Should You Prioritise Security as a Marketable Quality?

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Security has gotten vastly more efficient in the last couple of decades. The use of smart technology is a cutting edge and beneficial asset to have, making a customer experience easier and faster. At home, security cameras are becoming the norm. In offices, ID badges double as door access and password badges. And retail and service industries are being rapidly upgraded with smart technology. If you are in a service or retail industry, there are a number of things you can do to attract customers to your business, with the help of smart technology.

Access security

Access Security

The point of the hotel industry is to keep things as smooth and stress-free as possible, so it would make sense to incorporate smart cards into the hotel stay experience. Some hotels have scrapped the receptionist at the check-in desk for a self-check-in kiosk, booked on your phone, and paid for with the right payment gateway.

On top of that, a lot of hotels have now embraced keyless access, with hotel rooms fitted with card readers to read cards like Mifare cards that can be updated to allow or remove access in real-time for various areas. Areas like the minibar, the safe, the spa, or the gym. Gym and Spa lockers can be fitted with smart card readers, this will make the experience exclusive and double as membership cards. You can also make use of the hands-free smart card reader which is embedded with the smartwatches you need. The cards can be programmed to allow access for a certain amount of time, providing another layer of security.

Data security

Data Security

Schools, colleges, and universities are eagerly adopting smart cards for laboratories, libraries, and even for attendance. On top of all the smart card readers at the entrances of libraries and laboratories that can be accessed with a smart card school ID, the card can also allow students to access computers to study. Password badges bypass the human error problems that traditionally come with passwords, like forgetting them or scribbling them in notebooks with the potential for anyone to find them. They will also only allow a user to access what they are permitted to access, for example, if a doctor accessing patient files can only access patients they are permitted to see.

Gambling can also benefit from a little more security. It falls on gambling operators to ensure that gamblers are of minimum legal age, confirm their identity and that they are engaging in due diligence. A smart card can store all the details from identity proof to their bank accounts and transaction, and they can top-up their card with money. You should make sure of the gamblers and protect your customer and keep your customer data safe.

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