How To Access Binance While Traveling Abroad?

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Binance is known to be the largest crypto exchange platform in the world. If you seek to start a career trading and investing in crypto, you might want to consider trading on Binance.

However, one problem often encountered by those exchanging in Binance is that it’s not available in some states or countries due to regulations. This shouldn’t be a setback for you if you’re traveling abroad to a jurisdiction whose regulations don’t permit the use of the platform. There are different ways to go about it. This post shows you how to access Binance while travelling for business or for other reasons.

What To Do If Binance Is Banned To A Country You’re Headed To?

When Binance is unavailable in a region, it simply means you’re restricted from accessing it. You can access Binance with a VPN (Virtual Private Network). What does a VPN do? It works as a form of disguise for your location. A new Internet Protocol (IP) address is assigned to you. This way, it looks as if you’re in a permitted location. This location would be in an eligible country like Poland, Switzerland, or Sweden.

What To Do If Binance Is Banned To A Country You’re Headed To

With a VPN, you’ll be able to maneuver the present geo-restrictions and access Binance from anywhere. In addition, you’ll be earning yourself extra protection and avoid cybersecurity risks and security for your financial data and also your online transactions thanks to the veil of protection the anonymity of VPNs guarantee.

Registering with Binance means you have to put so much information out there. Some of this information include your number, passports, passwords for your cryptocurrency wallets and accounts, bitcoin address, private keys, and the like. Therefore, you should use VPNs that provide high-grade security features and encryption. This would prevent the intrusion of third parties aiming to steal sensitive information.

How To Access Binance While Traveling Abroad?

Using a VPN is said to be as easy as pie. Yet for non-technological savvy individuals, utilizing the software tool can be a daunting task. Thankfully, the steps below can help.

Register With A Secure VPN

How To Access Binance While Traveling Abroad - Register With A Secure VPN

There are several VPN providers out there yet you must ensure that you work with a safe and secure one. This is to ensure the security and privacy of your VPN. Also, some VPNs are better because of the larger number of servers they have.

Set Up Your Account and Log In

To set up your account, you must first download the VPN application on your app store. After downloading, you’ll be required to input your details so that an account can be created for you. This includes username and password. Ensure to keep these details private and personal and have them at your fingertips so that you can supply them when necessary.
Some VPNs offer a one-month free trial; you could take advantage of that. A number of companies offer free services, while others require payment. You’d figure this out as you set up your account. Depending on the VPN, you can pay either by bank transfer, credit card, or Bitcoin. Follow any instructions you’re given to create your account.

Connect To A Server

Some countries allow the use of Binance. You could connect and navigate the platform in a handful of European countries dealing with crypto and others. The aim is for your VPN to change your IP address to a country that allows Binance rather than your restricted region to enable access.

Activate Two-Factor Authentication

This is as important as every other step in accessing Binance through VPN. It completes your first verification level and allows you to sign up and trade. Without it, you’ll not be able to access Binance. You may also need proof of residence in a region where Binance is permitted to continue your verification. Suppose you can’t verify your account fully; in that case, you could use secondary wallets that’d help you navigate through it.

Navigate To Binance

Navigate To Binance

As you have now fully set up your VPN, you can find your way to You have to ensure that your VPN is up and running to access this crypto exchange.
Some of the features you require in a VPN to access Binance include Advanced VPN protocols, military-grade encryptions, a wide range of servers, no-logs services, and a kill switch function. These and other features should guide you in choosing a good VPN provider.


Different regions have specific regulations concerning crypto trading and the like. For example, a country like the United States has regulations that don’t support Binance. At the same time, the platform is supported and available for use in a handful of countries worldwide. You must know the regulations of wherever you are travelling to, including abroad. If Binance is restricted there, a safe and secure VPN may be your best bet in accessing it.

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