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Craft Your Business Story And Get It Published on The UK Business Blog

Every business in the UK has its very own and unique story to tell. From humble beginnings at the startup point to becoming an established small business – your journey towards being a profitable enterprise has a true fairytale factor which shouldn’t be kept in the dark.

Sharing your individual and enticing business story will connect potential customers to your brand and turn them into your loyal customers. Publishing your journey as a United Kingdom-based business here will guarantee exposure to a big audience as the UK Business Blog is being read by potential customers, buyers and clients. It’s also very well represented on social media and therefore offers you a great opportunity to get the eyeballs of the right audience.

How to Tell Your Company’s Story In An Authentic Manner

It’s very important to get the storytelling right as you want to engage as many readers and prospective customers as possible. The goal is for them to understand your company’s vision and that they are emotionally touched by what you do. Therefore, your business story should

  • create an emotional connection by reflecting your company’s human values beside its business values
  • make you stand out among other businesses in your industry which can be achieved by showing what made you start your business (problem/situation) and how you went about setting it up (personal struggles/challenges)
  • highlight your “aha” moment (problem solving strategy) to make your readers realise the idea and purpose of your business
  • show how you overcame all challenges and obstacles and never gave up to demonstrate your passion and commitment for your business
  • demonstrate your mission and why you think your company is making all the difference

Your business story should be kept short and sweet as most readers nowadays switch off after a few minutes, especially if the text is not exciting or vivid. Its structure, terminology and narrative are key to making it an appealing read for your target audience.

If you have a talented writer capable of putting your business story together for you, we’re more than happy to publish it on our UK Business Blog in order to inspire others for a nominal fee of $50 per story. We can all learn from each other and adding valuable tips to your story will make it even more attractive to its readers.

However, we do offer professional business story writing services as we know how difficult it can be to put your story into your own words. Most business owners don’t have the time to sit down and think carefully about the wording, style and content, especially if you want it to be SEO-friendly.

Our business story writing services will communicate with you briefly about the key aspects of your journey and will ask you specific questions relevant to creating a vivid and engaging narrative. We will keep this process very short as we don’t want to waste anybody’s time. Your unique business story will be created within a timeframe we agree on and it will follow all the success criteria mentioned above plus SEO-friendly content.

To get a better picture of your potential business story have a look at Manuela Willbold‘s published business stories, one of our passionate ClickDo writer’s:

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We will communicate with you throughout the storywriting process to ensure you are happy with the end product. For the creation and publication of your unique business story you would be charged $100. We consider this a well-worth investment as you can use your individual business story for many other purposes such as for your business website, social media accounts, in brochures or to be published in other relevant publications in your business industry or niche.

Your story should be told – do not withold!