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It’s important that you protect your business with a trademark registration in the UK. Because we’ve learned our lessons at ClickDo and finally got our trademark registered after Manuela Willbold took initiative and processed it.

You may think your competition would never abuse your brand name or be after your logo design. However, unfortunately, there are cases where people copy ideas and concepts of others for their own benefits. After learning about the importance of registering our own ClickDo trademark we’ve started the trademark registration services at the ClickDo business services department.

By getting the trademark for a company name you can protect your business name and logo now‎ and make sure that no one else can use it or start a business in the UK with your brand. After all, it’s your business name and you’ve worked hard to build it online and offline. So, investing in protecting it is certainly worth it.

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If you want to do the trademark registration yourself, you can do it here online and you’ll have to pay a fee of up to £200: Apply to register a trade mark : Apply – GOV.UK

However, if you want the trademark registration services done by a professional, then Manuela Willbold at ClickDo Ltd. will happily do that for you. You can get in touch with her via email at

Before you go ahead with the registration you should check if your business name is not taken yet and you’re able to continue with the registration. Enter your business name here: Search for a trade mark – GOV.UK If another business is already registered under this name, you will need to contact them and set up an agreement about the use of the name before you can go ahead with the process.

We will file your trademark online after you’ve decided to take up our online trademark registration services in the United Kingdom.

ClickDo Ltd. charges £150 + VAT and will handle all the registration work for you to help you get your brand name protected.

Before applying read what you can and cannot register

For the registration process to be adequate and successful we need the information required by the government. You can provide this information via our contact form here. All your data will be handled confidentially and deleted after the registration has been completed.

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