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How a side hustle from home can turn into a content writing UK business

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Do you rather sit down in front of your computer writing than watching tv? Is it more fulfilling to put your ideas down and share them with others? Or do you simply feel there’s more to life than just doing one job, because you have so many more talents and interests?

Congratulations, you’ve passed the first stage to becoming a side hustler!

What next? Whatever you’re currently working on or intending to work on, the digital economy allows us to share it via multiple channels and as you continue to produce more so does your repertoire, content and brand grow. Typing away yet?

What kick-started my content writing UK business?

Initially, I thought I needed some writing skills so I did a 4-week summer course at the London School of Journalism, which really forced me to write and helped me acknowledge that I am not that bad at it. However, it took me a few years and a push by my digital mentor, Fernando, CEO of ClickDo in London, to actually get on with it and just do it √.

I learned how to set up a blog and manage it. I taught myself how to use WordPress with the help of Fernando’s WP training and I studied digital marketing techniques, SEO and content writing/copywriting. I had to catch up with a lot of stuff, but it was completely worth it as soon enough I was hired by ClickDo and other business clients to write blog articles or web content and guess what? I actually got paid for it!

When I did the journalism course every tutor warned us about how tough it is to make a living with writing. That’s probably also why I delayed it as I wasn’t sure how to really turn it into a money-making business. Don’t make the same mistake and get started NOW!

So, how did I start a side hustle as a content writer?

  1. I was fortunate to have a digital guide by my side and because I really needed that reassurance and access to digital resources and knowledge, we at ClickDo are creating a wealth of amazing training courses, materials and information packs on everything you need to know about getting started with blogging and content writing.
  2. I registered my domain and got web hosting from ClickDo’s SeekaHost – the first year is free for start-ups and beginners so get in there!
  3. Through the tutorials and guidance of ClickDo I set up my own blogs, designed them and started writing.
  4. I learned about useful PlugIns on WordPress that help with SEO and improving your content to get better ranks.
  5. I studied and tested Facebook Remarketing and other social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram and found useful tips through other bloggers and writers like Smartblogger or Neil Patel.
  6. I learned by doing: working for ClickDo and some of their clients I was able to work on my content writing through their feedback and analysing the data of my posts and content via tools like Google Analytics or SEMRush.

You can check out some of my work on

How do I generate a side income from content writing?

  1. Working for digital marketing agency ClickDo part-time I receive regular monthly payments for the work I do such as blogging, web content writing and editing and digital marketing.
  2. Freelancing for other business owners I receive agreed payments for the content writing I do for them and I choose my own workload as I still have a full-time job as a teacher.
  3. I am currently working on building my own blogs and eventually charging for guest posts. Affiliate marketing is also an option I will investigate to generate a passive income.
  4. At ClickDo we are continuing to provide great content and information and are building more online courses and materials, which will then be sold as online products.

As you can see there are so many ways and options to start a side hustle from the comfort of your own home – all you need is a computer or even a smartphone as you can see in our recent article here:

If you’re looking for more in-depth and scalable ways to make money online and the skills that are required nowadays to do so, have a look here:

Why you should give it a go!

You see, I didn’t have to invest any capital as I got my domain and web hosting for free with SeekaHost. Because of that, I received discounted access to ClickDo training courses and consultations.

Yes, I had to invest a lot of my time, but as you can see it’s paying off. And it doesn’t stop there! With the content you’re creating you can build digital products like courses or you can become a consultant, you can write books and much more.

And the beauty of it all is that you’re doing something you enjoy, that fulfils you and nurtures you in many ways – you’re not just working for that money on the side. No, you’re creating something you’re proud of whenever you want and allocate time. Even while traveling you can do this! See how I made it happen this summer:

I started with nothing about 6 months ago and I now have a regular side income that continues to grow, PLUS I’m learning so many new things every day! That’s where the true value of a content writing side hustle lies: growing yourself and your business!

Manuela Willbold

Manuela Willbold

Content writer, editor and strategist at ClickDo
I'm a teacher and blogger with a passion for web content writing and the digital economy. I'm a UK education blogger and regularly write for businesses, edit and audit their websites and blogs. I also manage blog content and guest posts on various niche blogs like the UK News Blog. I'm a writer at
Manuela Willbold
Manuela Willbold
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