The 5 Biggest Benefits of Employee Workplace Health Checks

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The Importance of Employee Health Checks

In a partially post-COVID world, we’ve become accustomed to continuous and varied health checks. Before we travel, when we enter some establishments, before we see friends and family, and in some cases, before we go to work. Long before COVID became a part of our everyday lives, employee health checks did exist. Companies would call physicians once yearly or every so often to give their employees a once-over to ensure that they are in good health.

The importance of employee health testing is paramount now more than ever to running a successful business, ensuring that your employees are well looked after and healthy, and ensuring the health of everyone who sets foot inside your business premises. Let’s take a look at why we believe employee health checks are an essential part of any successful business.

Top  5 Great Benefits of Employee Workplace Health Checks

1. Support for Infirm or Ageing Employees

Support for Infirm or Ageing Employees

There was a time, not so long ago, when the average age of retirement due to illness or the physical failings that come with age was much lower than it is today. The importance of supporting older or ailing employees cannot be overstated. Rather than being an employer who takes what they need from their employees and discards them when they are no longer able to perform at their previous peak due to age or illness, be the employer who has regular medical screenings to support them.

Screening provides early detection and possible prevention of any factors that may hinder the employee in their job and helps them to age in good health. The higher the average age of your employees, the more necessary it is for you as their employer to show your care for them by having medical screenings at the office. Individuals may not always be able to afford the time to go to a doctor for a health checkup themselves. If you provide them at work, you can help to catch diseases like osteoporosis, cataracts, diabetes, glaucoma, and arthritis (all of which are conditions that mostly come with aging) in time to treat them.

2. Manage Productivity

Manage Productivity

Regular checkups can catch unseen diseases lurking behind cold symptoms. They can also ensure that employees are in the top physical condition and thus able to perform well at work. If employees are healthy mentally and physically and perform well, your company’s productivity will reach and remain at a high level.

Absenteeism due to actual illness will decrease if employees are offered assistance with private medical insurance (an optional extra) or at least the practical option of having a checkup provided for by their employer once every so often. The chief aim of most businesses is, after all, to be productive and thus make profits, so you should do all you can to keep employees healthy and productivity high.

3. Identify Mental Illness

Identify Mental Illness

Any health checks that you offer through your company for your employees should extend beyond just physical health and into mental health as well. Mental health services have disproportionately long waiting times, and thus, many people do not have any access to them unless they are part of a private benefits package provided by their employer.

Identifying any mental health issues can improve an employee’s life beyond measure, both at work and in their personal lives. Mental health issues are still unnecessarily taboo; more exposure to medical professionals explaining them in detail can help solve this problem for your employees. Once you understand a mental health condition, you can successfully manage and treat it, if necessary.

4. Improve Company Image

Improve Company Image

This is important, but it should be a happy byproduct of taking good care and motivate of your employees rather than an end goal. If you look after your employees well, your company will automatically look good because it is doing good. This will be attractive not only to potential employees but also to potential shareholders or business investors. People prefer to work for and with companies they know to be doing good things both inside the company and externally.

5. Improved Employee Morale

Improved Employee Morale

In the same way, as your company looks good to outside parties, it will also look good to its employees if they are taken care of well. A company that looks after its workforce will be loved by employees and will have very high average employee morale. Human beings need and like to be rewarded for doing their jobs well. One way you can do that as an employer is to go the extra mile to look after their mental and physical health. Taking care of them is ultimately taking care of your company as well. A healthy workforce feels good, and employees who feel good do good work; it’s as simple as that! For all kind of medical plans and insurance, check out

Wrap Up

These five points are ones that illustrate clearly how important it is to keep the mental and physical health of your workforce as a number one priority in your mind.

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