Hair And Work/Life Balance – How Busy Working Professionals Can Take Care of Their Precious Locks?

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We understand you’re tired. Work is constant, your children never shut up, and your list of to-dos never seems to get any shorter. The sad truth for most working professionals is that the daily grind never stops, and if we’re not careful, it can take a toll on our physical and mental health.

From an interrupted sleep schedule and uninspiring diet to lifeless-looking skin and dishevelled hair, failure to maintain a good work/life balance can reap havoc on our self-care routines. Yet, when our outward appearances start becoming affected, especially noticeable aspects like skin, teeth, nails, and teeth, it calls for an intervention.

Our precious locks are our primary sources of confidence since they are the first things others notice about us, so when we’re suffering from hair loss, thinning, greasiness, or dullness, it can take a toll. Nobody likes feeling bad about themselves, so finding the time to make ourselves feel good is essential.

But how do you achieve this when you’re a busy working professional with insufficient time to shower, let alone care for your locks? From taking vitamins/medications to prevent hair loss and encourage growth to using styling hacks to camouflage dirty hair, we outline several ways you can keep your locks looking nice, even on those mornings when washing feels like a distant dream.

How Busy Working Professionals Can Take Care of Their Precious Looks?

Take Daily Hair Vitamins/Medication 

Whether you’re a full-time mother, carer, or working professional, it can be easy to become burdened with stress, anxiety, depression, and other unpleasant emotions. When this happens, we can become unmotivated to care for ourselves (even if the task is as simple as brushing our teeth or washing our hair!), and everything is soon pushed onto the back burner.

Aside from making us inattentive to our needs, negative emotions, such as stress and anxiety, can also make us susceptible to more worrying symptoms, such as hair loss. Although stress-related hair loss is usually temporary, it can still be distressing for members of either sex. Hence, taking preventative steps is paramount to ensure you don’t suffer from long-term damage.

Take Daily Hair Vitamins Medication 

Suppose you’re particularly prone to hair loss, thinning, or baldness. In that case, one of the best ways to slow down your symptoms and minimise future damage to your hair is by taking hair vitamins/medications like the ones supplied by Oxford Online Pharmacy that aim to improve your hair’s quality.

Oxford Online’s treatments range from finasteride, minoxidil, and dutasteride. They can be shipped to your home address discreetly and efficiently without visiting a traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacy. Consider visiting their website for more information, and see how their hair loss treatments could help you develop a hair loss treatment plan today.

Style Your Hair Cleverly 

Nothing is more annoying than organising your plans around hair-washing days, and due to this, we’re all for pushing back this chore another day or two. It saves us the hassle of battling with the hairdryer, gives us a little extra time in the morning/evenings and can help certain styles stay in place longer than they would with clean hair.

However, we can only use this trick once or twice before the second-day grit looks a little less grungy and a little greasier. Fortunately, busy working professionals can rejoice as tons of clever styling hacks can camouflage your dirty locks and hide the fact that you’ve forgone a hair wash for the last few days.

Style Your Hair Cleverly

From braids and messy buns to half-up, half-down styles and French twists, you can use clever techniques to make your unintentionally unwashed hair look intentional. And the best part is that you don’t have to be an award-winning hair stylist or have a vanity full of expensive hair products to achieve them!

Don’t fret if you cannot braid, French twist, or messy bun to save your life! Second or third-day hair is an excellent time to experiment with accessories such as head scarves, berets, beanies, hair grips, hair ties and even wigs, which can be super fun to play around with when you’re feeling lazy and fancy a whole new head of hair.

Use Dry Hair Shampoo For A Quick Refresh 

If you haven’t already hopped onto the dry hair shampoo hype, then we don’t know what to tell you apart from that you’re missing out! Heralded as one of the must-have tools in your hair care kit, dry hair shampoo is a game-changer for those too busy to jump into the shower and wash their hair every day.

Since dry hair shampoo is commonly made from oil-absorbing starchy ingredients, it can eliminate all the naturally built-up oils since your last wash and add instant volume to your hair. However, as popular of a hair care product as it is, it is essential that you’re careful with your application; otherwise, it can quickly go the other way (hello, white, chalky, ghost-like roots!).

Use Dry Hair Shampoo For A Quick Refresh

Nothing is worse than spritzing too much dry hair shampoo onto our roots as we rush out of the door for work and realising once we’ve caught a glimpse of ourselves in our rear-view mirror that we’re rocking a skunk-like strip of white down the centre of our head. Fortunately, you can find hundreds of online tips that will have you applying dry hair shampoo like a pro in no time and leave you with refreshed hair even when you don’t have the time to wash it!

Wash Your Hair The Night Before 

We all know the score; as soon as it hits five o’clock, the only thing on our minds is getting home, changing out of our work uniform, pulling on some loungewear, sinking into the sofa, and watching endless re-runs of ‘Friends’ (just us? Okay). All those niggling chores like washing up, getting the laundry out of the tumble dryer, and washing our hair can wait until the morning because we deserve this time to ourselves.

Fast forward to the following morning, and you’re running around trying to find a spare shirt because all your others are in the dryer, which eats into your hair-washing time until there’s nothing left, and you’re reduced to going to work with greasy hair…again. It’s a routine we often see, so break it by doing all those niggling chores the night before, including your hair care routine!

Wash Your Hair The Night Before

Not only can showering the night before make you feel nice and refreshed, but it also helps send signals to your brain that let it know it’s time for bedtime which can help improve your night’s sleep. But it also ticks off one of the tasks on your to-do list in the morning before you go to work, giving you more time to dedicate to more critical tasks.

Nobody likes washing their hair simply because of how long the seemingly-simple task takes us; however, often, it’s the drying of our hair that is the main annoyance – not the washing. However, lazy folk can rejoice because there are several ways to dry your hair without maximum effort! From using a microfibre towel to blot your hair dry, then twisting it into buns and sleeping with a silk pillowcase, there are loads of lazy ways to dry your hair overnight, some of which leave you with effortless-looking curls the following day!

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