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7 Waste Management Business/StartUp Ideas

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We all produce rubbish, and this, in turn, creates opportunities for businesses and startups to get into the waste management business space. This is a win-win situation where you help conserve the environment while making a tidy sum in return. There are many opportunities in waste management; here are the top 7 waste management ideas for businesses and start-ups.

  1. Residential garbage collection – Every residence or home has waste and rubbish to get rid of, usually on a daily basis. Starting a Waste Management Business Ideasresidential garbage collection business is a good idea to meet this need. To start off, you would need to buy or have a waste disposal truck to collect the garbage. Find out the nearest waste collection center where you will dump the waste after you collect it from the residential area. The next step would be to advertise your services and your rates. Charge them a token for collecting and disposing of their waste and see how many orders you can get. You can choose how often to provide rubbish removal services depending on the number of homes you service and how much waste they produce. Factor in the cost of fuel, servicing the truck, wear and tear and wages you’ll pay your team to help and your business will be up and running. So must understand when you do the waste removals services prices.
  1. Build a public toilet and bathroom facility – There are areas without a single toilet or bathroom in sight. This is a great opportunity for you to step in and provide a service to the community at a small fee and you get to provide a much-needed service to the community. People will be happy to relieve themselves at a facility that offers them privacy and decency. Factor in where the sewage line is located and find a constant water source and once that’s covered, you can work on building a facility and hiring a small team to man it, collect fees and keep the facility clean.
  2. Building a recycling plant – This might be a capital-intensive venture but it is a profitable business in the long run. It involves setting up an area where garbage collectors can sell recyclable material they collect in bulk and you, in turn, resell them to factories and companies who need the materials.
  3. Recycling of rubber waste – Rubber is one of those materials that can always be easily recycled and can never truly go to waste. This is because it can be melted and turned into something else. Collected discarded tyres, rubber shoes, buckets or slippers others consider useless can turn into a lucrative business for you. You can resell all these items to companies that make tyres and those that make plastics who will gladly take it off your hands.
  4. Recycling cans and bottles – Bottles and cans are items that cause great environmental waste and are an eyesore in any city. Being able to take them off the streets and recycling them will help conserve the environment in a big way. All cans and bottles can be recycled making this a good venture. Have a holding center where people can bring all cans and bottles, they collect and you can sell them in larger quantities to manufacturers.
    Waste Management Startup Ideas
  5. Recycling of electronic waste –We are using more electronics now more than ever. In many cities, a high number of people have at least a mobile phone and a computer or laptop at their disposal. Every home or office has an old and discarded mobile phone, computer or laptop, radio or tv just lying around. You can collect all these items and resell them to manufacturers who can then remove some of the useful parts and reuse them in production.
  6. Paper recycling – We all use paper in one form or the other. The advantage of paper is that it can always be recycled and turned into other useful material like tissue paper. You can collect discarded paper and start your own tissue production company or you can sell them to companies that produce tissue paper.


With these waste management business ideas, you’re well on your way to helping conserve the environment while making some extra cash. You can read more about how the waste removal process works.



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