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Five Ways To Promote Your Business, Charity Or Cause

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People forget what you say to them, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. There’s no better way to apply this wise adage than in your business! There are various ways you can make your customers feel appreciated and recognized.

Remember, a loyal customer sticks, not just because they find your business serving all their needs; but also because of how you treat them. How you make them feel. According to some statistics, 80% of the revenue in most companies comes from 20% of the existing customers. As a business, what are you doing to promote your brand and ensure that you retain your existing customers?

Have a look below;

  1. Discounts and bonuses; discounts and bonuses are widely used by savvy businesses to entice potential customers into buying their products. It is an astute way to bolster sales. Discounts act as a magnet especially during end month or at the peak of the shopping seasons. Discounts and bonuses will need to be adequately promoted so shoppers are fully informed of the massive savings they can make.
  2. Free gifts; some businesses give out free gifts like t-shirts, umbrellas, caps, and so on in order to promote their brand. However, there are smaller, less expensive gifts that are equally effective. Branded merchandise can be used as a marketing tool, to build customer loyalty, or for charity purposes. You can buy charity silicone wristbands in the UK from Lancaster Printing and you can emblazon them with details of your cause. They’re lightweight, inexpensive and easy to distribute – perfect for raising awareness!

    five wasy to promote the business online

  3. Social media; did you also know that social media is a powerful marketing tool in today’s digital age? Reach out to your existing customers and court new ones on social media. Any business that doesn’t have a social media presence is really missing out.
  4. Corporate Social Activities; businesses can also promote themselves by embracing corporate social activities. This includes organizing free medical camps for the less fortunate, giving back to society, and so on. Again, you can consider purchasing high-quality silicone wristbands with names of recipients. This would work best, for instance, in a hospital. Patients will be humbled and thoroughly pleased to get free, colorful, customized bracelets.
  5. Email marketing – After acquiring the email addresses of existing/interested customers, you can use this database to reach out to people who have already demonstrated an interest in your wares/services. Having an in-depth understanding of your target demographic will help you tailor and refine your emails to appeal to them effectively and ensure further success.

These five techniques are a great starting point for any business intent on boosting awareness of their brand. Using one of these tactics – or more likely a combination of these five as applicable to your business – is sure to increase your brand’s visibility and, hopefully, culminate in improved sales.


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