5 Industries That Were Drastically Improved With The Introduction Of Plastic

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It’s safe to say that plastic has a bad reputation today due to all the plastic pollution we are grappling with.

When we consider how harmful it can be for the environment, if not produced and recycled properly, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

However, when people and businesses know how to work with plastic in a professional manner, plastic profiles can improve every industry.

This is exactly why we are discussing the 5 industries that were drastically improved with the introduction of plastic. Let’s see which industries they are and how they transformed with the use of industrial plastic.

1.   The Construction Industry

One of the industries that definitely benefited from the plastic extrusion solution is the construction industry. Considering how dangerous it is to work on aconstruction-site-safety-with-plastic-helmets construction site, the workers in this niche welcomed the products made from plastic because they improved their safety and made their jobs easier.

For example, the lighter, but sturdier helmets allow the workers to work for hours without worrying about getting work injuries to their head or other body parts. This also goes for the equipment and tools they use. A lot of new tools now have plastic components which make them lighter and easier to use. All of this contributes to a much safer and easier working environment for the construction workers.

The use of plastic reduced the number of accidents and helped the construction workers to perform better every single day of the week.

2.   The Medical Industry

The products made of plastic are the reason why medicine is so much safer today. This may sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s true. Before the inventionplastic-use-in-medical-industry of plastic, medical aids like tubing and catheters were made of metal and other materials. This, of course, caused a lot of allergies and infections among patients.

Unfortunately, some of the patients died due to those allergies and infections, and this is exactly why scientists and engineers decided to come up with a better solution. The invention of plastic was one solution for the health industry. Plastic is a much more sterile alternative to metal and even the most sensitive patients don’t have issues with allergies when using plastic medical aids.

Also, the transportation of toxic medical waste has changed drastically after the invention of plastic. Back in the day, the toxic waste was transported in wooden and metal containers. This, of course, was not secure enough and hospitals had a lot of issues with hygiene in the past. Today, the plastic containers allow the staff to remove and transport the toxic waste without endangering patients and other members of staff.

3.   The Electric Power & Electronics Industry

We can honestly say that the electric power and electronics industry would be nowhere without plastic. If you don’t believe this, just take a look at yourelectronic-devices-with-plastic smartphone or a laptop you’re using to read this blog post. It’s almost completely made of plastic. There are two reasons why manufacturers are using plastic for their electronic devices.

First of all, plastic conducts electricity so poorly that it’s one of the safest materials to use when working with wires and cables. Secondly, plastic can be easily moulded into almost any shape and this makes it practical. It also allows the manufacturers to play with the design. One thing is for sure, we wouldn’t have had the gadgets we have today if plastic wasn’t invented.

4.   The Household & White Goods Industry

Can you imagine a hot summer day without air conditioning or a cold beer? Probably not. Well, you have to thank plastic for a properly cooled room and a cold beer in your hand. White goods couldn’t be as good as they are today without this material.

Of course, the use of air conditioning and refrigeration should be controlled in order to save the environment, but that is a different discussion. Plastic components allow the manufacturers in this industry to create the best-looking and energy-efficient products.

The use of plastic reduced the manufacturing costs and this is exactly why every household can now afford products like air conditioning units and refrigerators.

5.   Automotive Industry

This is one of the industries that were significantly transformed by the use of plastic products. There’s no question about it. The plastic solutions allowed theautomotive-industry-plastic-use manufacturers to reduce the production costs and, most importantly, to reduce the weight of the cars.

Today’s lighter cars consume less fuel and they are much safer for everyone on the road. Plastic reduced the number of fatal collisions and accidents on the road. The good news about plastic in the automotive industry is that most of it is made from recycled materials. This means even the environmentalists might approve of it.

Also, the fact that plastic can be moulded allows manufacturers to create new and exciting designs. This is exactly why we see so many beautiful cars on the streets today.

Plastic has changed many industries for the better and the ones we talked about today were just five examples of the good use and implementation of plastic, especially recyclable plastic. And with new technologies like sustainable 3D printing more industries and businesses will be improved in the future.

Manuela Willbold

Manuela Willbold

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Manuela Willbold
Manuela Willbold
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