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Why Businesses need Agile and Lean Approach for Software Projects?

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Agile and Lean are philosophies that primarily minimize waste to work only things that you need to be working in order to get the job done. The business requirement expresses a goal or objective of the product or what you are trying to deliver. A good stakeholder requirement expresses something concrete to the benefit of one individual or group of individuals that do the same kind of things.

To be able to write a program or create an app, you need to have requirements in detail. It is called as solution requirements. It has two categories like functional and non-functional. A functional solution requirement is an expression of something that the application has to do or know or people using the application have to do Whereas non-functional requirement expresses how well or how fast or how many. It expresses some attribute of the function of doing or what it’s going to do or what it’s going to know. Building a great product requires tons of research and comprehensive planning. So, Product Managers often start with the Product Requirements Document(PRD). This document defines the product you are about to build. It outlines the product’s features, purpose, functionalities and behaviours. Once the stakeholders are aligned, the PRD serves as a compass, providing clear direction toward a product’s purpose while creating a shared understanding among business and technical teams.

Agile and Lean Approach - Software Projects

Benefits of Agile are,

  • Time to Market
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Visibility
  • Right Product Development
  • Higher Revenue
  • Happy Stakeholders
  • Enjoyable Environment

In the Agile world, considerable efforts need to put into delivering the software that the customer expects within a reasonable budget and on-time. It also helps the customers determine the highest priority features towards providing high business value. The User-Stories help to think from an end user’s perspective and test the code on every commit to the codebase. The business community wants the application to do in the form of defining features, user stories, business rules, constraints, examples, use cases, test scenarios in agile.

So, the essential agile task for the software development goes as,

5 Important Agile Weekly Tasks

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