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UK challenger brands in 2020 

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Explore about the UK Challenger Brands

The vision of a brand is to be distinctive and enduring. The challenger brands, however, go a notch-higher and aim at being disruptive in their fields. Many disruptive brands have specific attributes that distinguish them from others. The challenger conversation may feature characters that project themselves as the Davids ready to fight Goliaths. Yet, each challenger may have its own attributes that it espouses. Keep reading to find out the various qualities of the UK’s challenger brands in 2020, like Lottoland.

The irreverent maverick 

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This kind of challenger can be described as being like a gangster. They want to move out of the ordinary and apply arrogance, humor, and wit to attract a particular group of clients. Brands employing this tactic include Red Bull, Nike, Kulula, Nike, and others.

The Next Generation

uk challenger brands 2020

The challenger who applies this attribute wants to position themselves as current and portray the market leaders as belonging to the past. They want to show the audience that the world has moved, and they should run too, as clinging to the status quo may not help. This form of narrative is used for marketing specific brands like Tesla, Sky TV, and others. Tesla may want to indicate that it’s the current in the market, and clinging to leaders like Ford may not help.

The Next Generation brands are sensitive to current issues facing humanity like green gas emission and create products that respond to the challenges.

The Democratiser

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The democratiser brand believes that it’s possible to take from the few and give it to the majority. For instance, taking the role of editors from a few individuals and distributing it to a majority. Their aim is to challenge elite roles. Such brands borrow ideas from exotic business people and share it with many people in their mass markets. In the UK businesses, Topshop and Primark are the Democratisers in the fashion industry that have borrowed from Boots 7, which has been catering for the rich.

The Enlightened Zagger

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These kinds of brands move against existing cultural conditions. The brands come up with their own believes and values that they consider superior to the existing ones. They challenge the value of the current wisdom and even claim that it’s conned people for a long time. The Enlightened Zaggers are there to the right of the injustices that have been meted to people for a long time.

For instance, in the men’s grooming sector, King Shaves and The Dollar Shave Club are challenging Gillette that has been a market leader for a long time. In the transportation industry, Uber is telling the cab guys that they’ve been conning people for along time, and they should put their house in order.

The Visionary 

This brand is a preacher rather than a solver of the current problems. The Visionary creates a dream about a realistic future and set about converting the idea into a reality. One of the brands that used this attribute is Apple before they created an iPad.


The challenger brands apply specific tactics when positioning their products in the market. This blog has explored some concepts that disruptor brands use in the market.

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