Top Online Tutoring Softwares of 2021

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Online tutoring is at the forefront of edTech, and there are a different variety of excellent tools in the market to enhance online teaching and learning. The sector’s whopping demand can be attributed to the convenience and flexibility for both learners and teachers.

Creating and launching an online tutoring platform is a lucrative affair, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic times where the flow of education has been turned upside down. Several online tutoring software is available to make the time-consuming, expensive, and challenging task of creating a tutoring platform more straightforward.

Online tutoring software is an innovative and intuitive solution to help edTech businesses to create a full-fledged tutoring site to drive business growth and improve student results. But, it’s important to choose a tutoring software that fits your business’ needs, your goals, and your budget. That’s why we have combed the market and compiled a list of the best online tutoring software, whether you are hoping to launch an online tutoring business or make a switch from offline teaching to online teaching.

Let’s explore the top easy-to-use, robust, and scalable eLearning technology available.

1. PinLearn

Pinlearn is one of the top online tutoring software that equips edTech businesses to conduct, manage, and sell both live and self-paced online courses. It helps to build a sophisticated online tutor marketplace that supports one-one online classes and group classes. Pinlearn is a white label tutoring software that gives you complete access to 100% open and unencrypted source code. Being a turnkey custom script, it can be deployed quickly and migrated seamlessly.

The solution is a script that can be customized to fit your unique business requirements. Besides online tutoring, the versatile solution is compatible with various niches like music learning, medical consultation, sports coaching, fitness training, legal consultation, language learning, and a lot more. Unlike a SaaS solution, it is a self-hosted solution where you are free to choose your hosting providers and enjoy the independence for code customization without relying on script vendors.

Main features

  • Let’s tutors conduct 1-1 live classes via video conferencing and conduct 1-to-many live webinars and group classes in real-time.
  • Interactive whiteboard for live immersive learning.
  • Dedicated webinar management controls for tutors, students, and admin.
  • Multi-channel internal communication system for all users to communicate with each other.
  • Professional courses selling features and monetization tools.
  • Multilingual feature to translate content to different languages
  • Recording live sessions for online courses

2. Yo! Coach

Yo! Coach is a feature-rich, readymade tutoring software capable of catering to the requirements of edTech businesses. The fully customizable solution is equipped with features and tools to build online tutoring and consultation marketplaces. The White label software features lifetime owners without a recurring fee. Yo! Coach is integrated with popular APIs to thrive in the competitive market.

Yo! Coach is suited for a variety of niches and comes packed with incredible features and capabilities to help entrepreneurs deliver an excellent tutoring and learning experience. The secure payment integrations allow learners to make payments for the classes and tutors to receive their share.

Main features

  • Fully customizable white label solution
  • Pre-integrated with API’s like Cometchat, zoom, and Lessonspace.
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support
  • Complaint with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

3. TutorCruncher

Designed to support small-sized businesses to enterprises, TutorCruncher is a cloud-based software solution designed to launch, manage, and grow your tutoring business. With pre-integrated features like scheduling classes, managing tutors, and receiving payments, the solution allows you to build tutoring efficiently quickly.

Having been created by a tutoring company, it combines the essential capabilities, ease of the user, centrally managed marketing activities, and much more. Custom class reports can also be created using the software to provide consistent feedback to learners after each lesson. TutorCruncher is a secure solution for online tutoring businesses and is available as a trial version for 14 days.

Main features

  • User-friendly customer relationship management software to keep the users connected.
  • Efficient online whiteboard to enhance productivity.
  • Simple and secure payment gateways.
  • Analytics to gauge the performance of classes and courses.

4. TutorBird

TutorBird is an online tutor management software designed to support tutors, tutoring centers, and test preparation centers to manage learners, schedule classes, online tutoring, process billing, and more. The solution offers support for both single and multiple tutors and comes with all important features essential for running a successful tutoring business.

Being an adaptable software, TutorBird facilitates the unique requirements of tutoring companies operating in different niches. The software claims to be simple to use, intuitive, and compatible with all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. TutorBird is a scalable solution that can easily accommodate the constantly evolving requirements of the tutoring business. However, the software lacks mobile apps and an online whiteboard and lacks customization features as well.

Main features

  • Designed for single and multi-tutor businesses.
  • Comes with a 30-day free trial.
  • SEO optimized web pages.
  • Recording feature to capture lessons.

5. TeachWorks

TeachWorks is a software solution that equips organizations to simplify, automate, and grow their business. It provides adequate data to analyze and generate responses to get valuable insights into the performance of classes and tutors. TeachWorks also comes with several integrations and add-ons to expand the essential capabilities. The tools to manage and monitor multiple tutors from a single admin account are also supported by TeachWorks.

Main features

  • Simple to use interface to access the calendar, invoices, history, etc.
  • Master account to create and manage other user accounts.
  • Allows customization of integrations and account settings.
  • Simplifies the class scheduling process

Launching a tutoring business becomes simple with the use of the right online tutoring software that suits your business needs and goals. The tutoring software we have discussed here is highly popular and suits businesses of all kinds. Entrepreneurs can add these to the shortlisted list and choose the one that fulfills the business requirements in the best way. It is also a great move to first research all the options and test out the choice based on your requirements. It is recommended to leverage a readymade white-label online tutoring solution that comes equipped with advanced features to meet the modern requirements of both businesses and educational institutions.


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