Top 11 App Development Companies in the UK

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There are so many mobile app development companies in the United Kingdom, that finding one that offers mobile app development services that cater to your needs is important.

Heading out into the world of app developers will have you looking forever to find a mobile app development company that works specifically with what you need.

That’s where we come in, with the top 10 iOS app development companies in the UK, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your new iOS App.

Top 11 App Development Companies in the UK

1. Sonin App Development

Located in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Sonin App Development is an established iOS app development company that began in 2009. The company specialises in developing iOS apps that provide the best experience.

Sonin App Development

Using the latest platforms, technology, and services, Sonin App Development and its team of developers work closely with clients to ensure they get everything they want to make iOS apps a success, from start to finish.

The team of developers are trained in the latest technologies, often providing far more than what clients ever thought possible. Whether it’s through AI capabilities or bringing in virtual reality, Sonin App Development is all about pushing the boundaries to ensure the best user experience.

From designers and product managers to test engineers and developers, the team collaborates on each product to bring customer visions to life as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Many top-name brands in the United Kingdom and across the globe trust Sonin App Development, showing just how established the company is.

2. Tech Alchemy

Starting in 2016, Tech Alchemy is one of the largest mobile app development companies in the United Kingdom. The company has over 150 employees across the globe.

There are two Tech Alchemy offices in the United Kingdom, in Manchester and London. Then one in Pune, India and another in Lisbon, Portugal.

The sheer size of Tech Alchemy has made it a highly successful mobile app development company, with a range of services that rival some of the top in the industry.

Along with Tech Alchemy’s success in building iOS apps, the company is also a leader in blockchain development, e-commerce services, CRM, and CMS systems development.

The range of services has well and truly put Tech Alchemy on the map. Using the latest frameworks and technology, Tech Alchemy is on a mission to provide customers with the best iOS app development experience. Additionally, a post-launch service ensures the iOS app runs smoothly, providing a fantastic user experience with a well-maintained app.

3. Pulsion

Pulsion is a leading software and mobile app development company in the UK, based out of Glasgow. Personalised mobile app development is at the forefront of Pulsion, with projects completed to the highest standard. The company has nearly 30 years of experience, with UK-based developers offering pristine expertise to each project. Using innovative technology and products, the team at Pulsion creates incredible web apps that meet and exceed customer expectations.

With so many years of expertise at your disposal, finding solutions is quick and effective. The passion of the Pulsion team is seen not only in their day-to-day work but also in the final products produced. Pulsion is on the pulse of any new technologies, integrating this within their already successful framework. Crafting custom software for a range of industries is at the forefront of what this team of highly skilled developers do.

There is no doubt that the team at Pulsion will have your business needs met and exceeded. From custom software and cloud migration to app and SAAS development, Pulsion truly offers some of the most extensive ranges of development solutions in the United Kingdom

4. Magora


Located in London, United Kingdom, Magora is one of the leaders in iOS app development. The team at Magora have set a new standard, bringing forward innovative mobile app development services that have had fantastic success.

The Magora team is hot on the heels of anything innovative, bringing with them a world of knowledge on iOS mobile apps. Magora values customer needs, taking pride in its ability to bring client’s visions to life, whether it be on an iPad or iPhone. The team is with you every step of the way.

Magora works with the most modern frameworks, ensuring all iOS mobile apps run smoothly. The company also prides itself on offering a range of smart features that take its mobile apps to new heights.

5. Zudu

Founded in 2014, Zudu is a digital agency with three offices in the United Kingdom. Office locations include Dundee, Edinburgh, and London. The team at Zudu is passionate about providing mobile app development services that rival some of the best.

The Zudu team has a wealth of knowledge, enabling the company to offer a range of services, including UI, UX, and iOS mobile app development. This combination sets Zudu apart in that every aspect of the iOS app is crafted for a specific purpose.

It’s not just about creating functional mobile apps, but about the entire user experience. From design to functionality, Zudu brings mobile apps to life. It is a trusted partner, winning the top award for 2022 for the most reviewed iOS development company.

6. Apadmi

Apadmi is an impressive mobile app development company with locations in Manchester, London, Edinburgh, and Amsterdam. Apadmi works with leading brands, creating bespoke iOS applications with some of the top UK app developers.

From development and design to optimisations and key feature creation, the mobile app developers at Apadmi are on hand from the planning phase through to the launch of the new app.


There are over 250 mobile app developers on the Apadmi team, with a variety of specialities. No job is too ambitious. If you have a vision, the Apadmi mobile team will get you where you want to be.

This mobile app development company has over a decade of experience. It’s seen it all, from new technologies and updates to changing regulations and requirements. It’s safe to say you’re in safe hands when working with Apadmi.

One of the best parts about working with the app developers at Apadmi is the app audit services. If you’ve got an existing app, the team will evaluate what you’ve got and make personalised recommendations to ensure your iOS app has the best chance of succeeding. That’s where the experience also comes in. Apadmi knows what works, bringing recommendations that could change the success of your app quickly.

7. Intelivita

Situated in Leeds, United Kingdom, Intelivita is a mobile app development agency with nearly a decade in the web and app development industries. What started as a small business, Intelivita has transformed into a world-renowned mobile app development agency, working with some of the largest brands in the United Kingdom and the world.

Throughout the years, Intelivita has seen and worked with it all. From AI features and virtual reality to massive eCommerce projects and IT services, this mobile app development agency really knows what it’s doing.

The values of Intelivita are evident in their work, using state-of-the-art solutions to ensure that iOS apps are created to succeed from the get-go. The needs and expectations of each customer are different and that’s what makes working with Intelivita so great. You’re not merely a number, but a partner in developing your iOS app.

8. Digiryte

Situated in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, Digiryte is a mobile app development agency up for any challenge. Whatever you dream of for your iOS app, the entire team at Digiryte is on the job to help you achieve your business goals.

Digiryte is at the forefront of app development, keeping the end users in mind from the initial stages of iOS app development. The mobile application development team consists of everything needed to ensure success. From backend developers, designers, business analysts, and frontend developers to scrum masters that carry the team to the finish line, your digital project is in safe hands with Digiryte.

9. chilliapple

Chilliapple is an award-winning mobile app development company based in the United Kingdom. Launched in 2008, it’s no surprise that this app development company has had its fair share of big clients over the years.


As one of the pioneering web development agencies, Chilliapple offers a range of services, including its very own iPhone app development team. The team is not only up to date on the requirements for IOS apps, but also knows what works on the IOS mobile app development platform to make your product stand out.

The designated and diligent in-house mobile app developers of chilliapple are always up to date on the latest iOS app requirements, with extensive knowledge of industry-specific needs, making them a top-rated iOS app development agency in the United Kingdom.

10. Andersen Inc.

Andersen Inc. is a globally recognised company with offices across the world. The United Kingdom office is located in London, with a growing mobile app development team.

Since its inception in 2007, Andersen Inc. has provided some of the top global brands with specialised services in mobile app development, IT solutions, web development, and custom software. The team at Andersen Inc. consists of over 2,700 highly qualified employees who are well-established in their craft.

The years of experience working with various industry leaders give this mobile app development company a unique leg up on the competition. Additionally, more than 130 iOS engineers are at your disposal, meaning no job is too big.


Founded in 2020, STAKK is a London-based mobile application development company with speciality services in web development, UX, design, and custom mobile app development.

While smaller than others on the list with less than 50 employees, STAKK is ideal for up-and-coming businesses looking to expand with an iOS app. The team has experience working in a range of industries, giving them fantastic insight into what your new app needs to succeed.

STAKK provides a detailed roadmap for your iOS app, with information on how varying team members can get your app over the finish line. From the idea phase right through to launch, the STAKK team has got you covered.

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