How to sell Bitcoin in the UK?

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If you are looking to sell Bitcoin in the UK then, here is the best place you have visited. In this article, we are going to explain the best places and methods which would help you decide how to sell Bitcoin in the UK. It is not an easy task to sell and trade bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom. But there are several and best ever-growing places in the UK where one can sell Bitcoin and trade with other digital assets.

However, if you already have experience in bitcoin trading still you can have a look at our information which might help you to know about the best places where you can sell bitcoin in the future. You must ensure that you are selling your Bitcoin with low fees and getting more investment returns. In this article, we will make sure to inform you about the different ways you can sell Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies in the UK.

How to sell Bitcoin in the United Kingdom?

There are several ways and several crypto exchanges in the UK where you can buy and sell bitcoin.

Crypto Exchange

Crypto Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the most popular and reliable platform for day trade cryptocurrency. There are several cryptocurrency exchange platforms both online and offline, where you can sell such digital assets. These crypto exchanges are doing a commendable job of pushing the crypto market for the future. As we all know that, in the situation of the pandemic, recently most of the industries and businesses have shut down. What has grown rapidly is the demand and trade of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, and other numerous digital assets. They are great ways to invest for long-term profit.

Crypto exchanges in the UK allow people to include their trading orders in the order books. They can work with exchange engines and sell bitcoin to the buyers who are already listed in the order book. Although, the crypto exchange market works as a stock market where the values of each coin fluctuate from time to time. All you need is a broker to keep track of your transaction and they will also guide you to when, where, and to whom you can sell your bitcoin and start trading.

Below are Some Best Placed to Sell Bitcoin in the UK

  1. Coinbase Pro: Coinbase is the most popular and was the first major Bitcoin exchange to be granted an e-money license. This crypto exchange remains one of the cheapest ways to sell Bitcoin in the UK in 2021.

This crypto exchange is mostly for professionals and enthusiasts, so beginners might feel overwhelming to use this initially. You have to put extra effort to sell and buy bitcoin on this platform. Although, it’s worth the extra effort you would put because it provides the best exchange rate and high fees on the investments.

  1. Wirex: Wirex is a crypto-friendly currency account that is available in UK and Europe. They provide the best bitcoin debit card and also support fiat currencies like GB, EUR, and USD. They charge a 1% fee on the exchange of Bitcoin with GBP. There is also some extra hidden fee which they so the approximate percent of fees can be 2.5%.
  2. Bittylicious: This crypto exchange company was established in 2013. Bittylicious used to have a registered office in the UK but in 2021, they moved themselves to the Isle of Man. They are reliable and deal with the most trusted brokers for their customers. This company offers to sell Bitcoin in just a couple of hours and they support UK bank transfer by FPS.

 Procedure to Sell Bitcoin in the UK

Procedure to sell bitcoin

To sell bitcoin in the UK, there are two main options:

  • You can sell Bitcoin for the exchange of fiat currency like GBP or USD.
  • You can sell Bitcoin for the exchange of another cryptocurrency like XRP, Ethereum, and other digital assets.

If you want to get cash out of your exchange, you can go for the first option where you can sell your Bitcoin and get fiat currency. But, if you want to sell Bitcoin in exchange for other cryptocurrencies, you can choose the second option. Both are great ways to sell Bitcoin in the UK and many other countries as well.

How to Sell a Large Amount of Bitcoin?

How to sell a large amount of bitcoin

Mostly the procedure to sell large or small crypto or bitcoin is similar. Still, if you are looking for a large amount of Bitcoin to sell, ordinary crypto exchange and some random online platform would not be a great option to choose. Such usual platforms do not have sufficient liquidity and volatility as they work more like a traditional way of exchange. So, if you want to sell a large amount of Bitcoin, you can go for OTC (over-the-counter) trade. They work with reliable and regulated exchange and offer the most effective way to trade a large amount of Bitcoin from anywhere.

Crypto Custodian Service

Crypto Custodian Service is a legal, licensed and third party that gives a solution for people to sell, store their bitcoin securely and effectively. When you sell bitcoin by custodian service, you are responsible for every single transaction. Investing in cryptocurrencies and storing them requires a high level of understanding of technical concepts. To keep your coin secure from hackers, you need a crypto custodian service. Those organizations that provide crypto custodian service are most reliable and takes the best measures to store and protect Bitcoins and other digital assets.


Buying and selling cryptocurrencies seem hard but once you get comfortable with the idea, how it works, you can become a pro. There are several options to trade cryptocurrencies on different online as well as traditional platforms. The UK is known to the best place to deal with such technological terms. So, if you are staying in the UK or another country, you can go for any option mentioned above to convert bitcoin into cash. Although, it is somewhat difficult to find a reliable and trusted place, that you can hire a trusted broker. He will help you out with the technical concepts related to Bitcoin and other digital assets. We hope you find this article about how to sell Bitcoin in the UK very helpful. If you want to ask and know more about these financial terms, you can leave a comment below and we will reach you.

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