How Can an Amazon Agency Build Your Brand?

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When you have made the step to market your brand on Amazon, it can be daunting to try to manage everything yourself. There is a lot to do, from handling sales and queries to attracting visitors and reviews. An Amazon agency can take you through the process, provide advice, and handle many of your selling activities so that you are free to focus on growing your business and developing your products.

So, how do you choose an Amazon agency that you can trust to start a brand? We’ll take you through a couple of the key services that a reputable Amazon agency should provide, as well as introduce you to an Amazon agency that stands out above the others.

What services will I need?

Navigating Amazon’s eCommerce platform is quite easy but understanding how their algorithms work is not. If you aren’t entirely sure what you are doing, it is easy to end up losing sales, wasting time, and even destroying your brand.

Amazon agencies have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the most recent rules about what you can and can’t do on Amazon as a seller. They know how to target audiences in ways that generate results without getting you taken down. Furthermore, they are able to provide specific services to help you where you need them the most.

How Can an Amazon Agency Build Your Brand?

Strategic insight

A distinguished Amazon management agency will be able to provide strategic insight using robust reporting channels to help you to make key decisions for your Amazon account and other sales streams.

Strategic insight

Watch out for agencies that don’t have any practical experience. Instead, consider an Amazon agency like Nuoptima, which has built successful brands on Amazon and has also teamed up with big hitters, such as John Li – an innovative Amazon FBA seller with eight-figure brands of his own.

PPC management

Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) is an organic way to rank high in search results using bidding to capture keywords that drive customers your way. A good agency will have a unique PPC strategy that best fits your brand and products to be sure every penny of your budget set aside for your campaign is converted into sales.

With ten years of experience behind them, Nuoptima will ensure that you can enjoy the profits from your investment into your PPC ad campaign once you score high in organic ranking.

Listing and product optimisation

To attract organic traffic, your products need to be well listed with the relevant detail, such as stock-keeping unit (SKU), search terms, and product description, to name but a few. Getting any of this wrong can keep you from appearing in the top search results, making you practically invisible to your customers.

An Amazon agency like Nuoptima provides technical SEO content that informs buyers and increases the chances of your products becoming top-selling items. They can edit existing content or even create brand new listings. An effective Amazon agency will also have access to specialist keyword rank checkers to ensure they can use the ones that will best help customers find your products.

Product launch services

Product launch services

When launching a product, you don’t just need a great listing; you also need reviews to give shoppers a reason to pick your product over someone else’s. But, if the product isn’t even on Amazon yet, how is this possible? A good Amazon agency will know how to get around this issue without resorting to black-hat tactics, ensuring there is no risk of getting banned by Amazon. A full-service Amazon management agency Nuoptima has a savvy process involving giveaways, a PPC drive, and email marketing to quickly build the reviews you need.

How is NUOPTIMA different to other Amazon agencies?

Social media marketing

How Can an Amazon Agency Build Your Brand - Social media marketing

To ensure your brand does not become stationary, Nuoptima will not focus its efforts on Amazon alone. They will scale your business by using similar methods outlined already to tap into the potential offered by social media and other marketing avenues. Through Facebook ads and the use of influencers that reach an unlimited customer base, Nuoptima can help you to rise above the competition.

Full-service approach

Nuoptima takes a full-service approach wherein they provide a range of services to maximise their expertise in utilising the Amazon platform as a marketing tool. Where other Amazon agencies specialise in one or two campaign strategies, Nuoptima can explore all possible angles to maximise the growth of your brand. Choosing an Amazon agency, such as this one that offers multiple services, enables you to get all the help you need in one place.

One-to-one consulting

One-to-one consulting

There may be occasions when you experience difficulty in communicating with Amazon, and at such times, it is great to know that you can easily get in touch with your Amazon agency to help you to handle the issue. The great thing about Nuoptima is that they offer one-to-one consulting to help you with any difficulties. They also understand that you may want to retain a certain amount of control over the process, and they are happy for you to do this.

The takeaway

Even if you have a great product and an established brand, an effective Amazon agency has the expertise to get you started on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms. First and foremost, choose an Amazon agency with a good reputation and the ability to provide an array of services.

Make sure that they understand how to grow your business and that they are able to show a track record of doing so with other brands. Check that the agency you intend to partner with has access to the best tools and tactics for outranking the competition and maximising sales. Choose an Amazon agency that has the know-how and ability to use tried and tested strategies to tap into various channels.

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