Is Bitcoin Free? Different methods to get Bitcoin

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In the new world of technology and digital assets, where cryptocurrencies and bitcoin can be a great investment for the long term. There are more than 1600 digital coins available in the market of crypto exchange. If you also want to purchase bitcoin but you are not getting enough from what you have invested, there are certain tools and techniques from where you can get bitcoin for free.

Although bitcoins are traded worldwide widely and it’s not an easy task to get them usually so if you want them for free, you need to keep certain things in mind. You should not perform any illegal activity to get bitcoin for free.

However, so many people are not even aware that bitcoin is free. There are certain ways to earn free bitcoin online. Following are certain ways to get bitcoin for free.

  • By joining purchase reward programs
  • By opening an interest-bearing bitcoin account
  • By becoming an affiliate marketer
  • By getting paid to mine bitcoin without any specialization

Shop Online and Earn Bitcoin

Shop online and earn bitcoins

There are so many things you can get by purchasing things online. Not just cards, gifts but guess what? Bitcoin too. Several websites offer Bitcoin as a reward for several items you have purchased at a specific time. Now, you must be thinking how? And where? Well, there are so many cash-back services offered but such as online purchasing websites and one of them is Lolli. When you purchase an item from more than 500 Lolli merchants, you will get free Bitcoins. Some of the best and popular merchants are in Lolli’s list of partners. Those partners including Best Buy, CVS, Hilton, Marriott, Old Navy, Topman, Walmart, and Macy’s.

To get bitcoin from any website, you need to visit their browser, add items to the cart which you want to purchase and after you are done with transactions, you might get a reward like a free bitcoin. However, it also depends on your purchase and the money which you have spent. Sometimes, these websites also offer to claim reward by sharing links to your friend about a particular item. You can also get cashback by paying online with different digital payment platforms.

Open Interest-bearing Bitcoin Account

Several investors invest in Bitcoin as a long-term investment. Also, when they know that they do not have to do anything more to grow their holdings. When you invest in cryptocurrency and bitcoin, you also get some percent of them as an interest. Such interests are earned in a BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) which gives benefits to story crypto interest in the form of bitcoin. So, when a person is only paying for a limited bitcoin, he/she will get another free digital asset as well.

In BIA, after investing money, your interest will start building from the first day. There is no minimum limit to earn interest with such accounts. These firms pay loans to their buyers by funding loans to trusted institutional clients for protection. Platforms like BlockFi also uses robust automated risk management system to constantly track their financial positions in the market. So, if you are looking to invest in such organizations, go for it, your money will safe as well as you will get free bitcoin in the form of interest.

Begin Crypto Mining to Earn free Bitcoin

Being Crypto mining to earn free bit coin

Crypto mining is another option to get online trade bitcoin for free. Before you know how to earn, let’s get detail about what is crypto mining? Miners who deal with crypto mining are the backbone of blockchain technology. These miners are specialized hardware experts who complete complex calculations to facilitate the exchange of value over the blockchain. These experts solve cryptographic puzzles to test the validity of transactions. Each transaction related to crypto hits blockchain. So, as a reward for completing these complex calculations, miners earn bitcoin for free as a block reward. Some serious and expert miners use a specific application to deal with such calculations to get free crypto.

However, mining crypto over the blockchain is not an easy task. It requires quite a bit of computing power and knowledge which has to be practiced before they start mining. Although, there are so many computer programs that have come with new technological changes. It has made miner’s tasks pretty much easy as compared to the traditional way of mining. Create an account today in Crypto genius login and get started with bitcoins.

Take Surveys to Earn Free Bitcoin

Take surveys to earn bitcoins

If you have been working on the internet and researching about Bitcoin and other digital assets. It would be a great opportunity to answer questions often asked by some companies about your market researches. Answering digital assets as well as taking surveys could be a great way to buy bitcoin in the UK. There are so many companies and platforms that are willing to take such surveys and also allow the public to have enough knowledge. They offer several perks as a reward with free cryptocurrency in the UK. They also give the option to choose which kind of survey you want to take according to the best of your knowledge. Such firms conduct surveys which are demanding in the market so it will not be hard for you to choose audiences. Other applications offer to play games, watch videos and perform web searches, they offer free bitcoin in return for doing these activities.

Since these companies offer free bitcoins to the users, but not regularly. They conduct surveys weekly and get bitcoins for free after completing the survey. Although no one becomes a millionaire by getting free bitcoins it’s a great way to keep at least some of crypto in your account to balance.


After reading this article, it is pretty obvious that earning bitcoin for free and make money from Bitcoin is not hard if you want to get them by spending your time. It is as simple as purchasing an item from a shopping website or an online store. Some bitcoin community also asks the user to volunteer for their organization in computer mining and offers free bitcoins. So, give yourself one chance, try for such options and earn such free perks online. We hope the above information was helpful and you understood about bitcoin and how can you get them for free.

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