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Top 12 Mobile App KPIs to Measure Performance

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Today, developing and delivering a mobile application is not the end of the journey, but it’s the beginning of it. Organizations are realizing that downloads are not the ultimate way to manage the app’s success; there are many other mobile app’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). And knowing them is necessary to develop an efficient marketing strategy to develop and assure the app’s success.

There was a time when preparing your app to be installed was an accomplishment, but it no more symbolizes the app’s success. One of the causes behind this is that users, nowadays, install infinite apps on their mobile devices, but use only a few often. In other words, the app markets are occupied with millions of apps, but only a few support significant traffic.

So, if you are caught up in the middle of the road gathering app downloads, hold for a moment and reconsider your strategy. Return your app development purposes and explain the following KPIs to get a fuller view of your app performance.

Best Mobile App KPIs to Measure the Performance

Mobile app marketing KPIs are vital for app development companies to measure the success of the app’s marketing campaign and the performance of the app. There are several metrics that you can measure and as such, it is necessary to make sure you use only the prime KPIs. This way you know the right picture of the performance of your app.

The following are amazing top mobile app KPIs to gauge the performance of your app.


Monitoring the number of downloads is an honest yet necessary way to follow the performance of your app. Downloads are the primary stage in accepting an app. It is because all the other parts proceed after downloading the app. It is, therefore, crucial to making your app quickly downloadable.

2. Uninstalls

Following uninstall is as significant as tracking the number of downloads and installs. Mass installations are always a signal that you have done something App-Performance-measured-by-app-downloads-and-uninstallsincorrectly. It could be that you have attached an ad that users don’t like or a feature that is conflicting with user commitment. In case you notice to understand any uninstallations, try to figure out what the cause is and fix it immediately.

3. App Open Rate (AOR)

It is the flow of sessions of your app users. The more precious the app open rate the more involved users are in your app. It is also called adhesiveness. The adhesive users are favored since they are more worthy of your app.

4. Number of New Users

The mobile app KPI shows you if you are having new users or no improvement ease in the number of a new user implies that your customer base is expanding. You can also manage the number of users to tell how thriving a marketing campaign is. For example, an increase in the number of users after a marketing campaign implies that the campaign is successful.

5. Ratings

Most users analyze apps’ ratings and reviews before determining whether to download an app or not. Therefore, makes ratings to be one of the most prominent mobile app KPIs. So when comparing the performance of your mobile app, assure you examine the ratings of users. Positive ratings and reviews prove that users are satisfied with your application.

6. Paid Growth

It refers to the rate of growth through paid channels. These can be social media ads or advertisement ads. This app marketing KPI will tell you if your marketing campaign is developing your mobile app revenue or not.

7. Organic Conversion Charge

It refers to the frequency of change that comes from unpaid centers. Some of the unpaid channels are the word of entrance and search engines.


It belongs to the number of times users have suggested your app to others. Shares can occur in various contexts such as shares and likes on social media platforms and other App-shares-and-likes-indicate-app-performancewebsites. The more extra shares your app gets mean that more users see your app as relevant to them. This app marketing KPI also shows that your brand name is evolving. There are also basic metrics that can help you maximize your mobile app profits. This app marketing guide has the metrics into three categories for easy analysis. One of the categories includes User Information Metrics.

9. User Information Metrics

These app marketing KPIs follow the user’s data that is required in producing higher user action. Learning the behavior of your users enable you to optimize your app to satisfy their needs. They also help in monitoring the conversions and acceptance of each user. The higher the resolution, the more revenue your mobile app forms.

The accompanying is some of the user information metrics to control when measuring app performance.

10. User Appropriation

Obtaining new customers to download your app needs you to know the behavior of the current users. You need to examine how these users got access to your app. It can be through the expression, paid ads, natural search, or in-app referrals. Since consumers are attracted to your app in different ways, it is necessary to understand the best method to reach your target customers. It means you can market your app aggressively on these aspects to maximize your mobile app profits.

11. Design Metrics

Users download applications on various devices. Some use smartphones while others use pads. It is necessary to understand who the targeted users of your app are, and what devices they use design metrics will give you more information regarding the devices most of your customers. It allows you to optimize your mobile app to meet the needs of each device hence enhancing the potential of mobile app revenue.

12. User Location

User location metrics are vital app marketing KPIs since they show you where the users of your app are located. Knowing the location of your users can help you obtain why there are more users in one area than the other. Classifying such issues can help you optimize your app to increase your target audience.

Final Words

Make your app a success by tracking all the KPIs mentioned in this article. This way you can choose the right KPI and metrics to analyse the performance of your app in order to optimize your app marketing strategy.

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