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Top 10 End of Tenancy Cleaning Service Companies in London

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Top 10 End of Tenancy Cleaning Service Companies in London

Thinking of moving out? This means terminating your rental contract and subsequently thinking of cleaning out your entire home. This can be such a herculean task since most landlords require a clean and orderly property before giving you your full deposit. Most deposit disputes arise due to unkempt properties. As the tenant, you may decide to do the cleaning by yourself but you should consider hiring a professional cleaning company. This is especially vital since the professional cleaners understand the risks and precautions that should be taken to clean and shift the things from home. So what qualities should you look for when considering the appropriate cleaning service company?

  • Quality Cleaning Service- Look for a cleaning service company that offers a comprehensive and quality cleaning service. This will ensure that your home will be cleaned to perfection.
  • Support- Ensure that your cleaning service company is entirely certified and that they are guaranteed to help you in case anything goes amiss.
  • Professionalism- Expert cleaners will have extensive knowledge about cleaning chemicals and equipment. This will ensure that they carry out meticulous cleaning.
  • Affordability- Look for a company that has flexible and affordable rates that will not necessarily dent your pockets.

So now that you know what you’re looking for in a cleaning service, you should know that there’re benefits that you’ll reap from hiring them. Some of the best end of tenancy cleaning service companies in London are:

End of Tenancy Cleaning London

1. End Of Tenancy Clean London

This is one of the high ranking cleaning services best known for providing high quality cleaning services at affordable prices. Their cleaning services are designed to help take the pressure off you thus ensuring that you are satisfied with the outcome. Some of the qualities that make it a top notch company are

  • Best Rated-  End Of Tenancy Clean London services is among the top 10 cleaning companies in the UK. They do provide post-rental checkout cleaners. Over the years they have worked with thousands of tenants, estate agents, letting agents and landlords.
  • Comprehensive Cleaning Services- This company offers a wide range of cleaning services apart from end of tenancy cleaning such as residential cleaning, window cleaning and carpet cleaning.
  • Well-trained and professional Staff- This cleaning company has carefully screened and checked staff who all receive regular training in order to provide high standards of cleaning service. The staff will perform all routines according to the checklist to ensure nothing is missed.
  • Affordable- The company offers the most competitive end of tenancy cleaning costs, starting from 90 pounds hence making it affordable for all.
  • Timely- Due to the highly professional and experienced workers, you’ll be assured of timely services even if you book on short notice.
  • Reassurance- This company promises to offer the best cleaning services including quality eco-friendly cleaning products. The cleaners are certified and they promise a free reclean guarantee on every booking.
  • Flexibility- You will be assured of the best cleaning teams regardless of your location, whether you are in East or West London. This happens immediately you make your booking, they will be there when you need them to deliver the best cleaning services.

End Of Tenancy Clean London works with a checklist so as to satisfy the property owner’s requirements, paying attention to every nook and cranny. Hiring them will ensure that your property is cleaned to perfection.

quick cleaning services - end of tenancy cleaning london

2. Quick Cleaning Services

This is your one-stop shop for all your professional cleaning requirements. Their reputation precedes them as they work long and hard to offer professional and affordable cleaning services wherever and whenever you need it. Reasons why you should choose Quick Cleaning Services:

  • Same Day Cleaning Services- This means that their cleaning team can be dispatched to your property within 2 hours of the booking.
  • Have Competitive Rates- Being a premier cleaning company in the city, they are known to offer affordable services for both commercial and domestic properties.
  • Offer Professional Cleaning Services- Besides the staff being well-trained to keep your property clean, they are equipped with sophisticated chemicals and equipment. This ensures that your entire property is well cleaned.
  • Comprehensive Cleaning Services- They offer cleaning services for both residential and commercial spaces including hotels and offices as well.
  • Office Cleaning Services Checklist- Sometimes it can be a nightmare to have your offices cleaned. Do not fret, Quick Cleaning Services has special expertise in ensuring a quick service without disturbing the office staff. This means that you can be assured of a spotless office space within no time. They also match their cleaning schedule to suit your office schedule thus ensuring complete freedom from pesky cleaning professionals during office hours. The office cleaning checklist includes; cleaning cabinets, emptying wastebins,cleaning the windows, mopping the floors, dusting surfaces and wiping computers and all office equipment.
  • Have Great Customer Reviews- This means that you are assured of great service based on previous client’s satisfactory reviews. They have happy domestic clients in addition to satisfied corporate clients including companies like Apple and Wickes.
  • Have Super Statistics- In addition to having and maintaining happy and satisfied clients, they have great statistics such as; 99% rate of finishing tasks, 95% happy client rate, 90% fast cleaning and 95% happy client rate.
fantastic cleaner - end of tenancy company

3. Fantastic Cleaners

Moving out of your rental property? Fantastic Cleaners offers affordable and professional cleaning services that you can trust. Their cleaning services comes with a 72 hour free re-clean guarantee hence you can be in the good graces of your landlord or letting agent. You can also extend that guaranteed period of the service to 168 hours for only 19 pounds, thus ensuring you secure your check-out deposit fund. They also use high-end equipment and detergents hence ensuring efficient services thus meeting your landlord’s expectations. Their niche include:

  • Use of specialised dip tanks to degrease and remove dirt from all movable parts of your oven.
  • Use of eco-friendly detergents provided by leading manufacturers.
  • Have skilful cleaners with extensive experience who’ll guarantee a clean and shiny property.
  • Non-time-limited service, meaning the staff will leave when the job is done. This is usually between 3 to 5 hours.
  • Have regular quality inspections and reports.
  • Have key pick-up, upon request to ensure a more convenient access to the property.
  • Offer check-in and check-out inventory reports which are carried out by independent auditors.
  • Have dedicated support and customer care.
  • Have a handy online booking form that enhances faster response and services.
premium cleaners uk - end of tenancy cleaning company

4. Premium Clean

This is a professional cleaning company with more than 10 years’ experience in end of tenancy cleaning, in London. With their fully trained and insured cleaning teams, you are assured of the best cleaning services. You can book them easily and they will be at your service no matter your location. Some of the factors that makes them ideal for the job are:

  • They save you time and money since they get the job done well.
  • They offer full scale professional cleaning services across London.
  • Some of their services include: Office cleaning, professional carpet cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, after builders cleaning, oven cleaning, deep clean, hard floors cleaning and even spring cleaning.
  • They guarantee re-clean services if needed, hence guaranteeing the client of a fantastic job.
  • Their move out cleaners focus on every single detail hence ensuring that everything is cleaned within the property.
  • Have fixed cleaning prices. No matter how long the cleaning will take, they’ll complete it as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • They have complete cleaning checklists to ensure that everything has been covered in the cleaning program.
  • They also provide home removals with the clients being letting companies, side estate agents, private residents, businesses, landlords and individual residents of rental property.
  • Have 100% satisfaction guaranteed since their services can accommodate any budget.
  • Have modern cleaning equipment and professional cleaning products that are modern and efficient, such as use of powerful extraction machines.

They can be found on all social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Yell. You can also find them on their website Checka Trade.

twinkle clean - end of tenancy cleaning company

5. Twinkle Clean

This is an accredited end of tenancy cleaning service company based in London. It employs specialists who continually work closely with inventory clerks, estate agents and landlords to maintain their cleaning checklists, which are verified and regularly updated to meet the high standards required from the industry. With Twinkle Clean you get:

  • A professional cleaning service company with over 6 years’ experience in the cleaning industry.
  • A company that invests over 15 thousand pounds a year in the latest cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products.
  • Guaranteed cleaning deposit return for up to 3 days after the cleaning is completed.
  • Expert friendly end of tenancy cleaners who are fully equipped and insured.
  • Non-time based services, meaning, the service is not hourly based. The cleaning technician will thoroughly clean your property using a verified checklist and stay until it is fully cleaned.
  • Use of professional grade cleaning materials. They use professional products that provides a great finish. These products cannot be found in the local stores or supermarkets.
  • Inclusion of deep oven cleaning.
  • 3-day cleaning guarantee for a re-clean.
cleaner cleaner - end of tenancy company

6. Cleaner Cleaner

This is a family run, certified and insured end of lease cleaning company based in London. They have been in operation since 2008. They are small enough to care but big enough to cope! So why should you consider them?

  • They offer 100% guarantee on quality service that’ll ensure you get back your full rental deposit.
  • Have affordable rates and a free no obligation quote that is tailored to your exact requirements and property specifications.
  • Have a 92.2% pass rate of initial inventory inspections.
  • Oven, fridge and washing machine cleaning included as standard, no extra costs.
  • Provision of all cleaning materials and equipment.
  • Choice of payment method including customised end of lease cleaning prices.
  • Comprehensive cleaning services.
Busy Hands end of tenancy Cleaners

7. Busy Hands Cleaners

This is a reputable cleaning company that is located in Bickely, Chislehurst, Beckenham and Bromley. It offers its services within Central London and greater London areas. They have affordable and fully insured professional cleaners. All their cleaners are personally interviewed and references checked, in addition to vetting for identification, address and eligibility to work. Reasons why you should choose Busy Hands Cleaners:

  • Have full insurance cover for damage to your property. Key and lock replacement is also covered.
  • Have flexible cleaning services that can be tailored to suit specific clients’ needs.
  • You are assured of getting the same cleaner every session but different tasks can be performed according to your specifications.
  • Have flexible scheduling to suit your lifestyle.
  • All clients get full agency support.
  • They are professional, reliable and easy to deal with.
skylite end of tenancy cleaning company

8. SkyLite Cleaning

This is an end of tenancy cleaning service based in London with extensive experience in ensuring that the cleanliness standards are achieved. Some of the reasons why you should consider SkyLite Cleaning are:

  • Great customer service. They base their services on being able to provide ultimate satisfaction for their clients.
  • Fast response. They respond to all your requests on time under all circumstances.
  • Professional staff. They have a great team of vetted and professional cleaners so you can rest assured of quality service every time they come to your property.
  • Have amazing offers and bonuses, for instance they offer every new estate agent a 25% discount on their first booking.
EP cleaners - end of tenancy cleaners

9. EP Cleaners

This is an approved and certified end of lease cleaning service with extensive experience and great client reviews. They have been trading as a limited company for the last 10 years. Why choose EP Cleaners?

  • Have a dedicated cleaning team that have been extensively trained and equipped with the best cleaning machines and materials in the market.
  • They’re fully insured.
  • They provide professional carpet cleaning as standard for end of tenancy cleaning.
  • Have an experienced management team that provides guidelines regarding end of tenancy cleaning.
  • Have an extensive experience and worked for most of the major estate agencies and property management groups in London.
Cullens Clearances - end of tenancy cleaning

10. Cullens Clearances

This is a reputable and professional end of tenancy cleaning service in London and Surrey. They are known for provision of excellent standards of customer service. Hiring Cullens for your cleaning needs is a great choice since:

  • They have trained professionals who are fully insured and offer friendly service.
  • Have quality equipment and materials hence ensuring the very best standards.
  • Have great client service, for instance, they provide you with all paperwork and a VAT receipt for your records.
  • All their cleaning staff are employed directly by them so no worries of incompetence. They don’t use third parties or subcontractors.
  • You will be provided with a completed and signed checklist, invoice and receipt for the service. This is especially vital for a tenant who needs proof of hiring a cleaning company in order to get the full deposit back.

With all these companies at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about getting the best end of cleaning service provider.

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