Top Magento Development Trends For 2022

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Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that has helped online stores to grow and provide a seamless customer shopping experience. The features provided by Magento are extremely beneficial for your business. However, if you really want to have a competitive advantage over your competitors, you should be aware of any recent or upcoming Magento development trends.

Here is the list of top Magento development trends for 2022 that can help you hit the right chord with your customer.

1- Voice Searches

With the increasing use of digital assistants, such as Alexa and Siri, voice-based searches have become a trend among users.

The Voice search feature allows compatible devices to take users’ questions in the form of voice. It then analyzes the language and offers the desired solution.

Around 50% of online shopping will be based on voice searches by 2022.

Voice Searches

Voice search is popular because of easy accessibility, speed, and convenience.

Magento 2 extension has incorporated a voice search feature and empowers its online store owners to incorporate it in their websites to not lose potential and current visitors.

2- Responsive Web Design

Around 94% of first impressions take place based on the UI of your website. Therefore, it is vital to have a responsive web design across various devices.

Responsive Web Design

Here are the recent UI trends:

  • Headless architecture
  • Better navigation
  • Color psychology
  • Micro animation
  • Fast websites
  • Single-page application
  • Mobile-friendly

Magento 2 is specifically designed to cater to the need for responsive web design. Thus, UI and UX will adapt to any device.

Magento Design and development should be done by experts. There are specialized agencies that offer Magento development solutions. For instance, you can consult Bing Digital for Magento UX and UI development.

Additionally, Magento Luma and Blank themes are the two CSS and JavaScript enabled themes that adopt a mobile-first approach. Thus, these themes are suited for all sizes and resolutions. 

3- Live Streaming

One of the eCommerce platforms that have offered a live streaming feature to its online store owners is Magento. It allows you to give a demo of your product and service to your customer through live streaming.

Live streaming is not a new concept. However, with the increasing number of people attending live sessions, webinars, and online meetings, live streaming has become fairly important for online eCommerce businesses.

Live Streaming

Ecommerce websites have recently started incorporating the live streaming feature to make the purchasing process much easier and more detailed. It helps customers to get instant answers to their questions. Thus, it encourages them to make faster decisions.

Live streaming should be used alongside video marketing to nurture prospects. You can use tools like InVideo to create professional videos and share them with your followers.

4- AR and VR

AR and VR are changing the way customers used to shop online earlier. AR and VR help customers to virtually test the products. On the other hand, it allows eCommerce businesses to reach new audiences.

One of the cutting-edge Magento trends is yielding AR to build eCommerce platforms.

AR and VR

Incorporating these technologies enable you to visualize your products from multiple dimensions. It also allows users to try them virtually before making a purchase, helping them to make a more informed decision.

For example, if an online clothing retailer implemented AR and VR features to its website, then customers can buy clothes after trying them virtually.

5- Visual Search

People conduct over 600 million visual searches per month on platforms such as Pinterest.

As visual search works on the Digital Image Processing technology, it enables you to search by images.

It is one of the features that is used by people to mostly search landmarks or get directions. However, the use of visual search is becoming popular on online eCommerce websites.

Visual Search

Magento has incorporated this feature and allows its users to save the image of an item that they like and use it to find a similar item to purchase. It helps online store owners to increase their capability and attract the target audience.

6- Push Notifications

Push notifications are SMSs that you can send to your customers to create awareness and engage with them more.

Nearly 44% of iOS users and 91% of Android users prefer push notifications.

Magento 2 gives you the ability to connect with your customers directly through browsers with its push notification extension, without overcrowding your customers’ mailboxes.

Push Notifications

It provides you an opportunity to inform your customers about any special offers, discounts, new products, or sales, and build a strong relationship with your customers. Magento 2 push notifications extension also enables you to design the notifications, add images, and insert URL links.

Personalized push notifications can help you in:

  • Reducing the bounce rate on your website
  • Improves behavioral factors for search engines
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate
  • Re-excite customers and direct them to carts
  • Reduces advertising costs
  • Increase profits

Final Thoughts

If you are an online store owner who already has its eCommerce business up and running on Magento, you must keep an eye on the recent Magento eCommerce development trends.

Incorporating these top trends will not only help you to stay ahead of your competitors but will also help to boost sales and revenue.

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