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Automate Your Sales Action! How and Why?

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There has never been a better time to be in sales and that is because we have all of the automation tools that we need available at our fingertips. It is now possible to increase productivity and in-turn increase conversion with a list of useful automation techniques.

Although we have more scope to convert customers and interact with them, we also have less time to do so. That is because we have more questions and more platforms that require attention. Fortunately, we have the chance to use the likes of Piesync or Zapier for automation.

Why Use Automation Tools for Sales?

Doing it manually is like saying you’d rather travel long distance on foot rather than by plane. There is a huge discrepancy when it comes to those that effectively use automation to their advantage and those that do not. There are lots of things that we have to stay on top of and the upkeep of social media and emails is enough to snow anybody under.

If you are looking to keep current customers happy and convert others through qualified leads then you should look at automating some of your sales protocol.

We list some of the ways in which you could automate your sales process:


It is probably one of the first ways many companies began to use automation and upscale the targeting of qualified leads and it is still a popular technique today. There are few automation options including compiling email lead generation and also sending out regular emails and newsletters to potential customers automatically.

Lead Generation

There is more than one way to skin a cat and that is certainly the case for generating valuable leads. This can be done through social media, website visitors or email. With software such as Piesync or Zapier you can update your data accordingly and send out all the right pitches and offers at the right time.


Remember the days when we would need a secretary to monitor our calendar and book in any important dates or meetings. You can now have this done automatically; there are a number of automated calendar options including Calendly. You can then use it in conjunction with your site or other

Social Media

As you are probably aware, social network sites such as Facebook now have options to automate a response to ensure you are responding to customers around the clock. It is also possible to sync all of your social media accounts

What is Zapier?

It is an automation tool that enables you to automatically set repetitive tasks without needing to worry about seeking a specialist coder. It allows you to connect two or more apps to interact with one another and automatically make changes or prompt action.

  • Sync two apps and ensure an automotive response
  • Use RSS to update your Facebook
  • Organise events by syncing Trello and Evernote
  • Never miss a meeting by using Slack and Google Calendars

What is Piesync?

Piesync is much of the same in terms of being an automated programme that makes your life easier. The difference is, they pride themselves on the two way, real time sync feature that it possesses.

  • It works similar to Zapier only it works with two-way sync
  • Sync Salesforce and Hubspot to collect information on prospects
  • See your customer from every direction with the use of all apps providing a 360 degree perspective
  • Use CRM, invoicing and marketing all at once

Zapier vs Piesync

Both of these incredible sites allow us to use sales at its best. We no longer need to chase up every customer or miss out on keep people happy. We have a whole range of automation that now allow us to sit back and let either Zapier or Piesync take care of matters.

But what is the difference? As you have probably noticed, much of the capabilities seem similar and in some ways that is correct. They both allow automation and can connect two apps to ensure an automated response. With that said, Piesync allows a two-way contact sync. This means data from both apps are used to make executive decisions and drive more sales. As well as this it can automatically update prospective customers, current clients or customers and innovatively change your calendar.

Both are fantastic ways to automate your workflow and pick up on customer leads and staying on top of social media but if you are looking at a complete user interface that saves you time and makes you money then you need something that will continuously update your entire system.

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