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Are you tired of always putting out impeccable content and no one ever getting to see it?

Do you think that people might not be able to find your Twitter account very easily?

These days, a lot of people make use of Twitter for marketing purposes, and this is a fantastic idea because of just how many people they have the potential of reaching.

Twitter has a massive audience with over 541 million active monthly users. However, with a platform that is so large, most of the time it is a struggle to get your content or account noticed, especially if you have a new account with not so many followers.

SEO is a big part of Twitter and how easy it is for people to find you. There are certain things that you can be doing to have a better SEO ranking, and if you want to know what these are, continue reading. This blog is to provide a complete guide on Twitter SEO tips for better ranking.

Show more than tell

Show morethan tell

These days, visuals are a big part of marketing, and if you are wanting to have a better SEO ranking then the content that you are posting is something that you need to be paying careful attention to. While a lot of people fall to text when it comes to Twitter, because it is a microblogging style platform, with the introduction of visuals such as videos, photos, and Gifs being added to the platform, it has changed the game completely.

Social media is all about visuals, and research shows that visuals do a lot better in terms of engagement and attention compared with posts that are just containing words. By having content that people engage with more often and enjoy more, you will therefore increase your SEO ranking.

Mention people

Mention People

A lot of the time, when it comes to Twitter marketing or marketing on Twitter as a business, you might just look over the fact that engagement is a crucial element of the game. It’s so important, services like Twesocial, in which you can buy Twitter followers, use this metric to help accounts grow organically without bots. Receiving engagement is a big factor in increasing your SEO ranking, but getting the kind of engagement you need can be difficult, particularly if you have a new account or an account that doesn’t have too many followers yet.

A great way to encourage engagement from other users is by showing them that you engage too. Twitter loves engagement and tagging people in your content is a great way to promote your account while also promoting other accounts, brands, things you like, and more. This is a great way to generate interest in your account and show users that you are not just posting about products you are selling. Twitter also offers other ways to engage with users on the platform like liking, commenting, and following, which are all great ways to gain more Twitter followers and get noticed by other people.

Use targeted keywords

Use Target Keywords

Keywords, although they sound similar to hashtags, are quite different. They work similarly in that people can easily find content that relates to the niche they are in or that they are interested in. These keywords work by searching up words that you might find of interest and seeing which tweets pop up relating to that search. Niches play a big role in this and you should consider including popular keywords for your niche into your content in order to get more people to notice you and in turn, get a better Search Engine Optimization ranking.

Add hashtags to an optimized profile

Lastly, optimizing your profile is another incredibly important step to take to increase your SEO ranking. By having a fully optimized profile, your account will have a much better SEO ranking and will therefore be easier to find.

This means that you should be thinking about your username, profile photo, and bio, and how well they suit your brand and how professional they look. You want to make sure that everything is easily recognizable and easy to remember as the more people look for your account, the higher the ranking it will have. Another great way to do this is through the use of hashtags. Similar to the keywords, you should be using related hashtags in your content to make it more discoverable by your target audience.

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