Several Things Offered by Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies

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It’s indeed impressive having a partner in the field of oil and gas industries. The oil and gas recruitment agencies are always after sourcing & providing talents & services delivering innovation & efficiency for clienteles. That’s also true in safety-focused environments.

The most common things offered by Thailand oil and gas recruitment agencies include the following:

  • Global mobility
  • Managed solutions
  • Consulting
  • Talent acquisition

The team in the talent acquisition is focused more on dedicated verticals & disciplines. This provides a detailed & complete understanding of the requirements of the hiring managers. Thus, projects will be staffed on time & according to the budget & compliance.

Screening of Qualified & Potential Candidates

screening of potential candidates

What’s more, the oil and gas recruitment agencies do the screening of qualified & potential candidates. Plus, they provide search & headhunter services. Contingent staffing & contractor management is also provided for the guaranteed satisfaction of the clients. Nothing bad can be said as well concerning permanent recruitment and direct hire.

Global Employment & Mobility Services

global employment and mobility services

Projects often require the utilization of international human resources. That’s when global employment & mobility services are delivered to clients. Included in the services are the global immigration & visa services, logistics, and mobilization services, relocation management, taxation & payroll services, global employment outsourcing.

In-House Sourcing Solutions

Many oil and gas recruitment companies witness an increasing hiring cost. That’s when oil and gas recruitment agencies offer their in-house sourcing solutions. Embedded in their outsourcing service is the recruitment process. The recruiters will first learn how to become immersed in the business culture. Afterward, they will engage in the hiring process in the long term. The managed solution will surely reduce the time for every hire and the cost. Quality is, nevertheless, not compromised.

Managed solutions are often accompanied by complete life cycle recruitment support, onsite support, supplier performance tracking, & transition services.


consulting for oil and gas recruitment

The leading oil and gas recruitment agencies always have an understanding of the energy labor markets. For one, their consulting services help oil and gas clients in the planning of their talent pipeline.

Always included under consulting service are the following: talent mapping, market-rate benchmarking & salary, delivery & identification of cost savings, skills assessment, strategic workforce planning, risk management advice, and performance.

Technical Expertise

The agencies are dedicated to supplying the most experienced energy experts, quality services, & necessary equipment for major projects. The services offered are focused along with initiatives that are cost-savings. These, therefore, bring about a streamlined process for valued clients. Safety is also as promised as part of their core values. Plus, employees are required to undergo the needed training. This way, ongoing field operations will safely be managed as possible.

The supervisors on-site will also provide a higher level of contractor care. This will then facilitate a high run time for clients. This is true to say with different site locations like pipelines, production and refineries facilities, onshore & offshore oil and gas, floating production storage & offloading vessels, and more. It’s always good to rely on agencies that are exclusively staffed with contingent workers. They should be on-boarded in the pre-identification and recruitment of candidates. Full mobilization support & consulting services are also required in this case.

Staffing & training workshops, consulting support, & global employment services are thereby included. It’s also good if they’re a supplier of fixed-term, permanent, & contract personnel for different phases of the global project. This likewise included engineering experts in Thailand. Recruitment strategy is also to be developed along with the on-site support to be delivered. Safety, engineering, and construction personnel need to be provided to a billion-dollar downstream project. Projects could then be divided into two different parts.

More importantly, the agency to hire should deliver a completely compliant process of onboarding 2,000 and more workers. That’s also to say including 3rd party contractors on the mobilization project. This will normally result in an incident-free transition having zero disruption in the business. One-hundred percent transfer rate is then provided.

An initial cost of millions of savings can be obtained from the rate benchmarking. The entire contract will enable clients to save millions of dollars. Contingent workers and onboarding compliance requirements coming from them will bring about a turnaround project. Turnaround specialists also provided will effectively support the project of any client in hundreds of savings.

Trust only the established agencies in the field of oil and gas industries recruitments. They should be a market leader in offering professional consultancy and diversified technical services. They should also continue to broaden their geographical footprint and expand their range of services. Thus, get your best choice of agency w/ the needed expertise in the engineering projects for contractors & operators. Keep these several things offered by oil & gas recruitment agencies!

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