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Quick Cleaning Services – Cleaning Company in London

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Quick Cleaning Services – Professional Cleaning Team

If you are looking for domestic and commercial cleaning services, we are the best and most convenient professional cleaning services in London. visit our website and schedule a cleaning service you need for your residence and focus on the other things. We will take care of the cleaning process.

We are the #no 1 cleaning company in London offering all kinds of cleaning services in a friendly manner at affordable prices. We earned that title through our hard work, dedication and work ethics. Our professional and well-trained team has the capability to handle any kind of cleaning task assigned by our clients. Our services are more efficient and quicker. To declutter your home & for other cleaning activities you can contact Quick Cleaning Services in London.

Professional Cleaning Services

Best things about Quick cleaning services

  • Same day cleaning services in London
  • Our quick cleaning team will reach within 2 hours of booking
  • We use non-chemical and eco-friendly cleaning products
  • We also eliminate germs while cleaning
  • Our team contains top-rated professional cleaners
  • We can take care of all your belongings while cleaning
  • Affordable pricing and
  • Provide 24/7 customer service

Services we offer

We won’t care about the time and place, once we got a call from our clients, our team will reach our client’s place by utilizing the GPS location tracking within 2 hours of booking. Our services include,

  1. Steam cleaning
  2. Hotel cleaning
  3. Carpet cleaning
  4. Room cleaning
  5. Office cleaning
  6. House cleaning
  7. End of Tenancy Cleaning 

Steam cleaning

We are offering steam cleaning with the latest steam-machines for carpet flooring. Our team is well trained to handle any kind of stubborn stains like chocolate spills, foods, and grease at home and for office. Steam cleaning helps to eliminate unwanted germs and stains and makes your carpets look new as like while they bought.

Hotel cleaning

Hotel cleaning services are demand due to its hard work and efficiency but our crews from the quick cleaning will master the hotel cleaning process with the latest cleaning techniques.

In the hotel cleaning process, our experts take care of all the areas includes room cleaning, guest room cleaning, cleaning lobby area, poolside, sidewalks, lobby area, kitchen, and spa rooms.

Carpet cleaning

If you tried all the cleaning methods to eliminate the carpet stains and you felt, still the stains are remains then leave the process to us.

We are the experts in handling the carpet cleaning by using the latest cleaning hacks and makes your carpet look fresh.

Our carpet cleaning methods include

  1. Steam carpet cleaning
  2. Dry carpet cleaning
  3. Upholstery cleaning
  4. Stain removal
  5. Pet odor removal
  6. Germs Treatment

Room cleaning

We are responsible to make your room clean and fresh. Our room cleaning services include picking and folding of clothes, dusting, tidying, wiping windows and mirrors, mopping and vacuuming and refreshing linens and beds.

Office cleaning

A clean workplace will increase productivity and business deals. We will handle the office cleaning process with our experts, they know how to clean the workplace without annoying the employees.

our crew will arrive in a short time after the cleaning schedule and start cleaning the workplace by

  • Dusting the tables, desks, chairs.
  • Spraying a cleaning solution
  • Wiping of window glass, computers, and wall decors
  • Dusting and vacuuming
  • Mopping

In addition, we take care of elevators, washrooms, kitchen, and staircase in low budget 

House cleaning

We provide house cleaning services at affordable prices includes sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, mopping for your whole residence.

We can also handle outdoor cleaning for your residence in a low budget. Outdoor cleaning services include patio cleaning, pool cleaning, entrance cleaning and, we handle the end of tenancy cleaning.

Here is the complete checklist for the proper house cleaning.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy cleaning is required for tenants who are planning to vacate the house to a new place. so, handling the end of the tenancy on your own is a time-consuming and risky one. Already you are busy in searching for a new place to move and packing. For your convenience leave this to us. We are the experts in handling the end of the tenancy cleaning in London.

Once you book your service, we will return your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, like a new one and make you remember your first move.

  • Dusting all the surfaces of your commercial and residential area
  • Wipe of all mirrors and window glasses
  • Clean all wall/ceiling and floor surfaces
  • Collect all the garbage’s and recycling
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