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The Safe Approach to Making Your Company Go Serverless in the Digital Era

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Cloud migration services have become a cottage industry for businesses looking to save money and time on server maintenance.

Decades ago, you might have seen small to medium-sized companies have entire rooms dedicated to maintaining servers. Imagine racks on racks of servers and whirring fans making sure essential data stayed put. Cold, bereft of proper lighting, and not the place to hang out for long, the server room was a place where crucial company data was digitally held.

The days of that aren’t necessarily numbered, but the server room is turning into less of a dungeon for data with the advent of cloud-based services.

But how does your company safely make the leap from the server room to the cloud?

Benefits of Moving to the Cloud


With remote work becoming part of the average office worker’s equation, having cloud-based services to help maintain contact with the home office and meaningful data is essential. It’s not just giving access to data via a virtual private network, either; it’s allowing employees to work as if they are steps away from the data they need to be self-sufficient.

Cloud-based services also offer, according to IBM, flexibility, efficiency, and strategic value. Flexibility gives employees the chance to access data anywhere and makes them more efficient because data is always available with any device.

Running a business from the cloud also has numerous financial benefits. MANTEC, a non-profit focusing on the needs of manufacturers, says cost savings is one of the bigger benefits since companies are not paying to maintain in-house servers. The same group also says reliability and scalability are other ways companies can save money with the cloud.

A recent study from the University of Victoria found many benefits to cloud computing in the healthcare industry. However, the study also stressed the importance of strategic planning to help shepherd the process to a beneficial ending.

Let’s discuss some items before moving your business to the cloud.

Moving to the Cloud? Consider These 3 Things


Say you’re in the process of seeking a cloud migration service to help move your business to the cloud. Coming up with a plan is the first step and the most valuable one if you’re looking to take the safe approach of going serverless in the digital age. Here are some things to consider.

1. What Kind of Applications Are Being Used?

The non-profit Object Management Group says it starts with assessing your current applications and workload to see your method of achieving a serverless environment. This approach also allows for prioritizing data and applications.

However, OMG also stresses understanding that moving to a serverless environment gives control of your data and applications to a third-party. If that third-party experiences downtime, then your business is likely to suffer as a result.

Let’s not forget about security, either. OMG says making sure you work with a company that can easily secure the data you’re using is a hallmark to a successful migration.

2. Build a Roadmap for Success

The Cloud Security Alliance also calls this the “roadmap” period – where you discover what steps need addressing to minimize downtime and make sure there are few – if any – disruptions to the business.

This period also allows you to check out how well your business will scale on the cloud. You will see how the cloud can create new workflows and eliminate others.

3. What Type of Migration Services Do We Use?

Discovering what type of migration services to use is another crucial portion of moving to the cloud. The services that you implement will depend on the size of your business. Many larger technology companies provide their in-house cloud-migration services. However, you’ll likely sacrifice the personal touch you’ll need if any technical issues arise.

Take Mobiquity for example, which is a cloud migration service provider with a personal touch that uses its extensive experience in serverless environments. If you’re going serverless, you’ll need a service that addresses your business’ specific needs. This company uses Amaze, their migration service software, to move your business into the cloud without issues. Amaze can reduce migration time by 50 percent, save your business money through containerization, and work with faster release cycles.

The service also uses artificial intelligence and automation to aid in the improvement of productivity. Every second counts these days when time equals money.

Moving to the Cloud Can Be a Key Decision

Taking your business into a serverless environment can be safe and wise. Having a plan in place and vetting a cloud migration service are two ways to ensure a safe approach and a soft landing with minimal downtime.

There’s money and time to be saved by moving to the cloud. In a world where decisions happen with lightning speed, you’ll need a serverless environment to help get your business to the next level. With Mobiquity for example, you’re getting a cloud migration service backed with experience and intelligence. As your business considers going serverless with cloud migration, remember the significance of data security. Discover the benefits of hybrid cloud security for robust protection here.

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