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5 Signs Homeowners Know Their Roof Is Damaged

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Damaged roofs are one of the major roof problems that homeowners should pay attention to. When the roof of a house gets damaged, no one is safe, not even your property. The degree of roof damages varies from mild to critical but when they occur, they expose your home and its interior to serious damage; some of which include water damage/ decay, animal infestation, cracks, and molds.

This article from is to point out five major signs that your roof needs a roof doctor and some causes of those signs.

5 Signs that your Roof is Damaged


saggy roof

Spotting a sagging roof is an important roof maintenance procedure.  Often, a saggy roof can be repaired/reinforced, but some house owners prefer to replace it. While a little sagging roof doesn’t necessarily mean your roof is about to collapse, it implies that you need to act fast to save the overall structure of your home. The roof installing is one of the big business moves where you can earn more with your creative ideas and work. You can also hire scaffolding tower which is very useful in your roof repairs.

In most cases, saggy roofs are caused by the following reasons;

Water Damage:

Heavy and constant rain and snow can weaken your roof and make it sag.


Just like humans, the structure of a roof tend to sag when it gets old

Excessive weight:

As a result of heavy snow, wind, or other occurrences, a lot of things such as leaves, trees, stones can get stuck on the roof thereby weighing it down and leading to sagging.


damaged shingles

Roof shingles are a roof covering that consist of individual overlapping elements. They are usually flat, rectangular, and made up of various materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. These shingles often get damaged and worn out as a result of prolonged exposure to natural elements, like sun, rain, wind, and snow. Damaged shingles can be in different forms:

Blistering shingles:

Shingles are said to have blisters when their surfaces look like they are bubbling. And this is caused by the buildup of moisture or excess gas on the roof.

Curled shingles:

Curled shingles always have distorted and slightly folded edges making the center of the roof look like it’s sinking. Curled shingles are caused by aging, bad ventilation, cold temperatures, poor quality shingles, and installation.


 The most common form of roof damage is roof leaks and they are usually noticed during the rainy season. So, whenever you notice a dark stain on your ceiling, you see streaks on your walls, or droplets of water from the roof, then your roof is leaking. Below are some major causes of roof leaks

Poor roof  installation:

One of the most common causes of leaks is poor workmanship. Which usually occurs when an inexperienced roofing contractor installs your roof. Roof installing is one of the emergency protection during rainy days so it should be installed properly.

Punctured roof or obstructed water flow:

Fallen trees, branches, leaves, or other objects can cause roof leaks.

Substandard roofing materials:

Fake roofing materials can not stand the test of time, and they tend to leak shortly after installation.


It is important to have roof drainage system

 A roof gutter is a roof drainage system that allows water, twigs, leaves, and other debris to collect off of the roof and flow toward the downspout, and onto the ground. While gutters are great for your roof, rusty ones usually cause more harm than good.

But the most common gutter problem is blockage. This may be caused by fallen leaves, tree branches, or materials blown on your roof by winds. Since these materials are not liquid, they tend to get stuck on the gutters thereby causing a blockage. To remedy this, homeowners need to carry out roof maintenance as frequently as they can to clear their gutter pass


An attic is a space inside the roof of a building and they are as important to the roof as other roofing parts and components. Proper roof ventilation and attic insulation impact all aspects of your home from its strength, durability, energy efficiency to its interior temperature and overall comfort. Now, below are ways your attic can be damaged.

Moisture, mildew, and mold:

Black molds are the most common types of molds found in attics and they grow when excess moisture lingers. They are usually found in moist areas, and can quickly spread over your attic space, and may even destroy the entire roofing system.

Pests, termites, and insects invasion:

Attics that are made with wood, when not well fumigated, pests may feed on the wood and cause severe damages to the roof.


Attics that are made with metal can easily get rust in the event of roof leaks thereby causing water penetration into the home and further roof damages.


Roofs are essential things of a building. Come rain or sunshine, they are there to protect the main building and its holdings. Therefore, homeowners should be on the lookout for damaged roofs and call on professionals to rectify them as fast as possible because regular roof maintenance is key to preventing a damaged roof. The roof must be installed properly to reach your target audience for your business.

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