Office Cleaning Tips for a More Productive Workplace

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Have you wondered what cleaning experts would do in your offices if they were asked to tidy up there? What cleaning practices would they use, and how would their cleaning techniques affect your workforce? We are going to share with you some of the professional cleaning methods that make a positive impact on your workplace and your team.

Office Cleaning Tips for a More Productive Workplace

Start with Desks

If you want an efficient working environment, then you need to begin by making individual work areas as clean as possible. Most of that will be up to the employees as they arrange their own cubicles or other workspaces. If they keep a clean desk and workstation, then they will have less clutter to deal with and will be more organized.

They will find things easier, they will be more comfortable, and they will be less distracted and anxious. Clutter of any kind in the workplace will lead to disorder and cause stress, and you want to eliminate those problems as quickly as possible. Encourage your employees to keep clean work areas, so that this doesn’t become a serious problem.

Start with Desks

You also want to keep the workspaces clean as much as possible, whether you are having cleaning staff do that or hiring professional maids for the job. Make sure that individual workspaces are cleaned frequently to cut down on dirt, germs, debris, and other health and safety hazards in the workplace.

The locations where your employees spend the most time will need the most attention because they will get dirty faster, and these areas will have the biggest impact on worker productivity.

Work at Eye Level Next

After the workstations are all cleaned from top to bottom, you should focus the cleaning on everything that is at eye level. This may include walls, counters, shelves, tables, and anything else that people naturally see in their immediate field of vision without having to turn their head up or down very much.

Why is it important to make cleaning at this level a priority? It’s because when we see dust, dirt, and clutter, our minds will consider that stressful and chaotic. We will be less focused, and we will have more trouble working efficiently and productively. It is vital that work areas look clean to the worker, since you want them to be able to focus on what they are doing, and you want them to feel comfortable.


Some of your workers might not feel very at ease if they see areas of the workplace looking untidy or dirty. They might feel like you are not keeping the place sanitary enough or that you don’t care to provide them with a clean workplace. A lack of tidiness in the work area can show a lack of empathy toward your workers. While you may not equate the two, some of your workers probably will.

One of the best ways to ensure that you clean at eye level effectively is to do what is known as the eye level test. This means placing your eye at the level of a desk surface or shelf and spotting the dust from there. You will be surprised at how much dust you see that you normally would not notice if you were looking at that same surface from a higher viewpoint.

Use Low-Scent Cleaners

Use Low-Scent Cleaners

One of the most distracting things that cleaners do in an office environment is clean with strong-smelling chemicals. These can leave behind an unpleasant chemical smell that is harmful to employees. It can make the workers wonder if the entire workspace is filled with dangerous chemicals and can keep them from feeling at ease. Even if the cleaners have a pleasant scent to them, if that scent is strong, it can be very distracting to your employees.

It’s better to use mild-smelling cleaners that don’t leave behind much of a scent. That way, the offices can look clean without your workers thinking too much about the cleaners that were used and what kind of chemical residue might be left behind or what kind of fumes they might be inhaling.

Do Periodic Deep Cleaning

The regular cleaning tasks that are done in offices do a good job of keeping the place looking clean, but you may have to go deeper than that every so often. It’s wise to do a deep cleaning or a spring cleaning every now and then to ensure that the offices are sanitary and safe.


Periodic deep cleaning will help make it easier to keep the offices looking clean. An Orlando spring clean carried out by experienced maids will make a big impact on your offices, helping them to look very tidy and smell fresh. Your employees will appreciate the effects of a more penetrating clean and how fresh it makes everything feel.

Clean Electronics Regularly

How often are computers, monitors, and other electronics being cleaned? If they are not being properly maintained through exterior cleaning, they can accumulate gunk and dust and stop working properly.

Keyboards will need to be cleaned out frequently so that the keys do not stick and sensitive electronic components are not damaged. Computer monitors should be wiped down, and computer towers should be cleaned out with compressed air. These devices should only be cleaned with methods that are approved for cleaning electronics and should all be turned off and unplugged before they are cleaned.

Clean Electronics Regularly

If you take care of your employees’ devices with regular cleaning, they will work better and cause less frustration. You will have fewer costly repairs to carry out and will have more productive, happier employees.

Use a Cleaning Checklist

The final tip we want to share with you is to create a cleaning checklist for your office spaces. Detail every cleaning task that needs to be done as well as the frequency it should be done. Categorize tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly slots and keep the checklist posted where your cleaning crew can see it. This will help you stay on top of office cleaning requirements so that the workplace functions smoothly and looks tidy all the time.

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