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5 Ways of Becoming a Great Leader

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A trait that people believe denotes excellent leaders is that they make everything they do look easy. However, what most people fail to see is the level of hard work leaders put into what they do. Many of them strive to overcome many of their career-limiting traits so that they uphold the roles or obligations of their positions.

To become a highly effective leader then you need to be aware of the fact that you can be the best version of you. That means you always should do everything you can to improve yourself. To be great at leadership, then lead from within. Start with yourself before you focus on others. For every leader or people aspiring to hold such positions, they need to look into ways of improving themselves. Given this, below are five ways of becoming a better leader.

  1. Practice self-awareness

As the one others look to for guidance, you need to think of yourself as a potter moulding clay into a something with form and beauty. You should invest in shaping your team and getting them to perform at their level best. But achieving this necessitates that you first understand your strengths and weaknesses. Know where you need improvement and what you need to maintain. By understanding yourself, you will be aware of how to handle different challenges and channel your strengths to your team.

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  1. Coach your people

Excelling leaders appreciate the fact that they are only as good as their people around them. As such, they invest in bettering their team, giving emphasis on coaching and supporting those under their stewardship. The leaders at attentive, listen and give feedback; they do their best to motivate and help the team members to grow.

  1. Address challenges

Be in the frontline cheering those under you even when they seem to be underperforming. Take steps to help them navigate uncertainties and tough times. There are days when work will be painstaking and messy, and this can apply to the leadership as well as the subordinates. As such, encourage everyone to communicate the issues they face and encourage them to share ideas of how to overcome them. The open communication helps build trust, muffles rumours and quashes speculation.

  1. Ask for help

While leaders are considered to be highly capable, and most of them hold themselves in the same regard. But this is why many leaders overlook the need to ask for help or support. Requesting assistance is one of the ways of becoming a better leader. You should be ready and willing to seek out a coach or mentor when you feel stuck. 

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  1. Be a role model

It is expected of you to work hard and be a model of integrity when in leadership. Be or act as you would expect others to and they will admire your leadership. Moreover, they will strive to emulate your character and behaviour. Exude the qualities you want to see in your team members.

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