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The Best Set for Hiking

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Today, many people devote a lot of time to learning something new, improving themselves as a person, and earning money. For everyone, the goal of being in constant motion and keeping abreast of all events began to prevail over ordinary human pleasures. We work five or six days a week, exhausting ourselves and sometimes not even getting satisfaction from our own results. All because for most of us, work is not equal to a passion or a hobby but is only a means of obtaining material benefits.

The situation changes on the weekend when you can forget about everyday affairs and take a deep breath, planning a lazy or active rest. At the same time, everyone adapts to their own preferences and capabilities. For example, someone likes the comfort of home reading a book by the fireplace or watching their favorite movies with delicious food, while someone is fond of various sports and meets with friends to have a good time in the company.

All hobbies have one definite goal – to give the brain rest, and the body to gain strength and start working days with new energy. One such activity that helps you relax and feel part of nature is hiking in various areas. Like any type of activity, serious or not so serious, hiking requires careful preparation, especially if it is planned to overcome a significant distance. It is not only about the right route or company, but also clothes, shoes, equipment, etc. Only by planning everything in advance can you be sure that you will not only get great physical exercise, but also stock up on positive emotions for a long time.

How to choose hiking boots?

How to choose hiking boots

The first element that is very important for hiking is the right footwear, with which you will spend the entire journey from the starting point to the finish. What should you know to choose the right option? First of all, you should figure out on which section of the earth’s surface the walk will take place – flat or mountainous.

The choice of soles and fitting of boots will depend on this. A more uneven sole with spikes is great for rough terrain where you’re constantly bumping into a rock or cliff. It will help you feel more comfortable and fix the leg in certain areas. It is also important to understand the distance that is planned to be walked, since long walks require more comfortable shoes and shoes that gently fit the foot.

In order to choose the right boots, you can rent them at home in advance to walk in them and feel all the possible flaws. This is very important, as long walks require endurance and foot comfort. No one wants to walk around with chafed feet or in shoes that don’t let heat through well.

Also, one of the characteristics of well-chosen equipment, including boots, is their waterproofness. Indeed, during various types of activity, we may encounter adverse weather conditions or come across a swamp. If we stock up on suitable shoes, it will not be a problem for us to carefully cross problematic areas of the terrain.

How to choose outdoor clothing?

How to choose outdoor clothing

You can go hiking at any time of the year. In fact, a lot depends on the desire of the traveler himself and the characteristics of certain areas. Yes, it is best to walk in the mountains at the end of summer or at the beginning of autumn, because then there is an optimal air temperature and there are no significant differences in it at the foot and at the highest point. Considering various factors, people choose clothes that are light and comfortable.

First, you should decide on the season in which the walk is planned. If it is, for example, winter, then an excellent solution would be to wear a thermal coat under the main clothes. It will provide warmth and regulate the temperature under your clothes, which will prevent you from overheating or freezing. The thermal underwear should be made of high-quality material that creates prerequisites for the body to breathe.

In addition to thermal clothing, it is important to have comfortable sweatpants and a golf bag with you. The latter is necessary to protect the throat from blowing. It is also recommended to wear a windbreaker and gloves for comfort of movement and damage to the skin of the hands.

In summer and autumn, the body usually needs fewer external things, which will only restrain the pace of movement on the surface. The main characteristic of clothing manufacturer here should be to ensure and maintain the most comfortable body temperature. That is why you should stock up on clothes made of knitted fabric or a regular sports suit. It is better to wear a hat in spring, because after winter it can still be quite cool and windy. In general, these are the basic rules for choosing clothes for a trip – convenience and expediency always come first.

What to take with you?

What to take with you

Choosing equipment that will be useful for any activity is a key task of every traveler. If everything is clear with clothes and shoes because this is what no person will go on a hike without, then the question arises as to the appropriateness of choosing other things. So, for example, if a person is going on a hike that will last several days, he needs to choose the right tent, which will become not only housing, but also a place of protection from possible adverse weather conditions.

A single-layer tent is best suited for mountain hikes, which is not only characterized by better stability, but is also quite easy to transport and does not take up much space in a backpack. If you plan to travel through flat terrain, you should choose a double-layer tent that will keep the heat inside, because the wind on the plains spreads faster and occupies the entire area around.

In addition to the tent, a comfortable backpack, which should contain the first necessary things, can be useful. These include a first-aid kit, dry rations, water, a flashlight, and a utility knife. It can also be useful to have night vision goggles or thermal imaging devices, as it is quite difficult to navigate the terrain in the dark without any lighting. The main thing is not to collect a lot of unnecessary things that you can easily do without, because a large luggage behind you does not create comfortable conditions for constant walking.


Therefore, the travel tips for hiking is not a matter of one day. It is important to carefully prepare for any changes in weather conditions, choose suitable comfortable clothing and choose shoes that will best suit the needs of the trip. Hiking is not only good for your physical and mental health, but also an opportunity to get great pleasure and energy, enjoy the scenery and just have a great time. It is not for nothing that many people choose this type of recreation as their hobby and are waiting for a new weekend to immerse themselves in the world of nature and new experiences.

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