How Much You Can Earn From Bitcoin?

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Before starting about how much can we earn through bitcoin first we need to get a gist about what is bitcoin and why to prefer bitcoin for making money?

Bitcoin is a digital form of currency, to be more precise it a cryptocurrency. To know about its emergence we need to look back to the year 2009 when bitcoin was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto. It was introduced to provide a way for the localized and decentralized mode of payment. In the present scenario, bitcoin has become a preferable means of earning.

There are various benefits that we can expect from Bitcoin.  Bitcoin helps you in saving funds anonymously, that too free from worry about any third party seizure. The owner of Bitcoin can earn more cheaply. Also, once you own Bitcoin it means that you become a part of the particular network owner as well.

Let us discuss some best ways through which we can earn maximum Bitcoins:

 1. Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining has been always been a great way of earning for decades. Even in the present digital world the most preferable method of making money out of digital currency is Bitcoin Mining. This method was first implemented in the year 2009 and it could make you earn 50 BTC. In 2012 it got halved to 50 cryptocurrencies. Today it has become a popular way of earning in the digital market.

To earn through this method one needs to decode and solve various mathematical problems by cracking codes. These problems might be complex but once you solve them you will be rewarded with your digital currency or bitcoin. It may sound an easy way but isn’t actually. You will have to face tough competition in profiting via this process. To do bitcoin mining you can go with platforms like Bitcoin mining clouds or mining pools.

Bitcoin Mining

2.  Buying and Holding Bitcoins

This is another way to gain from cryptocurrencies. This strategy can be very helpful for you if you are new in the digital market as it is completely straightforward and is a very beginner-friendly plan. For this firstly you need to own a Bitcoin wallet and then you will have to buy Bitcoins and simply wait for the day when you see spikes in Bitcoin prices. Though it is an easy-to-gain method you really need to have patience in this as it is not predictable at all about when will there be an upswing in bitcoin rates.

3. Taking Advantage from Affiliate Marketing

There are many companies in the sector that use affiliate marketing in order to bring customers to the business. This also works in a way where the existing customers are expected to add on new users and hence partners to the share. It may be their friends and/or their relatives. There are many such incentives in the market. You need to go through their plans, terms, and conditions thoroughly before getting started with the work.

Taking Advantage from Affiliate Marketing


4. Trading

This particular method is the fastest-paced method to earn from bitcoins. But the method needs to be handled with great delicacy and can only be done properly if you have practiced it and have complete knowledge about it. The three different tradings are:

  • Day Trading – Here we are allowed to deal with smaller trades and make out smaller profits in lesser time. This is to be dealt with by analyzing the market carefully and grasping the small money-making chances.
  • Swing Trading – As discussed day trading, is a short-termed method, Swing Trading is a middle termed method in comparison to day trading. Swing traders buy the BTS at lesser prices and wait for the prices to ascend and then sell them.
  • Bitcoin Arbitrage – it is not much different from the above-mentioned two methodologies. The difference lies when the bitcoin holders exchange BTS from one party at lower rates and again exchange it to another party at certainly higher rates and manage to make a profit out of it. You can get started with trading with Bitcoin Pro Software.



5. Pay to Click Websites

In Bitcoin, some websites pay for you when you look for an advertisement or visit the site to a certain ad page. Note it is still very difficult and even a lengthy process to get substantial money. Many sites are indeed a good way for just fast money to make if you are resistant to this. adBTC and Coinpayu are fantastic places to look for revenue using bitcoin. Similarly, micro workers and Cloudfactory are services that are paying you a modest amount for easy actions such as viewing a video on youtube or doing an inquiry. Such websites feature Bitcoin colleagues such as Cointasker and Bitcoinget in which the users may select hundreds of work to accomplish.

6. Writing About the Cryptocurrencies

Even if you are not much interested in handling complex mathematical problems and you are neither happy doing digital marketing in the bitcoin market you can earn through Cryptocurrencies by simply writing about them. Various freshers in the market know very little about the business hence you can write for their convenience and earn through it. It becomes easy for you to earn through this once you are a bitcoin holder and you have worked in the field so you can give the overall idea about the BTS market. You can also share your experience and help the newbies by writing on this niche.

Buying and Holding Bitcoins


7. Binary Trading

Binary trade has existed since the beginning period in the finance industry. It was just a question of time until it entered the crypt realm. As the title suggests, Binary only offers two choices: a trader buys an option & an expiry time. The business is “in cash” or “out of the cash.” Essentially, where the value is expected you’re investing.


It is possible that every item is helpful in the actual world. But it is all up to you to think that spending on bitcoins is worth it or not. To give precise data from a bitcoin calculator, you can make out bitcoins worth Rs. 8,607 with an electricity expenditure of Rs. 5,867. Hence you can gain a final profit of Rs. 2739. If you invest sensibly, Bitcoins are beneficial. If you wish to remain firmly in the area of bitcoins, try following simple guidelines:

  • You must do your research
  • Review the market
  • Assess the hazards and choose the strategy most attractive for you
  • Don’t get affected by the mob; nevertheless, seek counsel
  • Invest always what you can lose.
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