Huawei GT2 Watch: A Budget-Friendly Premium Smartwatch

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Upon first sight, you might mistake the Huawei Smartwatch GT as one of those expensive premium watches in the market. Although the GT series is a Huawei flagship device, it is actually a mid-range smartwatch that is loaded with features and has a reliable battery capacity. I bet you’re here because you might’ve heard of the many positive reviews that it is receiving. And if you want more information about the GT smartwatch, then you have come to the right place!

Huawei GT2 Watch: Design and Features

Huawei Gt2 Design and Features

The design of the Huawei GT2 has that rounded bezel that regular wristwatches have. The straps of this luxury watch are made of leather and interchangeable, which enables the wearer to change the style from time to time. The overall aesthetics of the watch is stunningly beautiful that emits elegance and simplicity. However, the Huawei GT2 Smartwatch isn’t your typical fitness watch because you can purpose them as your everyday wristwatch as well.

Aside from its design, the watch also offers tons of features that can aid your day-to-day activities. It includes basic message notifications, music control, and a remote camera. But I believe one of its most unique features is the built-in speakers, which allow you to use voice messages or listen to your music on the go. Lastly, it also has several sensors that support accelerometer, capacitive, gyroscope, air pressure, geomagnetic, ambient light, and optical heart rate.

Huawei Smartwatch GT2: Hardware and Performance

Huawei GT2 Hardware and Performance

A great advantage of Huawei GT2 over other smartwatches around is its ever-reliable hardware. It is equipped with a 326ppi that emits a very sharp and clear display no matter what lighting environment you are in. The screen may be placed directly under the sun or low-light room—it still produces a consistent resolution and LCD. The smartwatch is also embedded with Huawei’s Kirin A1 chip role of technology. The chipset is responsible for the dependable functionality and fast response rate of the watch. Such capacity is especially beneficial to individuals with an active lifestyle to accompany them during their workout sessions.

Huawei Smartwatch GT2: Battery Life

Huawei GT2 Watch

The main selling point of the Huawei GT2 is its incredible battery life. If you’re only utilizing it as a regular watch, you can expect it to definitely run up to 14-days. However, it may not reach the advertised 2-week juice if the wearer frequently uses the smartwatches’ more advanced features.

Huawei Smartwatch GT2: Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The cost of the Huawei Smartwatch GT is priced at £129.99 or $179.01. However, the smartwatch is currently under promo today. And if you decide to buy them right at this moment, you get a special discounted price of £99.99 or $137.70. That’s a total savings of £30. That’s not all! The GT2 is also under Huawei’s Back to School, which gives you an additional £10!

Huawei is a global brand with partners spread across four continents. Therefore, if you’re planning to purchase one, you should find an outlet near you. But in case that there’s none nearby your local area, then you can always visit Huawei’s eCommerce webpage to learn more before buying luxury watches online.

Our Verdict

The GT2 has the most amazing features and designs compared to other mid-range smartwatches and rival flagship devices of more premium brands. With this being said—the Huawei Smartwatch is a definite bang for your buck! And an excellent piece to accompany your workouts and “everyday” watch to aid your daily tasks as well.

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