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Affordable UK Web Hosting Services From SeekaHost

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Most business owners and entrepreneurs would be surprised to learn that over 80% of buyers in the UK research online before buying a product, even when they have to go physically to purchase it.

  • It means that by the time the buyers are heading to a certain store or shop, they are already informed, they have done their research and they know where they’re likely to get the best value for their money. This reality shouldn’t be much of a surprise all the same, as digital marketing has been increasingly altering the way consumers and businesses interact here in UK-web-hosting-servicesthe UK.
  • SeekaHost Web Hosting Services is your gateway to a vibrant online presence, we can help place you out there for the world to see and notice. How do we do that? By offering affordable and reliable web hosting services in the UK. In instances where your website needs to be tweaked and customized in order to make it more competitive, we’ll get that done very fast; our team includes experienced web designers and SEO experts.
  • Basically, SeekaHost is an all rounded service provider and prides on being able to tailor different packages to suit individual needs, from that passionate blogger looking to get their work online, to that business looking to penetrate the UK digital market.
  • Usually, the hosting services include VPS, Shared, and Dedicated Hosting. Virtual private servers are gaining popularity as more and more people look to secure their data on cloud servers. SeekaHost tech support will be able to listen to your business needs and suggest or recommend the best mode for you. For a large business or organization, dedicated hosting would be the way to go because you’ll get access to own servers that you don’t share. This would mean quick uptimes, lesser instances of the system going down or taking long to load.
  • At SeekaHost, your data and online info really matters to us and in that regard, use the latest encryption and backup systems. Even in instances, you’re migrating from a different host to our platform, SeekaHost ensure that you transfer all your data and details securely. Over half of UK businesses have been victims of attempted hacking and other forms of cyber attacks in the past year. This means that we’re constantly updating and upgrading our systems in order to protect you and ensure that your business is secured.
  • UK-web-hosting-services-from-SeekaHostFor the last 19 years, has gained invaluable experience hosting different types of businesses. Having worked with small and medium UK businesses long before most had any idea that digital marketing was the future of marketing! You too can come on board and see why SeekaHost never disappoints. The hosting packages are affordably priced, starting from as little as £49 a month for personal web hosting, to £5.99 a month for business web hosting.
  • Contrary to what most think, you don’t have to be a business owner or a blogger in order to have a website or post content online. If you love traveling, you play with a band or have a special talent you think would interest the world; a personal web can chronicle your life story or day to day activities, just like some people have YouTube Channels where they post about everything and anything.
  • As a show of commitment to our services, SeekaHost is one of the few web hosting companies in the UK based in London, Canary Wharf, that will readily reimburse you your money if after 45 days your site isn’t Live and ranking high on the search engines. SeekaHost don’t just host your site; we also tweak and customize it to make it more attractive in the eyes of the major search engines. Our hosting plans employ various tools like multiple technologies (PHP, JAVASCRIPT, CGI-bi, Ruby on Rails), one click software installations, and much more. Our technical team is constantly acquainting itself with the changes and dynamics in the world of web hosting.
  • UK-web-hosting-services-from-SeekaHostFor any business, the ability to make yourself visible to the online consumers is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity! When shoppers conduct quick ecommerce searches to compare and contrast prices, you should be somewhere out there, visible at the top pages. But what if shoppers click to your site but are directed to a page that’s loading and loading for ages, without directing shoppers to the info they seek? Chances are that they’ll quickly click back, try the next URL. With a good web host, your site ought to always be up and running smoothly, with uptimes of up to 99.9%. And this is exactly what we mean when we say that at SeekaHost, we’re your affordable and reliable partner in your bid to penetrate the online UK market.

SeekaHost is giving you awesome offers and bonuses in the form of enhanced tech support and free domains when you pay annually for a business hosting plan. Talk to us today for all your personal and business hosting needs here in the UK.

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