Oliver Talamayan Shares 5 Inspiration Lessons We Can Learn From His Journey To The Top

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Oliver Talamayan’s Journey To The Top

Although there are different paths and formulas to success, there is one characteristic to all successful people; they are passionate, they are consistent, and they have self discipline. The passion to keep doing what they love doing even when the returns aren’t immediate, the consistency to keep doing it even when faced with challenges, and well, the self discipline to stay focused even when the money starts trickling in. Perhaps to demonstrate this fact better, one needs to look at the life and trajectory of one Oliver Talamayan, arguably one of the greatest online investors of our time. From an obscure, unknown young man who had a big dream, to a reputable investor who has been featured in Forbes, Fox, CBS, and many other major publications; clearly, there’s something that Oliver Talamayan did right and as such, there’s something for every one of us to learn.

The Journey From Bottom To Top;

In many of the motivational and mentorship talks that he gives, there’s one popular quote that Tamalayan likes reminding his audiences;

“Being employed is like walking on borrowed legs, the owner can come for them at any time!”

So many people view employment as a comfort zone and as such, are unwilling to give serious thought to investing in other side hustles. Others are just afraid of starting small.  For Oliver Talamayan, as recently as 2004 he was just a young man with a big dream, still living with his parents. 5 years later and in 2009, he entered history books as one of fastest online earners of all time when he made a cool $100k in 30 minutes selling products to a business forum he’d been invited to speak to. Today, he’s a brand name, he’s a much sought after coach who has met thousands of business men and women, aspiring online investors, and so on. Now, the story of Talamayan reads like a script from a Love Novel; a young lad with huge dreams who met a beautiful lady and the lady in return pushes him to be the best he can ever be. As early as 2005 when most people were still dilly dallying with the idea of online businesses and whether they are a scam or not, Oliver Talamayan was already writing his first eBook, all thanks to the inspiration and motivation he drew from his girlfriend, who’d later become his wife. It’s by selling eBooks that he was able to move out of his parent’s place and rent out his own house. So Lesson Number 1; once you’ve decided on a business venture to pursue, always do it without minding what everyone else is saying, be willing to start small.

When giving his story, Oliver Talamayan speaks of the excitement and thrill he felt after some of his eBook clients started getting back to him, asking for one-on-one assistance and help. This is usually a sign that people are digesting your eBooks with good appetite and that the market is responding positively to you. Yet, with the multiple requests for one-on-one meet ups with clients came an inevitably tight schedule. Fatigue and hectic routines, burnouts from chasing existing and potential clients; all these had their toll on Talamayan.

It suddenly dawned on me that most of the clients I met individually had almost similar set of questions and queries. What if I pooled them together and met several of them all at once in a predestinated location?

It’s from this scenario that Talamayan came up with weekend group workshops consisting of three to five participants. By so doing, he was able to benefit from not just more free time to plan and arrange the workshops, but also a drastic reduction on the cost of one on one session. So, Lesson Number 2; don’t work hard, work smart. Every challenge in your business venture always comes with a smart solution; often, the solution tends to bring with it multiple benefits that catapult the business to higher heights. With these weekend coaching workshops, Tamalayan was able to charge up to $3,500 per person per session. A perfect application for this fact would be in a business streamlining all its departments and encouraging them to work together, closely, rather than operating autonomously.

Another interesting observation in Talamayan’s journey to the top is that he never rests in his comfort zone once he has started an investment venture. I mean, look, how many of us have stagnated on the same business they started 5 years ago, never diversifying it or incorporating new ideas? Talamayan never stuck to eBooks; as he received more client emails and started meeting them 1-on-1, he sniffed out more business ideas. Before long, the weekend workshops came and in the workshops it was more than just giving solutions; it was also to identify new business ideas. Thus, he realized that a huge chunk of clients were in great need of marketers to help promote their websites, and he also realized the power of social media as a marketing tool. That becomes Lesson Number 3; strive to diversify your business by incorporating new ideas and ventures. Diversifying your business automatically leads to a diversification of income. Don’t you get too comfortable hoping that the business will grow and do better; be dynamic and ever changing with the client/consumer trends.

Business outsourcing is a multimillion $$$ industry and each day, there’s a client somewhere looking to get a task done. Often, those that offer to get the task done are not always the ones that work on it; they end up assigning the task to another person or party, then submit it back to the client upon completion. What I’m I trying to say?  Remember that we spoke of working smart rather than working hard?  Oliver Tamalayan himself admits to growing his online virtual team from 3 to over 300 in a span of just 4 months. Business outsourcing is all about capacity and believing that you can get the job done. Social media marketing, content generation, affiliate marketing, blogging; all these are services you can offer to clients by outsourcing the tasks to your virtual teams. With the internet you don’t need a huge office and physically present employees; all platforms and infrastructure is online, can be done online. So Lesson Number 4; be authoritative, believe in yourself and your brand. When a client has a task that needs to be done, be a solution giver even if it means outsourcing the task to a 3rd party. You’re in business anyway and the last thing you want is to let a good client walk away in search of services you could offer via outsourcing. The internet has made us masters and bosses of any field we decide to venture into.

Do you love the job you do? Many of us feel ‘trapped’ and ‘enslaved’ by our day to day businesses. Yet, it is not that the niche we chose is bad; often, it has to do with poor management. Talamayan says that as his business picked up and as his ambition grew, he found himself overwhelmed and in need of an assistant to handle the admin work. It’s only after he picked an assistant that he was able to experience what he calls FREEDOM. With the freedom came a kind of celebrity status that enabled him to manage his businesses without necessarily being seen around or present at all times; this was a pull factor to most clients, they liked his simplicity and authenticity. Before long, he was named the highest earner in the industry and he kept going places. Which is our Lesson Number5; you can’t possibly run your business all alone, it helps to have an assistant of some sort. Most people only consider the cost of paying and sustaining an assistant for their online business, they assume they can handle everything. But truth is that having a full plate on your desk at all times isn’t a sign that your business is doing very well or that it’s performing; it’s a reminder that you need to get an assistant to help in. The assistant is able to pursue all tasks to a complete end without postponing or procrastinating. Besides, two are better than one, the assistant also brings along some good ideas that you can incorporate into the business.

In summary;

In the words of one great William Shakespeare; Some People are born great, others have greatness thrust upon them, and others struggle to attain greatness. Mr. Oliver Talamayan’s example is one of a person who struggled to become great, he was armed only with passion and conviction that he had what it takes to make it. What about you, do you believe in yourself, your brand? Are you passionate and determined enough to ‘struggle’ to become great? It’s all very possible, never be afraid of starting small or from the bottom.

The world of online entrepreneurship is dynamic and ever evolving; keep yourself acquainted with new opportunities as they show up, seize them and incorporate them into existing ventures. It’s this diversification and ability to sniff out opportunities that has enabled people like Oliver Talamayan to become legends of online entrepreneurship in our times.


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