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Smart ways to make shipping for your business more efficient

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Efficient Shipping for Your Business

Efficient shipping ensures that you deliver the products within the stipulated time at a cost-effective price. This includes settling on the best method of delivery for every product you need to ship to your clients based on cost, safety and product details such as weight, packaging, and fragility. If you are running a small business, then you need to have an effective shipping strategy to save on costs.
Let’s now look at the components of an efficient shipping strategy;

Choosing the best method of delivery

There are many methods of transportation used around the world depending on the urgency with which a product is required as well as product features.

Use of motorcycle courier
This is one of the cheapest methods of making deliveries to your customers. You can deliver bulk mail, shopping, invoices, letters, medication and even flowers using the motorcycle courier. This method is becoming popular because it can beat traffic jams.

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Pallet Delivery
This method of delivery involves the transportation of goods on a pallet. Fragile or robust goods are safely delivered using pallets. Pallet delivery has become among the most popular form of distribution in the world. Whenever you need to hire pallet courier for your shipment, then you should contact pallet transport experts to help you with your delivery needs.

How to determine the cost of transport

When do you deliver a shipment to your customers for free? And how do you arrive at a cost for shipment?

Package size and weight
You have to consider the package size when calculating the delivery costs for your shipment. The larger the goods then, the higher the costs. Heavier products attract higher costs of transport compared to lighter shipments. You have to consider this factor when calculating the delivery charges.

Distance to cover
Shorter distances are more convenient to deliver products compared to longer distances. For example, a client who is overseas would be charged more delivery fees due to additional costs such as tariffs and taxes.

Product type
Fragile and high-value items will attract high delivery fees due to increased risk of theft and damage during transportation.

Insurance and Tracking

Depending on the type of shipment you are transporting; insurance and tracking are critical for security. You should ensure all shipments against damages and theft. Apart from shipping insurance, you can also enroll for private pension plan as an investment to help you when you retire from work.

effecient shipping for your business

Benefits of having an efficient shipping method for your business

It creates trust and loyalty
When you deliver the goods ordered by your clients within the stipulated time and in good condition, they will instantly become loyal to your brand.

It increases the number of retained customers
If you conduct free shipping for certain products, then your first-time client is likely to come back because you created a great first impression.

Efficient shipping entails using the appropriate means of transport to deliver products to customers. Proper methods of transportation are based on the urgency of the product, the material of the product, the distance to be covered and the value of the product to be delivered.


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