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Tips to start an SEO company in the UK and build a business

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SEO is one of the most demanding skill set by every business owner in the UK and they are looking for SEO services.

That’s what I figured out back in 2013 and learned it and become the #1 SEO consultant in London, UK. (You can search on Google to see it)

In this post, I want to share with you how you can first become an SEO consultant and then build an SEO services company in the UK and help business owners.

Why business owners need SEO services?

SEO services help businesses rank higher up on Google first page and get clicks to form their targeted customers. Business owners will pay from £200 per month to up to £10,000 per month depending on their industry if you know how to rank their website on top of Google.

Ranking on Google #1 is the dream of most business owners and anyone who steps into the SEO business. I had that goal and I did achieve it. You can search for “seo consultant London” on Google and you shall see me at the top. **This was hard work and done for a long time.

Below I explain how I did it and how you can do it as well:

So you got an idea now.

How to become an SEO consultant first?

Let’s look at some more ways and in this article, I explain how to start SEO business in the UK

Now that you read it, you want to know How to become an SEO & Profit from Google opportunities

Tips to build SEO company in the UK

Building an SEO company in the UK is not hard, however, the competition is increasing so you might as well start soon.

You can learn all the SEO skills online by joining the online SEO academy and I’ve also done the local SEO blueprint where I show you exactly what I did and how I do SEO services.

You will get the opportunity to see how to start from scratch, build your SEO brand in the UK, get clients and how to adjust your mindset when selling SEO services in the UK.

Is SEO business lucrative?

Honestly, SEO is a tough market to operate and scale but as an entry-level business for anyone to get started and consult for 3 to 5 clients, that’s something anyone can do.

Read this article about > How to start your home based SEO business? and you will get some good tips about how I did it.

Listen to the below podcast I did this morning.

With that being said, if you have any questions and would like to get some help to start your SEO services business in the UK, you can email to me or contact me via and I will support you.

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I’m also growing my UK based web hosting company these days, so if you need business website hosting I’m happy to offer.

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