Is Bitcoin Evolution a Scam?

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Bitcoin Evolution Review – Scam

Significant job losses and economic crises have urged people like you to look for opportunities to make money online. Bitcoin stock trading and investment schemes have become a revolutionary way of online earning after 1500 different cryptocurrencies registered a value of £300 billion in 2020.

However, the year 2020 also saw sudden notoriety in Bitcoin trading after industry experts called it “speculative gambling”. Ernst & Young went ahead to claim that 10 % of the money raised for initial coin offerings is stolen.

Auto-Trade FeatureOne such scheme is the Bitcoin Evolution, which came under the scanner in the UK for using fake celebrity quotes to attract investors. Is this investment scheme too good to be true? We took the time to analyze the truth behind Bitcoin Evolution and see whether it works.

What is Bitcoin?

In simple terms, it’s an electronic currency that can be used for trading or purchasing strategy. Bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency out of the 1500 registered cryptocurrencies. It is decentralized which means that it isn’t controlled by any financial institution.

What Is Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoins are produced (or mined) by computers around the world using free software companies. Bitcoin Evolution is an automated trading software that is designed to trade bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Evolution App

The software claims to deliver high returns on investments using intelligent algorithms. The software is allegedly one of the most accurate, fastest, and reputable trading software for Bitcoins.

How Does Bitcoin Evolution Work?

Bitcoin Evolution is free to use for all investors across 150 countries and requires you to make an initial deposit of a minimum of £250. This deposit is handled by a broker who is connected to the platform. The entire process takes no longer than 20 minutes and three simple steps:

  • Create an
  • Make an initial deposit to a broker.
  • Choose the setting and start trading.

The trading in the software can be compared to stock trading, buying, or selling bitcoins to make money. As a beginner, we understand that it’s nearly impossible to predict marketing activity trends. This is where the auto trading robots like Bitcoin Evolution come into play.

ConclusionThe trading robots scan the cryptocurrency market and buy the cryptocurrencies sold at a low price on your behalf. The coins are later sold when their value increases and the robot finds a good deal making a profitable business for you.

How Can You Use Bitcoin Evolution for Trading?

Registering Your Account

It takes less than a minute to register your account with Bitcoin Evolution. Just download and fill an account registration form with all the essential details and you’re done. Worried about data security? Your data is safe with the software as the platform is protected by SSL online security.

What is BitcoinTransferring the Funds

On verification and approval, you need to transfer an initial deposit of £250 into your Bitcoin Evolution account. The platform gives you flexible modes of payment like credit cards, debit cards, bank cards, SEPA transfer, PayPal, etc.

Starting Demo Trading

This feature makes Bitcoin Evolution a stellar platform for new and novice traders using the auto trading robots for the first time. The demo trading account allows the investors to test the waters without using actual money. It can be compared to paper trading in the stock market.

Hassle-free Set UpLive Trading Sessions

Once you have gained ample experience from the ‘hands-on’ demo trading, you can proceed to use real money and begin live trading. We had a revealing and encouraging experience and ended up making a huge profit after our live session ended.

How Does Bitcoin Evolution WorkThe platform has an accurate payout system, which is a rarity. There are a few key trading features for live accounts:

  • Go live account
  • Open transactions
  • Trading history
  • Control Panel

Key Features of Bitcoin Evolution


On registering a new account, you can choose from a list of brokers who will assist you in your trading journey.

Learn from The ExpertsWithdrawals and Deposits

An easy and multi-payment option is available to make deposits. The request for withdrawals are usually processed quickly and the funds are reflected in the account within 24 hours.

Auto-Trade Feature

The auto-trade feature gives better control by setting a limit on the volume of trade done on the system. To avoid losing all your money to market volatility, keep a close watch on these settings.

Live Trading SessionsCustomer Support

Excellent customer support is available 24/7 for investors in more than 150 countries via email or live chat.

Verification Process

Every potential investor goes through a rigorous verification process to ensure a successful registration. It requires clicking a confirmation email or entering the mobile OTP.

Registering Your AccountWhat We Love About Bitcoin Evolution

Hassle-free Set Up

The unique algorithm and user interface make account registration and set-up a seamless process.

Starting Demo TradingTrade Forex

The software gives you the liberty to trade forex along with cryptocurrencies using the auto trading robots.


The user interface is very simple and compliments the complex software and sophisticated algorithms.

Transferring the FundsDemo Account

Investors are given unlimited sessions on the demo account before committing any funds for trading. This gives new users like you to experience how the system works.

Impressive Success Rate

The website claims that investors could achieve a success rate of 88% depending on the trade, which is very high for any form of trading.

User-FriendlyBitcoin Evolution App

We like to be on-the-go and may not carry a laptop at all times. For a mobile experience, Bitcoin Evolution has an app across all platforms.

Tips for Beginners

To minimize the risk of losing your funds, here are three pro tips from industry experts:

Start Small

Start with the bare minimum amount of £250 and gauge the validity of the platform. You can increase the amount if you want larger profits at a higher rate.

What Is Bitcoin EvolutionReinvest

After the first withdrawal, reinvest some of the earnings to make more money.

Learn from The Experts

Cryptocurrencies are relatively new and can become complex at times. Reading bitcoin evolution review, guides, and FAQs by experts will create a knowledge base for better trading.

Conclusion: Is Bitcoin Evolution A Scam or Legit?

We’re not sure whether the rumors are true! There isn’t any concrete proof of the software being involved in any form of embezzlement. Maybe, not a £1 million, but the software does offer some promising returns.

But we know for a fact that numerous people have made a huge profit using the platform, including our team who spent just a few hours on the platform. We had a stunning experience as a new user to the platform and can confidently recommend using the software.

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