Dedicated Development Team Model and Its Advantages

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Dedicated Development Team Model and Its Advantages

The dedicated development team model has emerged as a highly effective and efficient collaboration model, standing alongside other popular models like fixed price (FP) and time & material (T&M). This model is particularly beneficial for long-term collaborations, where businesses can harness the expertise of a team of developers selected specifically for their business goals. Opting for this model is akin to having an in-house team, but without the administrative, HR, tax, and social benefits concerns.

The dedicated development team services, often sought by businesses to hire Laravel developers or other specialists, focuses on a specific project with all administrative expenses borne by the service provider.

Dedicated Development Team Model

This team typically includes:

Front-end and back-end developers, including full-stack and mobile developers;

  1. UX/UI designers
  2. DevOps engineers
  3. Quality assurance specialists
  4. Business analysts
  5. Product and project managers

Dedicated Team vs. Fixed Price Model

It’s crucial to distinguish between the dedicated team and fixed price models, as they cater to different business needs. The fixed price model operates under a pre-agreed cost, regardless of the actual hours worked or the extent of the job done, and is ideal for short-term projects with well-defined scopes and deadlines. However, it poses the risk of overpayment if project requirements are not accurately forecasted.

The dedicated development team model, in contrast, offers much more flexibility and avoids the risk of overpayment, making it suitable for projects requiring ongoing development and adaptation.

Dedicated Team vs. Time & Material Model

Dedicated Team vs. Time & Material Model

Another common model is Time & Material, where clients pay for the actual time and effort spent by the team on a specific feature. This model is apt for projects with evolving requirements or those still exploring product-market fit. However, unlike the Time & Material model, a dedicated team ensures consistency in team composition throughout the project, as team members are not shuffled between different projects.

When to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

The dedicated team model is ideal for:

  • Early-Stage Startups: For startups poised for growth, a dedicated team can rapidly build a development team, reducing hiring costs and accelerating product development.
  • Projects with Undefined Requirements: If your project is in the discovery phase and lacks a clear product-market fit, a dedicated team can provide the necessary time and resources without the fear of overspending.
  • Long-Term, Complex Projects: For projects expected to evolve and expand, a dedicated team offers scalability, access to global talent, and cost savings on hiring and operational expenses.
  • Notable companies like WhatsApp, Apple, Oracle, and Amazon have successfully employed dedicated development teams for various projects, highlighting the model’s effectiveness across different industry giants.

Cost Implications of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team


Cost reduction is a significant advantage of outsourcing to a dedicated development team. The pricing is straightforward: clients pay for the number of hours worked by each team member at a specific hourly rate. This eliminates additional expenses related to maintaining an in-house team, such as office space, equipment, and utility bills.

Hiring a dedicated software development team is typically more cost-effective and quicker than recruiting each professional individually. With the rise of dedicated development team services, businesses can now access specialized talent like Laravel developers more efficiently, making it a practical choice for various software development needs.

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