The Benefits of High-Speed Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

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Industrial roller shutter doors are a revolutionary addition to any industrial business. The benefits are multifarious and include safety and security, fire and weather protection, privacy, and ease of use. These are just some of the more general benefits of industrial roller shutter doors, but this article is more interested in the specific advantages of high-speed models.

Minimize heat loss

High-speed industrial roller shutter doors are perfect for businesses that are looking to reduce heat loss when there is a high volume of traffic passing through the door. The fact that the door will open and close very swiftly reduces the loss of heat in the building itself. Having an area contained will prevent the escape of warm air and the entrance of colder air. The risk of a temperature drop will reduce and with it the need for extra heating, which can not only have a positive impact on your bottom line (reduced bills) but also boost your green profile and reduce your carbon footprint, which in the light of the climate emergency is an important factor.

Added security

Added Security

The addition of a high-speed shutter over a high-speed curtain will also provide a security boost that is in place 24/7. The insulated laths provide a much higher level of security than with other doors. With security at the forefront of the minds of business owners, high-speed industrial doors will reduce the time that tailgaters and opportunistic thieves will have to access the building. The robust qualities of these kinds of doors are an added bonus.

Smooth operation

The added ease of access provided by high-speed roller shutter doors cannot be overstated. The need for easy access can often lead to a compromise on security, or if the risk of this is too high, then the access must be compromised. With the high-speed doors installed there need be no compromise as they provide the best of both worlds. Staff can come and go with ease and speed, without causing backlogs or security issues.

Noise reduction

High-Speed Industrial Roller ShutterHaving the option of keeping the door closed and being able to do so rapidly, reduces the potential for noise entering the premises which can be crucial for mental health and sometimes physical well-being of staff if there is a noisy forecourt outside the doors. Working conditions remaining quieter, for longer, is a boost that can be massive.

Pest control and reduced contamination

Industrial roller shutter reduce pests

The ability to open and close doors with great speed also has the advantage of reducing the risk of contamination of the building with vermin and other pests. Vermin-like rats will have less time to enter the property, which is especially important for businesses with vulnerable or comestible stock but is an advantage to succeed in business. In addition, there will be less chance for fumes, nasty smells, and other contaminants getting inside as the doors can be closed quickly.

As you can see the benefits of high-speed industrial roller shutter doors are varied and extremely significant – once installed there will be no turning back.

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