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How To Start A Cleaning Services Business in UK?

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Cleaning services business has a greater demand in the UK and in London, it’s multimillion pound business. If you are new to London and want to start your cleaning company, there are few things to keep in mind before you start your cleaning business.

You must know what regulations to get approval and how to become a licenced cleaning company that people will trust to hire.

You do not want to start a cleaning business and go out of business because one of your staff messed it up for you. For say, one of the staff you employed at a customers home could steal something and get away. How can you be protected from this?

What are the rules and insurances you must have?

You need to know all this.

cleaning-company-UKSo in this article, you will learn it all and for the information, we did interview several cleaning company owners in the UK.  One of them is the Owner of EOT Cleaning and they’ve been running the end of tenancy cleaning services company in London successfully for several years now. Also with plans to go nationwide.

Ivan Ivanov said, starting EOT Cleaning was easy but growing the company successfully with over 100 cleaning staff was tough.

It’s said that the UK contract cleaning business is worth over £5 billion, and there are over at least half of 1 million people working in the cleaning niche in the UK. So you see how big is the cleaning niche and there is a huge opportunity for anyone to start a cleaning business.

The industry is large and most of the players are small business owners and sole traders who operate with less than 10 staff. Some even do this as an individual as long as they can put up a website and start getting calls for cleaning jobs.

I know this because so many people call me to ask to help them with their SEO so they can put up a website and start getting work.

That’s not how you should be starting a cleaning business if you want to make millions. You must think bigger than being a small business.

What must you keep in mind when starting a cleaning company?

  1. Do your research.. which city, do you want to operate in the UK. preferably a larger city like London, Manchester, Liverpool… has so much demand for cleaners.
  2. Next get the qualifications so people trust you and you can get those big cleaning contracts. That’s where the big money is at. you can get all the information at the British Institute of Cleaning Science website.
  3. Get a superb website build by ClickDo Media by Kasum Sameera, as he is the best guy when it comes to building high converting cleaning company websites. You can check the website he has built for EOT Cleaning and you will get the idea of a successful website.
  4. Create a marketing plan to create awareness of your cleaning services. Are you going to get customers from online channels or off-line? Google is the best place to start getting cleaning jobs immediately. Talk to Logesh Kumar at ClickDo Consultancy or book a consultation session to know more about how Google AdWords can help your start getting cleaning jobs immediately.
  5. Go out and meet estate agency owners, connect with them, ask for jobs, show your qualifications and give them a cut and get jobs sent your way.

Types of Cleaning business you can start in the UK

  • Residential cleaning services
  • Commercial cleaning services
  • Contract cleaning business

Out of the above, “end of tenancy cleaning” is highly demanding service in London and falls under the core “residential cleaning business

The keyword “end of tenancy cleaning” has over 9000 exact match searches per month on and you can see the potential.

According to Ivan Ivanov, EOT Cleaning company has grown to this size with their offering of “end of tenancy cleaning” services in London.

With the right website, the right team and perfectly done marketing on Google, the sky is the limit for this cleaning niche in London.

Now you may be thinking ok, let’s get this cleaning business started in the UK.

So go register a domain name for your cleaning business at SeekaHost and then host the website on a UK web hosting service offer by ClickDo so you are in good hands.

Get a superb website done for you with mobile responsive optimization. Because cleaning services are mostly searching on mobile devices by the customers who will hire you.

Do not forget about getting your qualifications and your staff must be insured and qualified to perform the work.

Make sure your cleaning staff CBR checked and all good to go work at your customer’s premises.

What equipment do you need to start a cleaning service?

  • Sweeping machines that you can get each for £150 – £1000
  • Vacuum Cleaner that you can get for £80 or a good one for bellow £200
  • A Trolley to take your equipment – £200 or even less
  • Have a van with your brand name mention – you can buy one for £2000 plus

So now you got all the information to go start your cleaning business and help UK people with their cleaning requirements.

If you are still needing any information, get in touch with us or we would like to recommend you the EOT Cleaning Franchise. 

Finally, I want to tell you about be good to landlords and connect with 300 landlords in the UK and you are good to be busy all week with a ton of end of tenancy cleaning services work each month.

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