How to Take Proper Care of Your Luxury Watch?

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Luxury or high-end watches require more time and resources to make. Their maintenance requirements are, therefore, understandably greater than typical quartz watches. Luxury watches not just look great, but they are also solidly built which means you are not expected to baby these watches. You just have to make sure the watch’s maintenance requirements are duly met. So, what kind of maintenance do these watches actually need? Keep reading to find out.

Wind It Up

Most people don’t wear luxury watches to their workplace. They pick it up and strap it around their wrist only for special occasions and major business events. As a result, the luxury watch spends the majority of its time off the wrist or in its case. When a luxury watch is kept in storage for an extended time period, it should be wound up once every two months so that the lubrication within the movement doesn’t congeal. You need not wound up the piece every alternate day or once a week unless you would like the watch to be all set and ready every time. Moreover, winding up the watch a bit too often could cause unnecessary wear and tear.

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Clean Your Watch

Cleaning a luxury watch should ideally be done by a skilled watch technician. You are not supposed to venture inside your high-end watch if you’re not a trained professional. Doing this would not just void the watch’s warranty, but you may end up wrecking the watch for good. Unlike the hood of your car, you shouldn’t be opening and closing the watch’s case. Luxury watch technicians put in special efforts to not just clean oil, dust, and other particles from the watch, but they also do so without ruining the water-resistance of the timepiece.

Insure and Storage

Luxury watches don’t come cheap. It’s, therefore, highly advised you insure them and also have them safely stored. Luxury watches getting stolen at homes, in hotels, at the office, etc. are stories not too uncommon. If you are keeping your watch at home, make sure the storage box is large and sturdy. It should ideally have a transparent top so that you can view your collection without opening the box, thereby mitigating the chances of debris and dust entering the box. A travel case should be made of a hard shell and must be compact since you would mostly not be carrying more than a couple of watches so you can select any one like Hamilton Jazzmaster.

Regular Servicing

Like your sports car or bike, your luxury watch also needs expert care and inspection at regular intervals. A luxury watch, as mentioned before, has lubricants. They help the cogs move without stuttering, ensure the different intricately mechanical components do not rub too much against each other and get worn out prematurely, etc. Kindly note the lubricating oil isn’t in constant supply. It gets old, dirty, and useless. Every time your watch goes in for a service, the technician takes it apart, cleans the old gunk out, and replaces it with fresh grease. Long story short, your watch gets rejuvenated.

how to take care of your luxury watch

Stay Away from the Elements

Though your luxury watches are designed to put up with the harshest of environments, not all are built the same. For instance, there is a difference between ‘waterproof’ and ‘water resistance’. A water-resistant watch has low resistance to water compared to a waterproof timepiece. Similarly, steer clear of extreme temperatures. Quickly going from cold to hot environments or vice-versa could easily damage your watch. Therefore, when at the beach, take your watch off and put it safely in your bag. Generally, a Rolex watch is considered a solid cross between high-endness, functionality, and robustness. Peruse Rolex’s offerings and you’ll discover watches by Rolex you never thought existed.


Like a car or any consumer good with moving parts, a luxury watch requires proper upkeep and maintenance. If you take good care of your watch, it will not just come good for long but you’ll also keep its value in the used luxury watches market intact.


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