Eastern Star Entertainment top-notch marketing technology

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Eastern Star Entertainment is a marketing and communication company that develops integrated digital solutions and marketing campaigns. They work for clients of different market sectors, sizes and nations: the team faces with enthusiasm and professionalism also startup projects and special projects for big companies.

The agency works side by side with its clients in a process of continuous monitoring and adapting to the current situation, thus deeply understanding their markets and proposing the best messages through the most suitable communication channels. The marketing consultants support clients from the first phase of analysis of the market, of the communication status quo, of opportunities and threats (SWOT), of the commercial organization.

The first step is to listen to the requests, expectations and internal processes of companies to try to understand the business and translate the needs into winning strategies. To exploit the potential of visibility on the web that the Internet offers, it is no longer enough to be there, you must be easily found and accessed. You need to monitor site visits to optimize the likelihood that a visitor will become a new customer. Regardless of whether you are looking for a webmaster for changes to your site or a web agency to take care of 360 degrees of your web presence is the solution you are looking for.

ES Entertainment tailor-made services

ES entertainment takes care of the image of your company at 360°: we realize for you logos, brochures, business cards, corporate videos, communication, digital PR, everything that represents the image of your company. Here what the agency can do for you:

  • Mailing on qualified and profiled databases both B2C and B2B. Databases are always updated in full respect of privacy law, thanks to contests and updating of associated publishers’ portals!
  • Realization of web sites, blogs, Facebook fan pages (with guaranteed registration of fan users), online contests, events, etc.;
  • Guaranteed Unique Access, SEO, Backlinks SEO, Link Building Services, Ranking, SEM;
  • Social Media Networking;
  • Branding, Visibility, Reputation;
  • Press Office: press releases, agency reports, newsletters;
  • Video streaming;
  • Marketing Consulting: graphics, texts, customizations, results analysis, training!

Eastern Star Entertainment top-notch marketing technology

The agency’s team consists of IT and marketing specialists, journalists, photographers, graphic designers and web technicians: the staff is made up of experienced and skilled professionals able to design and implement from scratch media-marketing services for companies.


Eastern Star Entertainment is specialized in SEO consulting and SEM activities to reach the highest positions of search engines and ensure maximum visibility to your company.

Website development

The web agency deals with the creation of custom websites, with attention to design and User Experience, SEO oriented, to get the most out of your online business.

E-commerce sites development

It is also specialized in the creation of professional e-commerce sites fully customizable to help you expand your business.

App Development

The agency designs and develop Apps for Android, IOS and Windows phone platforms, tailored and customized solutions for each client that they support from the analysis phase, development and look to over time.

about online marketing

Creating truly useful and functional websites for your business needs on the web is by no means a simple path. This digital marketing agency takes charge of your business through strategies in order to attract visitors really interested in you and your products.

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