and mid-market businesses in the UK and Europe. Reach them on 01414047515

Total SEO and Marketing Limited Seo Agency

Total SEO and Marketing Limited

They have been working with clients over the years to ensure their websites appear at the top of major search engines like Goggle, Bing and Yahoo. They do this by delivering high impact search engine optimisation campaigns that really work. Their services include SEO and advertising on Facebook and Google. Contact Total SEO & Marketing Ltd on 01252 329160 or 0845 8382 530

vivid Seo Agency

Vivid SEO

This London based SEO agency focuses on using strategic and ethical SEO services while offering ROI driven services to businesses. They aim to help increase traffic, conversions and sales. Vivid SEO also offers SEO, PPC, social media marketing and interactive web design services. Reach them on 07723435328

Swansea SEO Agency

Swansea SEO

This Swansea based company offers SEO solutions for start ups and small businesses. They have successfully supported a number of local companies throughout Llanelli and Swansea areas over the past 15 years. Swansea SEO also offers SEO Audit and Analysis, SEO consultant and SEO Management. Call them on 079404176888

Wolfberry Media Seo Agency

Wolfberry Media

If you are looking for an SEO company in Scotland, then Wolfberry Media is the company of choice. They offer other services such as web design, digital marketing, local SEO, print design, domains and hosting, website maintenance and website audits. You can get a free website audit as well. Call them on 07914798549

Bowler Hat seo agency

Bowler Hat

Bowler Hat aims to help small businesses make a big impact with expert web design, SEO, PPC, content management and social media marketing. Their mantra is ‘A well-researched and planned strategy is crucial to succeeding in a hyper competitive online environment’. Reach them on 01213142001

SEO Ninja Softwares seo agency

SEO Ninja Softwares

Their process of helping small and medium sized companies includes analyzing the key words, optimizing the client’s website, assist with content and social media marketing, local search marketing and on page optimization. SEO Ninja Softwares do not have a contact number, you can however fill out their SEO consultation form here

Artemis marketing Seo Agency

Artemis marketing

They have over 30 years’ experience and aim to help clients obtain high returns from their internet marketing strategies. Artemis Marketing is also an official Google Partner and are members of the Institute of Digital Marketing. Reach them on 01444645018

RSF Soft Seo Agency

RSF Soft

RSF Soft is a one stop solution to web development, SEO, content writing and improving your websites UI and speeding up your boot load time of your website. They don’t have a contact number but you can fill an online form to reach them.


These are the top 100 SEO agencies in the UK. Their services revolve around offering SEO courses and training, combined with modern digital marketing skills.

Feel free to check out their details further from their websites. Or if you want help with hiring an SEO agency in the UK, contact us.

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