Top 10 Rubbish Removal Companies in London

Rubbish-Removal-CompaniesAre you looking for the best rubbish removal companies in London? – then you are in the right page.

We hjave listed the top 10 waste clearance companies in London that are the best and most reliable when it comes junk removal services. These rubbish removal providers are well estblished and being in the junk diposal industy for years.

Decluttering, renovating or simple waste clearance may result in a vast load of junk. Getting the trash and disposing of yourself is not an easy task.

Some waste can cause a stank in your car or whatever means of transport you are using, and sometimes the junk would inconvenience you on different aspects.

This is why many people living in London consider hiring expert rubbish removal companies to deal with the rubble. This is the right decision since you will leave everything to your rubbish removal company while you relax and let them do the job for you.

In this piece, we are going to outline ten of the best waste management companies in London that you can contact and have them deal with your junk.

Quick Wasters london

Quick Wasters

If there one thing that is unsightly that many people can agree with, is undisposed garbage. Garbage may go further as to introduce a stank around the premises. Many are the times that one cannot dispose of their garbage by themselves, and this is a where a registered waste removal company like quick wasters company comes in.

Quick wasters is a company that not only deals with collecting and disposing of your litter, they are also a recycling company. They deal with commercial and residential waste, office waste materials, building waste materials, garden waste materials and house waste materials. This company has been working for more than three years now working with different clients, which means that they have all the experience needed to handle any waste removal services.

Junk Bunk Ltd

Junk Bunk 

Junk Bunk in London offers same-day rubbish removal services at affordable prices. Their services include easy house clearance, removing old furniture, office clearance, garage clearance, building waste disposal, and garden waste removal. Junk Bunk is the best option when it comes to same-day rubbish removal.

Connecting with the Junk Bunk professionals is more simple, you can reach them any time by call or just filling the forms available on their website.  They provide a wide range of services dealing with commercial waste, household waste clearance, and also construction material waste. In addition to same-day rubbish removal service, They also offer flexible waste clearance services for their customers to clear out their waste every day at any time.  You can contact them at any time to get rid of the waste. However, in some cases, the clearance can be made on the same day. Before arriving at your place, the company will give you a call to notify you that they are on their way to your site to save you from the agony of waiting for too long.

Rubbish Removal London

Rubbish Removal London

Are you looking for a local rubbish collection service in London? Then you can take a look at Rubbish Removal London who are the cheap and leading waste clearance professionals in London. They can offer services for all the residential, commercial, and industrial areas, and the wastes are segregated properly and disposed of in an environment-friendly manner.

They are the cheapest in London, and they can provide the best service at an affordable price. The experts are well trained and experienced to deal with all the office, house, commercial, and building wastes. The professionals are certified by BPCA and they also offer same-day rubbish removal service, you can use the service to clear your wastes on the same day without any delay.

Express Waste Removals

Express Waste Removals

This is a professional rubbish removal company that is located in London to cater for all the rubbish removal services you may need. The Express waste removals company give their quotes according to the weight, volume and labour used to remove the rubbish. Apart from removing the garbage from your premises, this company also deals with recycling most of the rubbish they collect.

They also say that you do not have to have your garbage in bags, they will remove your waste even when you have not packed up all the trash. When the company gives you a quote, you can be assured that what they charge is transparent and that there are no hidden charges to book their service online. This company, however, does not deal with hazardous garbage such as clinical equipment and asbestos. Express waste removal company can pride itself with excellent customer services that involve friendly staff, careful handling of your items and a lot more that comes with customer satisfaction.

Snappy Rubbish Removals

Snappy rubbish removals

If you are up for a quick rubbish removal service, then snappy rubbish removals is your company. So as their name suggests, they will snap your garbage away in two hours if you need them to do it within a short time. This is such a customer-oriented company that they claim to sweep and clean after a garbage collection service has been done on your space. They also claim to have a 24-hour customer service which means you can get your garbage collected in the early morning and also late at night.

They also offer transparent quotations to their customers with no hidden charges. The company also claims that it gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a money-back guarantee, quite risky for the company, but that’s just a way of showing that their services are great. Keeping the environment safer is also not an option for this company. Snappy rubbish removals also recycles as much rubbish as they can. They also ensure that the garbage is transported most conveniently and responsibly to ensure a safer environment.

All Junk Removal

All Junk Removal

All junk removal is also a registered waste management company that deals with both commercial and residential waste. They deal with all kinds of rubbish, excluding asbestos and other hazardous waste. The company is available all year round every day, which means they can handle any waste management tasks in any day. They also have a same-day service, which means that if you call them today and you need your rubbish managed on the same day, then they will come and get rid of your commercial or residential waste.

The best way to have the company aware of the junk in your space is by filling their online form. Since you cannot explain and describe the condition of your garbage on call, the company, at your approval, will send a two-man-with-a-van team that will inspect and give a no-obligation quote. If you agree with the quote, your garbage will be removed, and if however, you do not agree to the quote, the company will leave the rubbish un-disposed. The quotes may vary depending on the weight, type and also the volume of your rubbish. This company is also a recycling firm that strives to recycle as many garbage materials as possible so that the environment would not be negatively affected by the garbage that is being regularly exposed to.

London Rubbish Removal

London Rubbish Removal

This is a waste removal and recycling company with all the legal requirements required for waste management business. London rubbish removal company prides itself with a same-day waste removal motto. The company will send their men in van team to come and clear your junk the same day you contact them, either by filling an online form or by calling them directly.

The company claims that they can collect all forms of rubbish except the hazardous kind of junk like asbestos. If you have any hazardous waste that you need to dispose of, you should notify the London rubbish removal company before they come to your site lest they hold you responsible for it. Their process is simple, and you will have to go to their website, fill in their contact form and let them know of your request. The company requires that you send them a picture of what the garbage looks like so that they may present to you a better and more realistic quote. If however, you cannot get to send them a photo of your garbage, the company will post some of their personnel to come and view the waste and present to you a better quote.

Waste Wagon Rubbish Clearance

Waste wagon rubbish clearance

Waste wagon rubbish clearance is a certified and fully insured rubbish clearance company in London that deals with a wide variety of garbage. The types of waste that waste wagon deal with include, office junk clearance, house waste clearance, building waste clearance and commercial waste collection, waste removal, house and flat clearance and loft waste clearance.

This company is quick to respond to a call you give them in that they will respond to you in as low as 60 minutes after you contact them. They are also quick to deal with the garbage clearance in your space if you would like it to be done very quickly. The waste wagon clearance company will clear all the garbage in an hour after they arrive at your premises. Their charges are very transparent in that they do not include any upfront fees. Their services are also flexible meaning that if needed, they can clean up any extra garbage, but the prices may have to rise a tiny bit higher than the normal. The only downside of this company is that they only work in North and East London in Essex. The best advantage that this company has to its customers is that they consider the least disruptive way they can collect and remove rubbish without having to disrupt your daily activities.


Clearabee waste removal company

This is another waste removal company that prides itself with being one of the largest waste removal company in London and the UK with a man and van teams. They consider customer satisfaction to be their priority, so they are ready to respond to you in as low as 60 minutes within area M25. In addition to this, Clearabee Company ensures they recycle the most out of what they clear from your home or office to keep the environment, even healthier and to keep the city free from the garbage.

You can also have them come to your space any day that you see fit since they are always available 7 day a week for both garbage collection and for customer services. The seven days a week also include bank holidays and evenings. If you need quick rubbish removal, this company has got your back since you can always ask for a same day waste removal which they will gladly adhere to. You also don’t have to worry about the loading since this company has a man and van clearance service so you can do all the other essential things and leave the rubbish to them.



This is a waste removal company in London that is both licensed and insured to work as garbage collectors and removers. They work to get rid of commercial, domestic and construction waste. This company is very eco-friendly such that they will ensure that 95% of waste that they acquire is recycled, using landfills as the last resort to disposing of your garbage.

They are also reliable and trustworthy doing everything possible to ensure that their customers are not frustrated as they wait for their rubbish to be removed and managed. Junkwize will ensure that their team arrives as soon as you want them to come and get rid off your garbage. Junkwize charges by the amount of junk that is removed from your premises including the sweep-up, the loading and also the disposal. If it is garden or construction work that may include soil, the soil and perhaps rubble will be measured by weight. The company, however, does not charge extra cash for congestion, you will also be free from loading your rubbish since the company will do it for you. Junkwize will also make sure that your place looks spic and span after collecting and clearing all the rubbish.

London City Waste Clearance

London City Waste Clearance

This is a company that started as a small company in central London but have managed to grow into a larger company throughout the whole city of London. They mainly deal with cleaning up and removing waste in both residential and commercial setups. They have incorporated modern methods and ways to deal with junk ensuring that the rubbish they collect is not entirely taken to the landfill, instead they find ways to dispose off in an eco-friendly way.

This company will respond to your call immediately and dispatch their waste removal teams that involve personnel and trucks or vans depending on the waste that you want to remove from your space. Another vital service is that they offer in the garden clearance service in London. They understand that while some people enjoy gardening and getting rid of the garden waste, it is still a nightmare for some people and this is why they will do it for you if you are not in a position to do it. The company covers a vast area of London so they can be easily accessed from any part of London.



When is come to rubbish collection in the London  KwikSweep On demand rubbish removal service is great if you want same day rubbish removal.  KwikSweep won to major awards at the National Recycling Awards, One for waste prevention and the other for communication. KwikSweep ethos is to recycle or reuse over 96% of all waste collected.

They do this by donating many items to local Charites, Schools and traders. Items that cannot be reused will be recycled at our waste transfer station. When a customer wants a quick or same day rubbish removal communication is key. This is one of their main core service levels. All calls are answered within 15 seconds, emails within 2 minutes and quotes within 4 minutes. Email and mobile text confirmations for booked jobs. The drivers call when on route to your clearance so you are informed of their time off arrival. Then after your clearance has been completed, you will receive your receipt by email as well as before and after pictures.