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Thailand emphasized livestock playing an essential role in rural life and farming. The livestock industry indeed is after providing family income, food, & employment. In the context of world population, economic development & growth including animal production-consumption are increasing. These are also accompanied by the increasing pressures in the regulatory commissions to food safety and security concerns. The concerns are also associated with being environmentally sustainable. All these factors bring an impact on the livestock industry.

Now the growing feed & food demand & bio-energy investments have greatly influenced the prices of feed grains. Growing demand for precise assessments of future & current food-feed supplies and an accurate estimate of livestock product consumption is observed. This will thereby ensure a more effective and better national food security planning & policy formulation. The availability of food resources must be monitored & assessed. The goal is to best facilitate the implementation and development of the right policies for sustainable development.

In the case of animal feed manufacturer Thailand, it serves the goal of accomplishing bringing high-quality feeds. They would often obtain crop residues as the main source of quality feeds. The main crop residues are derived from cassava, corn, rice, oil palm, sugar cane, pineapples, & coconuts. Other crops are also obtained to provide free ingredients to the livestock like cassava and corn.

Many crops also generate more than a single product & all other by-products like soybeans. Soybeans also provide a soybean meal utilized in the non-ruminant feeds. This is also while soybean hull is supplied and stems are utilized in the ruminant feeds. Among crop residues supplied include stove and rice straw. These are also derived from the harvesting of rice. That also includes the corn stove and the sugar cane tops. Palm oil, cassava leaves, & residues are also essential sources for animal feed.


corn for animal feeding

Corn is among the high-quality feeds introduced by animal feed manufacturers. This is utilized in Thai feed formulation. This also comes with yearly feed use of approximately 6.5 million tons. The biggest quantity of corn is somehow used in layers, broilers, pigs, & ducks feed formulation. Even corn products and corn for livestock or animal feeding are imported.


cassava as animal feed

One more high-quality feed brought about by an animal feed manufacturer in Thailand is the cassava pulp or cassava chip. This is simply developed and produced by feeding technologies. This is used as a feed but in limited content. This is since it comes with low protein requiring users of maintaining a mixture of 75 to 25% of cassava. Soybean meal also enables replacing broken rice or corn grain for diets of broilers or pigs.

Among other crop products produced in Thailand are baby corn waste, corn cobs, fruit waste, tomato waste, fish processing waste, seafood industry waste, and more. Formal data is yet needed for their availability. Their utilization and productivity are somehow lacking in terms of animal feeding.

Grasses & Forages

grass or forages

Included in the high-quality feeds provided by animal feed manufacturers are the grasses & forages. These are obtained from the communal pastures, natural pastures, forest grazing, roadside grazing, upland crops, natural grasses under paddy, fallow lands, & improved pastures. The majority of dairy farms also rely much on improved pasture and crop residues. Goats and buffalo also rely on the native grasses.

In all these, Thailand animal feed manufacturers introduced a huge number of high-quality feeds. The goal is to increase the feed inputs rich in nitrogen and protein. This is why the livestock sector is benefitting much from it. Now, you have learned more about high-quality feeds provided by animal feed manufacturers in Thailand!

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