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On 19th May, the bitcoin price witnessed a fall that was never seen before the crisis of 2017. Many reasons led to this fall from the day of Elon Musk shopping for Bitcoin on Twitter to reports of China prohibiting cryptographic transactions and exploiting miners.

All this, together with a complete over-saturation, put investors in a risky position where each coin was circulating. When the markets fell on 19 May, many investors sold their stocks for the fear that they would lose their money. The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index, a software tool that measures Bitcoin markets’ emotional responses, reflects all this.

What Is Fear and Greed Index-Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index were developed as a method of making a reasonable decision when Bitcoin and the crypto-market extension are irrational. According to their official website, the organization says that the stock market conduct is emotive on its website. People tend to surge when their markets rise and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) invests in rapid-profit coins, as the “Greed” portion of the scale reflects.

The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index aims to compute and estimate in a number the strength of present emotions in the Bitcoin chart. The calculation of the Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index is tied to 0 and 100 values. The greater the index score, the higher the market avidity. Whenever the index values are low, they show severe anxiety that investors are frightened that during this period many individuals are selling.

It may be super emotional to day trade cryptocurrency. Crypto traders may be highly naive if the price graph rises so quickly that there is a worry that those at the sidelines will lose out on additional money. Crypto traders might also be motivated by the fear of selling their assets when the price drops rapidly. This index is indeed an attempt on both sides to measure the ends. Extreme fears can suggest a strong risk/reward ratio and are a purchase signal at exceptionally low prices. Extreme greed could reveal few residual benefits and the increased risk of holding at elevated prices might be a sign that profits can be locked in when they’re still there.

How to calculate the Fear and Greed Index?

Every 8 hours Bitcoin & Crypto Fear & Greed Index is updated (around 00:00, 08:00 and 16:00 UTC). These are the six parameters that help to determine the index of fear and greed. Each source has its own distinctive “weight” to reflect the relevance of market opinion.

Volatility (25 percent)


Measures bitcoin’s current fluctuation and maximum output by comparing along with the average comparable values over the previous 30 days and 90 days. An extraordinary increase in volatility is an indication of worry.

Market momentum (25 percent)

Market Momentum

Measure current volume and market momentum as compared with the average of the past 30/90 days and combine these two figures. High purchase volumes on a daily upward chart show that the company becomes exceptionally broad.

Social media (15 percent)

social media

While we still do not have our Reddit sentiment evaluation in the live index, (in the text processing technique we continue to experiment with various market-related key phrases), our Twitter Analysis is underway. We collect and tally posts for each currency in several hashtags and assess the speed and interaction they are getting in specific timescales (publicly, only those for Bitcoin).). An exceptionally high rate of interaction leads to a growing public interest in the currency and a ravenous market behavior accords to our view.

Surveys (15 Percent)

Bitcoin Survey

Currently not in use. The company holds weekly crypto-surveys and takes the views from people on how they view the markets together with (for example -another company), a pretty huge public polling platform. They’re usually getting 2000 to 3000 votes in every poll, so they get an image of the feelings of a group of investors in cryptography. We don’t pay that much attention to these outcomes, although they were quite helpful when our research started. Some recent findings may be seen here.

Dominance (10 percent)

Bitcoin dominance

The coin’s dominance is similar to the market share in the crypto industry as a whole. For Bitcoin, in particular, we believe that an increasing Bitcoin supremacy is due to fear (and hence a decrease) of risky invest in Bitcoin is becoming the safe place of cryptography. But on the other hand, as Bitcoin dominance falls, people get more greedy and invest in more dangerous alt currencies, and dream of being lucky in the next great bull race. Anyway, you can argue the opposite way around by studying the dominance of a currency apart from Bitcoin, because greater interest in an alt-coin may end a bubbling and greedy conduct in that particular coin.

Trends (10 percent)

Trends in bitcoin

For different keywords connected to Bitcoin, we draw and crop Google Statistics. In particular for the change within search volumes and other popular searches presently suggested. You cannot gather much knowledge from the search traffic while checking Google Analytics for “Bitcoin.” However, you can now observe that the “Bitcoin price manipulation” inquiry in the search terms field is now increasing by +1.550 percent (as of 29.05.2018). This is an indication of concern in the business.


The index seems to have been strongly inclined towards the side of worry since the Bitcoin crisis on 19th May, which collapsed the whole digital currency. The Price of bitcoin stays at $36,732 for some time. Currently, The Fear and Greed Index are at the 10th level, representing drastic market fear. Experts from Crypto think that is the ideal moment to acquire when the Bitcoin price comes down and people are hesitant since the graph on the greed index is high implies that price corrects or a crash occurs. You can create an account in Bitcoin Champions login if you are planning to invest in Cryptocurrencies.

The Fear & Greed Index is an excellent predictor of whether or not a local base for Bitcoin’s price has been established and where an event may take place approximately. Although it does not show us where the price level Bitcoin reverses, the Fear & Greed Index has also demonstrated that it is a beneficial way to change the market feeling and therefore revert the price of Bitcoin. If history does go by, people’s sentiments about Bitcoin probably change drastically sooner than expected, as is the value of Bitcoin.

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