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6 Essentials Every Businessperson Needs to Pack Before Travel

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As a businessperson, traveling before an important engagement can be a nerve-racking experience. Many people constantly try to take the stress out of the situation, but it’s often easier said than done. Nevertheless, if you take the correct essentials with you, much of the anxiety can be eliminated before you ever even arrive at your destination. But what will you need to take with you on your travels?
Consequently, here’re the 6 essentials every business person needs to pack before travel.

First Aid Supplies:

While it might seem that the business side of things is the most important thing on your trip, it’s not. Your wellbeing should always be your priority in the end. If bad luck strikes and you experience a minor accident while on your trip, having a first aid kit to hand might help you get fixed up and back to work speedily and easily. You can put a plaster over any cuts and scrapes, and avoid getting blood over your suits and shirts at the very least!

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Grooming Kits:

Much of being a businessperson involves professionalism, and appearances are a big part of showcasing that quality. Well-washed and maintained hair, a healthy glow, perhaps a spray or two of some mild cologne or perfume will work wonders too. Attractiveness is out of the question; this is more to do with looking presentable and like you’re in control of your life, instead of looking as if the long distance traveling as hit you hard (which it may). Take a grooming kit of some kind with you, and you’ll look professional at all times.

Plastic Bags:

Nothing is more disastrous on a business trip than your toiletries spilling out mid-trip and gushing all the liquids and gels over everything else. Remember, a lot happens to your bags during the travel process, and they’re not always handled so carefully. Accidents do happen, and some bottles do burst or break open during transit. Ensure this catastrophe doesn’t happen and store your grooming kits and toiletries in a plastic bag – nothing will get through it!


This next item will seem obvious, but while you may remember to take it, it’s important to be aware of all the reasons why. If you get lost aboard, travel apps may be important for you to help you get your bearings. Additionally, you’ll need to make calls with your clients and contacts, and perhaps even phone taxis or Ubers if you need to get around or Google different cultural customs. Put simply, never underestimate your phone’s wide array of uses during business travel!


It’s certainly the case that your phone can’t do everything for you. Business travel isn’t a holiday, and there’ll still be a great deal of work involved. Perhaps you’ll need to report back to your boss through Skype, watch a film on your downtime or stay in touch with family? Additionally, you could just need to prepare notes for a meeting or sit in your hotel room and work. Like your phone, there’s a broad range of uses here.

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Adaptable Power Supply:

While phones and laptops were likely expected entries to this list, an adaptable power supply is one thing that can often go neglected here. If you’re in a foreign country, chances are you won’t be able to plug your regular charger into their outlets. Therefore, you may need supplies and converters from XP Power to ensure that everything can be charged while you’re away.

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