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According to reports from online sources, Microsoft bought the TakeLessons offline and online learning platform to expand its presence in the education market. Until the day of this deal, TakeLessons offered subscription services for online and in-person tutoring on various subjects. This deal adds to Microsoft another channel to boost its services to the people through teaching. For students, this is another avenue to enhance learning through customized classes. TakeLessons is not the first to offer online help to students. Many other companies are offering online help to thousands of students around the world.

Better chances for startups

Better Chances for Startups

TakeLessons have been charging between $18 to 440 per hour in their tutoring services and many learners have benefited from their service. Its take up by Microsoft means there will be opportunities for more students to learn to use better and more features incorporated by Microsoft. It also means there will be more people seeking online writing services from online writers as they seek help from any assignments they might get during their tutoring lessons. Anyone making plans for launching a writing startup might want to hasten the process and tap into the increasing business opportunities.

Working in a hybrid environment 

Working on Hybrid Environment

Microsoft designed an enabling safe work environment for its employees to work from home. Recently, it gave its employees the freedom to choose to return and work from the office or continue working from home. Despite this, the company is continually working harder to turn its services and workplace into a hybrid environment.

The latest TakeLessons acquisition formed a key strategy to help fulfill this dream. The company is already in the business of offering chances of learning through its LinkedIn services. Premium subscribers can access various learning topics on business matters.

TakeLessons acquisition will just make this server broader and extend it to education needs beyond the education business field. Learners can pay a tutor for arts subjects, language lessons, music, and so on. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, “TakeLessons is a trusted online business with uniquely qualified tutors who can offer diverse teachings to learners of any age.” The spokesperson continued to say – “This acquisition responds to the increasing need for individualized hybrid possibilities and increases our product portfolio to TakeLessons users, a premier online tutorial.”

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LinkedIn versus TakeLessons

Linkedin Vs TakeLessons

Although services offered by LinkedIn and TakeLessons might look similar, they still have a big difference. LinkedIn lessons are on-demand lessons aimed at helping a person get ready for professional exams and earn more credits – known as CEUs (Continuing Education Units). In doing this, LinkedIn uses professional tutors who can instruct using visuals, graphics, and sounds to create an engaging and exciting learning environment. The courses are also short because they are aimed to be taken by working professionals who have limited class time.

On the other hand, TakeLessons uses a different approach because the tutor sets their availability schedules on the site and it is upon the learner to fix themselves into one of the schedules. The lesson can be taken online, physically at home, or at another location that a student or teacher may choose.

With TakeLessons, even after a student books lessons, the teacher may object and reschedule them depending on time availability. Students pay per lesson taken or per teaching hour. This scenario is different from LinkedIn because a subscriber pays a monthly or annual subscription fee. Microsoft will work on ways to merge these services to offer quality and seamless customer service. The management hopes that this new acquisition will add value to Microsoft and create another line for improved profitability.


The recent announcement that Microsoft has acquired TakeLessons is good news to the giant tech company. It has created a greater opportunity for the company to widen its products and services to its ever-growing clientele. The company can now offer professional business education tutoring. Microsoft is continually improving on its products through various ways like creating new products, improving on their line of existing products, and acquiring other businesses offering services similar to their products.

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