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Are You Considering Relocation? Check up on Latvia and Its Benefits

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One of the best things about our world is its borderless nature. With all the digital solutions, applications, and transport coverage, there are no issues regarding the freedom of movement and relocation. Such an opportunity lets people find the true place for life, where they feel safe and sound, and can rediscover the life-work balance.

One such place is a Nordic country in the northern-eastern part of Europe – Latvia. You may probably be wondering about such a choice, as it is never considered in the first place, yet Latvia owns numerous persuasive characteristics, which make it the best place for relocation and starting life from scratch.

Let’s learn the benefits Latvia offers to migrants and relocators.

Why Is Latvia a Good Place for Relocation?

1. Economic stability

Latvia is not on the list of the countries with the best-developed economies, yet, it is on the ‘steady-rise’ path, with recent significant improvements. Latvia is a member of the Eurozone, World Trade Organization, and European Single Market.

Economic stability

It has occupied 14th place in the world regarding the Ease of Doing Business Index, offering a solid ground for setting up and running a business.

Considering the beneficial location of Latvia, its biggest spheres of development are the transit and storage of goods, wood processing, and agriculture.

2. Employment

The major sectors of employment in Latvia are distributed between agriculture (around 7%), industry sector (around 13-15%), and service sector (60+%). The majority of well-paid vacancies are concentrated in big cities, and the capital – Riga. Recently, Latvia has been showing a significant rise in the IT sector and related jobs; work in Riga in particular, is concentrated on the search for skillful and knowledgeable specialists to develop an IT cluster in the country.

Considering a developing tourist sector, there is always a need for related specialists. If you are not willing to become a part of a labor market, Latvia offers good conditions for starting and developing your own business.

3. Nature

Nature is truly special in Latvia. The forests cover more than half of Latvian territory; what’s more important, Latvians care about their green wealth, and do everything to maintain it in good condition and preserve it as much as possible. The forests make up part of big cities, yet never interfere with the modern lifestyle; likewise, Latvia manages to combine the hustle and bustle of a modern lifestyle, never harming nature.


Another gem of Latvia is the Baltic Sea. Just one hour rife by the urban train or by car, from the capital city to the North, and you are standing face-to-face with the cold waters of the Baltics, feeling its refreshing and cooling breeze.

4. “Human-oriented” medicine

Generally, medicine in Latvia is state-provided, however, there are also private clinics with all their benefits. Finding a good doctor is never a problem, as well as getting help with urgent conditions. The ambulance takes patients to the hospitals for free, yet the hospitalization requires payment.

Latvian medicine may not be on the list of top medicines in the world, yet it gives access to high-quality medical help for everyone who needs it. If there are no financial funds for getting specific services, the patient will still be given appropriate help.

5. Peace of mind

Countries that can boast the proximity to the sea, or the ocean always show a lower level of anxiety among the citizens. Latvia has won a jackpot, as apart from the sea, and numerous waterways, it has vast lands of forests, which just double the positivity.

Peace of mind

Latvia is one of the safest countries nowadays, with a low risk of terroristic attacks. It is a good place for settling down, creating a family, and just enjoying life with your partner(s).

6. Financial affordability

Among numerous beneficial characteristics, there is one that tops it all – financial affordability. While offering a decent level of life-work balance, Latvia doesn’t charge your life for it, therefore, the majority of citizens have access to all the services they require to make a decent living.

7. Culture Heritage

Latvia has had a long history, which influenced the culture, architecture, and even the manner of communication. Latvians take pride in their heritage and keep it in good condition. Throughout its history, Latvia has accumulated the finest examples of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Stalinist styles, which are traced in castles, churches, and townhouses.

Culture heritage

Riga and its Art Noveau buildings are simply astonishing, Ogre and Neo-Romantic style buildings will keep you wandering around the streets. Every new city will open a new world of unknown beauty, turning a simple day out into lifelong memories.


Latvia is a great place for life and work; it’s like a safe haven, where you can feel the life and live it to the full. It offers all the benefits of an advanced and modern lifestyle, a vibrant cultural background, a high quality of life, and, of course, the mesmerizing beauty of nature.

Latvia is a beautiful and welcoming place, why not give it a try?

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Ryan Bradman

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