How to Design a More Productive Office Space?

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Everything about the modern workplace is evolving and this includes office design as well. As such, it makes sense for you to arrange your office in such a manner that it maximises productivity. If you are curious about how to make it happen, then here are some of the guidelines that you can follow:

Ways to Make Your Workspace More Productive

1. Go With a Closed Plan

For a while there, open plan offices were all the rage as it was presumed to promote team collaboration. The problem is that such a layout makes it difficult for people to concentrate and work in peace. You are constantly surrounded by people and noise, making it tricky to focus on what you need to do.

This is why it is best to give people offices wherever possible. Now, this doesn’t mean a full office. Instead, create glass spaces for people. This way, they can still see each other but everyone has their own private space to work in.

2. Create a Variety of Work Spaces

How to Design a More Productive Office Space - Create a Variety of Work Spaces

Of course, people still need to collaborate on certain projects. For this, create a variety of work spaces within the office. Why not have informal spaces where people can chat for casual collaborations. Meeting rooms with equipment can work for more formal discussions.

It can also be helpful to having quiet spaces where people can brainstorm business ideas by themselves or work on solo projects in peace. Having these various spaces can mean that everyone’s needs are catered to.

3. Let Natural Light In

The science is in – natural light makes it a lot easier for people to focus throughout the day. It is far superior to artificial lighting. Thus, one of the changes that you may want to make in the workplace is installing new Markham windows that let in more sunshine.

If you don’t want to do any renovations, look for frames that are the same size as the current windows. Focus on designs that have a larger glass surface area, ensuring that a greater amount of light can come through. You should be able to find affordable, high quality windows in Abbotsford and similar areas.

You may also want to look for frames that can open up wider. If you work in an area with a minimal amount of traffic, open up those windows every now and again. The fresh air can work wonders for concentration.

4. Reduce Distractions

Reduce Distractions

If you were to ask your employees for one of their biggest obstacles to productivity, they would probably mention noise as a main cause. This is why it is important to organise the office so that the biggest causes of noise are kept away from the majority of the workers.

For instance, if your office often has visitors, set up the reception area, lobby, and meeting spaces away from the offices. Try to have departments that often have to be on the phone in a different area as well. You may want to look into have sound masking in certain areas to make it easier for people to concentrate.

These are the top ways to organise and decorate your office so that you make productivity in the workspace which is the main factor. Even the smallest changes can go a long way in boost efficacy in the workplace.

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