5 Digital Solutions You Should Consider for a Startup

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Are you building a startup? Are you looking for things to make it easier for you? Fortunately, if you have a business about to take off, many digital solutions can help you manage it much more efficiently.

Not only are these digital solutions able to automate many tasks remotely, thanks to machine learning, but they can also help you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors in the same industry.

With a complete digital transformation, your startup can have a chance to compete against bigger enterprises, even on a budget. Here are some of such digital solutions.

5 Digital Solutions You Should Consider for a Startup

1. Cloud Storage

Most companies nowadays handle a lot of data. While some are still in the paper age, large companies now digitize all of their data via cloud storage. If you know cloud storage, you’re getting all the benefits. Cloud solutions help companies store their data and apps on remote and secure servers, which allows for scalability, quick deployment of statistics, and better information management.

Digital Solutions You Should Consider for a Startup - Cloud Storage

Many cloud solutions are available on the market, like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. These apps are ideal if you’re always on the go, as you only need a secure internet connection and a laptop or phone to access your company’s data while on the road. This accessibility doesn’t only apply to you, as your employees will also be able to access the data necessary to complete their work even if they are also on the go.

2. Remote Project Management

Knowing whether your employees are doing their jobs remotely is like herding cats. You can ask them one by one and see if they’re working. But let’s face it, not everyone is honest about their working hours. If you’re constantly faced with this situation, consider looking into a digital solution called remote project management.

Remote project management is a digital solution aimed at helping you and your employees keep tabs on how much work they’ve done and the amount of work they still need to do. It’s a beneficial tool to keep your employees progressing towards a single goal without anyone slacking off.

Not only that, there are a lot of remote project management solutions available on the market, like Jira, Slack, Monday, Asana, etc. This software will help your managers assign critical tasks, manage workflows, and even monitor their employees through their screens.

3. Cyber Security

Of course, cyber security instantly goes into most people’s minds nowadays if we’re talking about digital solutions. Even if you employed a lot of digital solutions today, your company is still at risk of being hacked, and of course, being hacked is like a death sentence. Luckily, many tools and software can help us secure our data, like multi-factor authentication, password strength standards, encrypted VPNs, etc.

Cyber Security

This software is especially important nowadays since most data is already in cloud storage, not to mention that many people are also accessing your data banks, like employees. If you’re worried about your data being leaked, investing in cyber security is the best thing you can do to protect it.

4. Email Marketing

If you need help in the marketing department, look at email marketing. Email marketing remains one of the industry’s most effective and efficient ways of digital marketing. With platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, etc., it’s now easy to design, send, and review the results of your email marketing campaigns.

It’s also possible to check who opened your emails; the links clicked the most, and even those who responded to your emails. Also, email marketing software can allow for segmentation, allowing you to have a more customized email for those who have already responded to your emails.

For example, you’re trying to sell loans through emails. You can send a customized one for those who have already received an initial loan approval and a regular one for those who haven’t applied yet. This results in a more customized customer experience, which can lead to more sales.

5. Social Media Management

Social Media Management

You’re mistaken if you think having a website is all it takes to be successful on the internet. Beyond having a website, your company should also have a solid presence in social media. And no, we’re not just talking about creating an account, but you also have to respond to your visitors, have engaging posts, and even run some community events. Luckily, you don’t have to do this manually as there are a lot of software for that, like Buffer, Cinchshare, HootSuite, etc.

Final Words

By employing digital solutions for your company, your business will move much easier and more efficiently, creating more time to engage with customers and get feedback. Not only that, but digital solutions can also make your employees’ lives easier and much more comfortable without reducing the quality of their work. The future of online business is a bright one, and the future is now.


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